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Monday, August 11, 2014

I can't believe we are at Week 38 now as you read this! I'm typing this two weeks in advance, it is barely August right now, but I'm scheduling it in mid Aug. Who knows, I may be in labour while you're reading this now... or has Alexis arrived!?

Anyway, when we were in Week 36, I decided to go for an impromptu photo shoot. I personally think that Week 36 is the best time to have your maternity shoot taken because your tummy will be significantly huge, yet you won't be worried that you may go into labour while shooting wtf.

When we had Dylan, the photoshoot was planned way in advance with our friend, Samson, who booked the studio and we prepared clothes to change and all. This time, we decided to go really casual and have a short one because my stamina is really lousy and it can be quite difficult to keep Dylan occupied if we have the usual photoshoot.

The previous shoot we had took like about 4 hours? :O This time, it only took 30 minutes!

I was looking around for a "walk-in" studio where we can just walk in and request for a couple of shoots when I chanced upon these "self-service studios". Simply put, it is like a huuuuge Neoprint machine, albeit you don't get to design and all, and you don't get any hard copies.

Further Googling of these self-service studios brought me to many many different companies running the same thing. I think it is quite popular here without me knowing. :x #suaku

Here are a few studios I've found online, just to share:

Cheezz Studios in Parklane Mall had very good search-engine optimisation and came up first when I searched it BUT we didn't choose it eventually because we found it to be rather expensive because they charge according to the number of people.

Even though Dylan is barely two years old, they count him as a single pax rate and for public holiday (we went on Hari Raya), it will come up to $18 x 3 = $54 for a 30 minutes shoot. I'd definitely have gone with them if they didn't include Dylan.

There is also Snap! in Chinatown, I didn't check out how much it costs cuz it is closed on Mondays anyway and there won't be other days we will be available. I know Groupon has a deal for this though.

One more studio is called Hearted Moments, but I believe they operate from home so it is really strictly by appointment only. $100 for 30 minutes shoot but you get hardcopies from this.

Last one is Clickz Studio. It is located at Far East Plaza, which is probably the most convenient location among all, but also the most expensive at $18/pax/30 minutes for weekdays and $20/pax/30 minutes for weekends.

Most of these studios also come with plain background, which is actually pretty okay for us. Studio.Me's concept is slightly different - we stand in front of a green screen and there will be backgrounds for us to 'blend into'. The pros is that we get a variety of different backgrounds, which is less boring, but one of the cons, I realised, is that we get some of our hair pixelated, so it can look quite weird in some photos and I think photoshop will be necessary to mend it.

Anyway! Here are some of our favourite shots!

Which one is your favourite? :D

All in all, you can expect to bring back about 40 over soft copies for a 30-minute session. We paid $50, which is the cheaper one as compared to Cheezz Studios and Clickz. I like the service that Studio.Me provides as well - the explanation was clear and I thought the photo sets were pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, 28 July was their last day of operation at City Square Mall because of high rental costs. We were lucky to be able to be accommodated for a walk-in shoot because they were fully booked that day!

Personally, I think this is a good alternative to engaging a photographer. Of course, you cannot beat having a professional with you to make sure you have good lighting, nice poses and all.. especially if you are planning for an outdoor shoot. Even the studio shots we had while expecting Dylan were also very professional as compared to these ad hoc ones we take so I'd say you're paying your money for different things.

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