Happy 2nd Birthday, our sunshine!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

To my dearest honey buns, honey puff, my pumpkin-umkin monster,

Happy birthday to you!

Having you in our lives for the past two years is nothing short of amazing. You've grown so well and I'm really, really thankful that you are healthy and happy all the time. I will not trade anything for this.

Sometimes, you terrorise us. You make us so angry we want to smack your backside, yet when you tearfully apologise to us, we cannot help it but give you a big hug. You're a really cheeky boy, you know? But I know under this cheekiness is a boy who is kind, big-hearted and funny.

Recently, your separation anxiety peaked and you would wake up in the middle of the night crying for me. I'd just like to gently remind you that Mummy will always be here, for as long as I live, so don't worry and have a good sleep. I will never leave you without saying good bye and I will always, always come back for you.

To be honest, I'm more afraid of the day when you will grow big and strong and leave the house to start your own family. Even though that is still many, many years down the road, thinking about it already make my heart swell with reluctance and eye sockets damp with tears.

In this one year, you have learned so much. You grew a full set of fangs (nope not teeth because you use it to bite your classmates, gosh!), you can speak in proper sentences and you don't even need Mummy to feed you anymore.

However, what is more important is not about how well you can sing, how fluent you can speak or how well you do in school. What is important to us is the morals we teach you - to be kind, to share, to love your siblings, to be patient, to be punctual, to be polite, to not run around and behave appropriately at places. We hope you will always, always remember this and grow up to be a charming gentleman that the society often lacks.

I hope you will love the little celebration we have prepared for you today. Daddy and Mommy are not big on parties, so I've to apologise that there won't be balloons, streamers, goodies bags or huge groups of people singing a birthday song for you but I can guarantee that all your birthdays are celebrated with lots of love and you are surrounded by people who love and care for you.

We love you, baby. You'll always be our baby.

**Updated with the celebration pictures!

We booked a 1kg Mickey Mouse baby cake for Dylan from Bengawan Solo and we think that it is really delicious... and rather affordable at $50. We could feed so many people with it... like at least 10 pax? :O

This year's celebration is even simpler than the previous year, no staycation this time round but Dylan had a great time pigging out with our family - brunch with the Chan's, where he ate so much dim sum and had so much fun running around looking at fishes in the Chinese restaurant; followed by Thai dinner with the Tan's at our favourite Thai restaurant.

I endeavour to do a better celebration for the babies next year - after all, it's gonna be a combination party for Nian, Dylan, Alexis and myself so I'm going to convince myself that it is worth all the trouble and decorations..... :x

In the meantime, HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, DYLAN! We love you!!!

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