Happy 23rd Month, my monster baby!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Every time I write a post about Dylan, I always want to start with "time flies", which is really cliche, but true! I cannot imagine how fast time has passed and before I know it, my lil monster is almost two.

Watching him grow up is like what most mothers say, "the days are long, but the years are short". Sometimes, I wish time will fly by a little faster so that it will be his nap time and I can take a break from his high-energy activities yet when I watch him grow day by day, I wish time can slow down a bit more so that I can continue to cuddle, hug and shower him with crazy kisses and he wouldn't judge me for being too affectionate with him.

At 23 months, Dylan is beginning to understand a lot of things, which of course, gives a different type of joy when we teach him. Every month is still a surprise from this boy and I'm so glad that I'm always around watching all these milestones achieved. It is indeed what I was looking for when I gave up work in the first place. :)

On his 20th month, he surprised us by counting one to ten in both English and Mandarin unassisted. Then over these three months, he started singing more coherently. Previously, he would hum to the tune but we wouldn't be able to get what he was singing, then it evolved to him being able to sing the last words of many songs and at 22 months, he would insist to sing the whole song by himself.

Some of his accomplishments are singing "Happy Birthday", "ABC", "The Wheels on The Bus", "Row Your Boat", "Hello Everyone", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Old McDonald", which is really fun because I can dedicate songs to ask him to sing now, instead of me singing to him all the time!

Right now, he can make full sentences involving 5 to 6 words. He'd go, "Hi! 妈妈来了!Byebye teacher!"

"爸爸给妈妈mum mum. Papa love mama. Dylan love mama. "

"Sunny day. Dylan close eyes."

"Mama, open five stone box, please?"

"Morning meimei!"

"Papa, where are you?" (when playing hide-and-seek with Nian)

"I want eat carrot cake." (when asking him what he wants for breakfast)

"Mama buy kaya waffle." (when walking past a bakery)

He will also answer you correctly if you ask him questions like "What is your name?", "How old are you?" and "Where are you going?"

You really have to pardon his grammar and all though, but I thought this is a good start, no? Ah well. I'm a proud mama, that's what I'm gonna say!

He also starts to remember names better and can relate when we tell him we're gonna see Aiden-didi (Lava's son), Yi Hong-korkor (our nephew), Raymond-korkor (the part time babysitter cum good friend lol) but he gets confused when we tell him Chloe-meimei (our niece) and Alexis-meimei.

He loves nature walks and can actually pick out a mimosa among a field of grass.

On a naughtier note, he is also now trying to test his limits by choosing his food. We usually don't let him pick his food - he must eat a little of everything even though he may prefer veg over meat or fries over fish but this time, he will spit out his food and refuse to eat other stuff until we give in to him!

Of course we won't give in to him LOL. We would finish our food and then leave nothing for him. Some parents think that we are very nasty to let him go hungry but how else will he learn then?

All in all, Dylan is still our charming little boy who understands the little jokes we spring on him and enjoys all the fun in the world. He knows that he has a meimei now and he showers her with kisses every morning and night. What I pray is that he will continue to be happy, healthy and sensible and that he will love his meimei with the same amount of love we give him. I also pray that meimei will love this adorable korkor of hers as much as we do.

I hope all our kids will be best friends now and in the future and forever, that they will have common friends together and support one another through toughest times. This is one of the reasons why we want to have a small age gap between the kids and I hope that my prayers will come true. :)

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