Family Trip to Alive Museum

Monday, July 21, 2014

After a round of successful trip to River Safari and the zoo, the family decided to plan another fun one to the Alive Museum last week!

Alive Museum is not really a museum, more like a display of ordinary 2D pictures but somehow, with the correct positioning and photo-taking trick, you get to produce many funny illusions. Good thing is that most of these positionings are not really difficult, even a heavily prego woman like me is able to do so I'm quite pleased that all of us had good fun. :D

Let me share some photos with you guys!


This is one of my favourite illusions of me doing a handstand hehehe. Impressive right! :p


And then very athletic me doing splits.


If I can do it, so can Dylan! That's him showing his "muscle muscle" pose. Mehehe.


My very own Jean-Claude Van Damme. So handsome, so cute, so young some more! *giggles*


Another of my favourite illusions - Dylan the white water rafting pro!


Dylan crawling to safety when Mr. Fredrickson's house floated away!


When you're so powerful, Bruce Lee, Kobe Bryant and Spiderman kowtow to you.


"I'm not quite sure why they do this to me every day," says Dylan.


Riding piggyback on Spidey.


Escaping from the giant croc!


Sitting on a hummingbird


Taking a piss from a dog wtf


We didn't notice the big mermaid tail at the back, so we didn't align ourselves such that we look like a mermaid. Don't miss this when you go! :p


Dylan touching a giraffe's tongue.


Chillin' inside a mirror room with disco lights!


I should be like a baby in her arms but the lighting seems a bit weird to look like it.


Saved by Superman! (This is pretty obvious that I'm lying on the floor I think)


If only I can capture Nian flying backwards with his legs in the air. THAT will be splendid for an Ardugen.


Getting sucked in by a whirlpool and looking very pleased about it. My husband ah, really cannot act. LOL


Getting grabbed!


Getting picked up by a baby; lucky you, hubba!


All in all, I think the Alive Museum is not bad for a couple/family outing. It has a great number of exhibits and photo opportunities, but I'd recommend not to go during the weekends because there will be A LOT of photobombers!

I appreciate how they attach demo pictures at the side of each exhibit to teach you how to pose and they also have a photo-point for the photographer to stand so that you capture it at the best angle. Most of those nicer photos you see are taken at the recommended photo-point while some looks a bit weird because there are too many people and they either hog up the space or stand at the photo-point without knowing.

You will most likely spend about 1 to 1.5 hours inside, depending on the crowd, but I think it is a place where you are likely not to visit again after the first time round... BUT, Alive Museum will change 30% of its exhibits every now and then so it is nice to revisit and see the new pictures!

Right now, I'm kinda looking forward to our next gathering, which is most likely Gardens By The Bay. So exciting because I haven't been there before you know! :D

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