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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Many people actually don't pay much attention to their eyebrows but honestly, the eyebrows are probably the most important part in sculpting your face, giving it the 'lift' you need and giving your eyes the energy and spirit. Don't believe me?

They don't have weird make-up on and they don't have bad skin. In fact, all of them have clear complexions and nice eyes... but having unsuitable eyebrows ruined their looks.

The Chinese also have a certain belief that your eyebrows tells a lot about your character AND there are certain eyebrows that should be avoided if you want to be successful in life. Let me take this chance to share with you some of them.

Generally, having eyebrows which are too close signify a petty person. Eyebrows which are too thin & over-plucked symbolise a scheming and cunning person and ‘additional ‘hair’ at the end signifies that one may be left by loved ones, as well as unsustainable (romantic) relationships and marriages

I do hope none of us belong to these six types of eyebrows! The Chinese call them 「六害眉」 , which basically means the Top 6 Harmful Eyebrows. Anyway, even if you DO have some elements of these eyebrows, you can still "change your luck" by changing your eyebrows.

For myself, I've always wanted to go through eyebrow embroidery because my existing eyebrows, though neither thin nor messy, is not defined because I have a sparse front and a non-existent 'tail' at the end. It makes it look like a caterpillar I think. Hahaha!

When Heart Springs Spa offered me an opportunity to try out their Creative Eyebrow Embroidery, I grabbed at the chance to do so because Heart Springs Spa is a very well-established spa (since 2002) with 6 outlets islandwide. With such huge establishments + having the Principal of Heart Springs Spa, Joseph Chen, doing my embroidery for me, I know I'll be in good hands.

Joseph Chen, Principal of Heart Springs Spa as a Head Judge for the Asian Eyebrow Embroidery Contest held in Korea
Heart Springs Spa not only offers eyebrow services but facial, massages, spa therapy, electronic therapy etc. They are very extensive and is a one-stop place I'll recommend anyone to go to for any beauty services, but before I go there, let's talk about eyebrow embroidery.

What is Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is different from eyebrow tattoo, which was very popular during our mother's era. Eyebrow embroidery is non-permanent, usually lasting for about two years or more, if the technique is good and the ink used is of high quality. Instead of 'colouring' the interior of the brows, feather-like strokes are applied to make it look like the hair from the eyebrows, thereby achieving a flawless and natural look.

What to take note of when doing embroidery?

1. Hygiene Level - I cannot stress this enough! Eyebrow embroidery involves inserting pigmentation under the epidermis layer of your skin, so contamination is very real. You should look out for spas that use disposable blades & gloves during the procedure. As you scroll down later, you can see that Heart Springs Spa uses a surgically-sealed blades for every customer.

2. Types of embroidery provided - Eyebrow embroidery is not something whereby one size fits all, therefore it’s important to analyse the types of embroidery styles offered to choose one which is best suited to your unique facial shape and bone structure. I know it may be very tempting to choose the cheapest option, but if it does not suit you, there really is no point as it would cost more to remove the embroidery and to get it done again.

3. Knowledge of the therapists - If the therapist seems to be unsure of what he/she is doing, you have every right to request for another therapist, or go somewhere else. Do not leave your eyebrows in the hands of someone you don't trust. In Heart Springs Spa, each and every therapist is required to go through courses and classes (some going as far as Japan to get their certification done) so you can be assured that you're never a guinea pig customer.

4. Set aside ample time - Generally, if you are going for an eyebrow embroidery, I'll recommend you to set about 2-3 hours aside for it because you will go through a round of consultation, where the therapist will analyse your facial shape and then recommend a suitable eyebrow shape for you. You can also make decisions as to what time of brows you prefer and eventually work out one that you like most. It is best to be relaxed and not be stressed over timing etc. when you get your embroidery done.

Joseph proposed two different types of eyebrows for me to choose from. But before that, here's a before & after shot for you to see how much difference a nicely groomed eyebrow can make.

Here comes the two types of brows that I am to choose from. I didn't have a specific type of eyebrows in mind when I went for consultation, I left it for Joseph to decide whichever that is most suitable for me so there's type #1, which looks more like the Korean style with a higher arch and also thicker brows and type #2, which is thinner and longer.

I prefer a thicker pair of brows, so I went with type #1.

The consultation took about 45 minutes. After which, I was ushered into their treatment room, which was simply decorated but nonetheless very tranquil and comfortable.

The numbing cream takes about 10 to 15 minutes to take effect. If you have a high threshold of pain, you can also opt out of the numbing cream altogether. As for myself, since I am currently 30 weeks pregnant, I try not to put myself through any unnecessary stress that may induce contractions so I went for the numbing cream option.

Numbing cream is also safe for pregnant ladies (checked with my gynae before undergoing the embroidery) so if you want to look good without make up, especially during the confinement period, I'll strongly suggest going for an eyebrow embroidery.

After the numbing cream takes effect, the pain level is really zero.

I've very sensitive brow area, while I can take the pain of tattooing, going through simple procedures like eyebrow threading will send my eyes all teary and my palms sweaty so I was really thankful that the eyebrow embroidery is not as painful as threading! If you can tolerate the short bursts of pain threading gives, this is definitely no big deal for you.

While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, Joseph started mixing the dyes which are suitable for my skin tone and hair colour. You can discuss what kind of colours you prefer during the consultation, some would prefer brown, others a greyish tone etc, but I left it to Joseph to match the colour to my brows.

Heart Springs Spa is very conscious about hygiene, all the blades that are used in the process are individually wrapped in sterile conditions and they will throw away after a one-time use. A new blade will be used when you go back for touch-up some three months later.

Let's start!

Notice the sparse front part of my brows I was talking about? This picture below shows it very clearly.

Embroidery generally takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your threshold of pain. At any point of time during the process, you can stop the therapist if you feel that the pain is unbearable. They will stop, let you take a breather while applying a fresh layer of numbing cream for you.

Here's a close-up on how it looks like when it is completed! It looks a bit too dark for comfort for some, but don't worry, it will gradually fade off to a more natural shade and it will look better in about a week!

An experienced embroidery therapist will apply the right good pressure on your eyebrows such that you would not bleed at all. At Heart Springs Spa, I not only didn't experience any bleeding, my sensitive brow area was barely swollen.

You should see me after a session of eyebrow threading. The brow area will definitely be VERY swollen and tender for me so I'm very impressed with Joseph's skills! Another thing you should take note of are the strokes used. They blend so perfectly into my eyebrows, they literally look like the hairs on my eyebrows.

Here are another two more photos for you to compare, both without make-up, one day after another. Notice how non-existent my initial brows are because they are very light and then POOF! Suddenly I have brows!

And this is how my brows look like now.

Sorry that you've such a close-up of my face, haha! But this is the only way for you to see my brows clearly. You can see that the strokes are not as defined as the first few days BUT they are definitely more natural and it blended so well with my actual eyebrow hair I can't tell where the strokes are anymore. It's amazing!


This eyebrow embroidery I did is called Korean Creative Eyebrow. It starts from $798 to $1288, depending on the seniority of therapists you use.

Other eyebrow services Heart Springs Spa offers are
  • Eyebrow Embroidery (starting from $138 to $238)
  • Eyebrow Contouring (starting from $598 to $998)
  • Great Fortune Eyebrow at $1688
  • Korean 3D Eyelash Liner (starting from $698 to $998)
  • Eyebrow Touch Up (starting from $100 to $200)
  • Eyebrow Embroidery Removal (starting from $168 to $298)
They also offer:
  • Eye Liner (starting from $298 to $698) - something I'm considering doing too!
  • Lip Embroidery (starting from $598 to $1288)
  • Foot Reflexology
  • A variety of massages & spa services
  • Waxing
  • Diamond Peel
  • IPL etc.
Heart Springs Spa has six outlets all over Singapore, so you can choose wherever that is more convenient for you! As for myself, since I stay in the North, I visited their latest outlet at Junction 10.

Other outlets are at:
  • Tampines One
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza
  • City Square Mall
  • NTUC Hougang Mall
  • Funan

Thank you very much, Heart Springs Spa. I'll definitely be back for my facial and massages after I deliver. The lady on the left is Cynthia, who is also an experienced therapist. You can look for her if you decide to drop by the outlet at Junction 10. :)

And of course, thank you to my wonderful friend, Daen, who accompanied me throughout the entire process and helped me with all these photos you see above!

Daen got his eyebrows done at Heart Springs Spa too, instead of the Korean Creative Eyebrow Embroidery that I had, he did a Great Fortune Eyebrow Embroidery because he just started running his own businesses and I've to agree that nothing matters more than great love and great fortune for him now. If you're looking for a nice place to do your eyebrow embroidery, I'll greatly recommend Heart Springs Spa.

Can I end off this post with a celebratory note that I won't have to draw my eyebrows for the next two years!? :D :D :D

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  1. Hi as I'm planning for pregnancy, is it safe to do eyebrow embroidery?

    1. Hi Shan Shan! I did my eyebrow embroidery when I was pregnant too and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, so I would say it is safe! :)


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