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Monday, July 28, 2014

Yay! Before I begin, I'd like to wish all Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya!

Hari Raya is one of my favourite festivals because we have quite a bit of Muslim friends and neighbours and over the years, Hari Raya is just another excuse for me to eat all those delicious tapak kuda (wa I tell you, those stuffed with Nutella is DA BEST!), pineapple tarts and the cornflakes drizzled with honey. Of course there are other pastries that I wolf down also, but some, I don't really know their names. All I do is to stuff those little bite-sized pieces into my mouth and chomp. So good!

Hari Raya is also a time for Muslims to shop, shop, shop and buy, buy, buy - matching baju, tidbits, drinks and new shoes especially! Talking about shoes, I thought you may wanna take a look at ALDO shoes from Zalora. I've been surfing around hoping to buy some new pairs for August, because that is when majority of my celebrations happen. Share with you girls some of my favourites:

I personally prefer peep-toes shoes so that my pedicure will be worth the money, hehehe. All of these shoes costs between $69 to $169, which I feel is really affordable for ALDO because they are really good quality and made from very comfortable materials. I hardly get any abrasions when I wear my ALDO. Do you know that you get free delivery from Zalora with purchases above $40? You can literally wait for your new shoes at home!


Aside, did I mention that our 5 years old HP died like about a week ago? It was quite a sad moment because the laptop accompanied us to many places - Australia, Indonesia and I think Phuket as well. We are now using a Mac (one that I won 2 years back!) but I'm kinda hopeless at it so it really takes me a while to catch up on my work, blog and editing pictures especially.

We're not sure if we will ever buy another laptop since I'm working from home most of the time and Nian thinks that a proper computer is much better than a laptop, so I guess I really have to get used to using a Mac interface for the time being, until we reach a decision. Heck, maybe he may just end up buying a Mac desktop wtf so it will be goodbye Windows!

I also changed my Samsung phone to an LG! It's like an array of tech upgrades and since I'm SO not a techy person, I'm kinda lagged out these few days, really. It took me a day or two to fully understand my new phone - which I really like!

I was contemplating between a Sony Xperia or a Samsung - Sony because my sis is using it and the photos look_so_good I tell you, it is hard to believe it is taken from a phone! It is also waterproof, although I'm not so big on this feature. Samsung, simply because I've been using a Note 2 and I don't know what else to change into. It's kinda like the contract has ended and since the Note 2 is not functioning very well, Nian just told me to might as well take this opp to change it.

Luckily, while I was asking around on my Facebook, two of my friends actually recommended LG.


Ok, before I continue, I realised I have very resourceful friends and I'm very thankful that they are all so willing to help. I've been fully maximising my Facebook to ask my friends about anything and everything and I've actually gotten:

1. My new part-time helper through my god-sis. I've another couple of friends who gave me many, many numbers to try as well and I'm really touched!

2. My post-natal masseur from my good friend, Lava. All I needed to do was to ask. Thankful again!

3. My confinement tingkat meals based on huge popularity with my friends.

Despite these resourcefulness, when they recommended me LG, I was a bit skeptical because many, many years ago, I used my ex-boyfriend's LG Chocolate before. It looks so sleek and nice but wtf it is so laggy I can eat two mouths of Maggie Mee before it reacts to my commands! I never thought about using an LG ever since.

But since my (good) friends greatly recommended it, I might as well give it a chance because I am not exceptionally keen on Sony anyway and Samsung spoils too quickly. I don't even think about iPhone anymore ever since I am on Android and so many other phones have expandable memories I don't know why iPhone is such a stick in a mud.

I can tell you, I rurve it! It is so light, widescreen (for my bad eyesight lol) and overall I think the interface is very comfortable to use and easy to get the hang of it. The camera is also really good and amazing for taking selfies... which is ALL the point, really.


Brought the kids out to Hokey Pokey on one weekday because Nian didn't need to work! I've been telling him about how fun HP is, so I'm really glad he managed to come along with us and spend some really good bonding time with Dylan while I sit down one corner to watch them.

I really love the toys in HP, they have so many varieties and so many to go around, no kids will ever have to fight over anything. The downside is really the exorbitant price. When we went on Thursday at about 4.30pm, they said they were closing at 7pm. Haiya, should have checked their opening hours!

It was really a difficult decision because we (Nian + I, sis-in-law + mother-in-law + 3 kids) specially went down for Hokey Pokey and then they tell me $25 can only be used for 2.5 hours. Tsk.

If we don't go in, we waste the trip and disappoint the kids, but if we go in, it is not worthwhile! Eventually, we decided to bite the bullet and pay the money to let the kids play, even though the fun is short-lived. It's not like we do this everyday... and I'm glad we did. The kids went absolutely mad. Heh heh. :)

So.. that's all I have for you today!

Have a great rest on this last day of long weekends and to the rest of my Muslim readers & friends, have a great Hari Raya and happy house-visiting! EAT A LOT!!!

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