30 weeks of pregnancy

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Haven't been blogging a lot on this pregnancy so I thought I should write something about it for my own sake. (Bad memory *eh-hem*)

We're currently in the 31st week, which means that another 5 weeks more Alexis will be full-term and I will pop anytime. Many friends asked me if having Dylan or Alexis was more difficult - I think both are the same! I still puke a lot in this pregnancy, I still crave for sweet food..

What's different though, was that I suffered from hemorrhoids and Braxton Hicks this time round.

I know, like ewww right? I hope you didn't click on the hemorrhoids link LOL, but I dunno how else to tell you what hemorrhoids are if you dunno what is it lol. The thing is, hemorrhoids, or piles, usually come when you suffer from constipation and then you squeeze very hard until your blood vessels expand and swells. In pregnancy, you don't need constipation to have that.

It was the first time in my life to EVER have piles and trust me, it is probably something you'd never want to have because it was so frickin painful I don't even. I couldn't walk properly without feeling like my backside is on fire, I couldn't sit properly without feeling painful...

I was remotely fearful that whatever I'm feeling below is my rectum. Thankfully, a trip to my gynecologist + some hemorrhoids cream, the damn thing subsided in a week.


When I was expecting Dylan, I crave for red bean buns all the time. Nian says that Dylan takes after him because he loves red bean buns too and I think it is spookily true because even though I eat these buns, I'm not a great fan of it. But during the pregnancy, I can wolf down EIGHT buns in a week.

Then when it comes to Alexis, I crave for beancurd! The Chinese calls it tau huey, and being very particular about it, Alexis will not settle for those half-past six gelatin Lao Ban tau huey. Instead, she wants those soft, smooth, original ones. Thankfully, there is a store that sells pretty good tau huey just 15 minutes walk away from our home.

Yummy tau huey with original gula melaka. *slurps*

Preggers' Brains

I never got around to writing this down when I was pregnant with Dylan, so I thought I can combine my silly antics together in this post, hehehe.

I'm not sure if you guys heard it before, but apparently, if you're pregnant, somehow... your brains don't function as well. Here are some of my epic moments:

- attempting to use my EZlink card as an ATM card to withdraw money, and then get annoyed when the card wouldn't go into the slot.

- drove to tuition, then took a bus home. Totally forgot about the car that I drove down with.

- left my entire working file at the MRT station while paying bills at the SAM machine. The file was so huge yet I can conveniently leave it beside me and forget about it.

- Pushed Dylan in his pram to toddler care, left his pram outside his school and sent him in. Came out and went home without parking/locking his pram. The poor pram was outside blocking everyone's way for the next 5 hours LOL.

- Brought Dylan to take a bus to toddler care. Carried him down the bus to realize that I left his sanitary bag on the bus. No wonder it was so light lah!


sums up my outlook for the past weeks lol
I think this is the hardest to control when it comes to emotions because omg all the hormones raging through me (ok, is that considered as an excuse or a reason? hehe). I feel a bit bipolar sometimes - like I can wake up feeling like I've got sunshine shining through me and everything is gonna be A-OK but then suddenly, I'll feel very angry or sad over something very trivial!

The logical part of me will be like, "Ok, relax. Don't need to be so angry/sad ok? Cool down first and think about why are you sad/angry. It will help you analyze the problem better."


or I'd be like, "the world is so unfair. Nobody loves me."

And then sometimes, the chill mode will come in and I'd be totally cool with everything. I think this is when I'm most normal. And of course, on a very, very rare mode, I kinda get myself back when I am most logical & I can talk/analyze/react correctly and not emotionally. It's weird sometimes. I don't even understand it myself. Good thing is, I'll get over it very quickly, like my usual days. I hardly get angry/sad for more than an hour... which is good because I really don't want to kill someone lol, not that I can, with my bulging belly anyway. Zzz.

Weight Gain

I think the iconic thing about my both pregnancies is that I don't gain a lot of weight, probably because of my extreme morning sickness. I previously gained 7kg when I had Dylan, then lost 9kg after I gave birth. This pregnancy, I've only gained 3kg so far.

I was a bit worried about my lack of weight gain because if I don't gain weight, it probably means that Alexis is not gaining a lot of weight too. Thankfully, she weighs a healthy 1.4kg right now. At this stage, the baby will roughly gain about 200g per week so another 8 weeks x 200g = 1.6kg. She may be 3KG by the time she arrives!

Dylan was 2.6kg when he was born so I do hope that Alexis don't get too big so that I can reduce my labour and it will also be easier to push when the time comes. Whatever it is, just be healthy. That's the most important thing, no?

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