My matching pair of shoes with Dylan!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

If you were to ask me if I can only either buy a bag or a pair of shoes, I'm someone who would rather buy a bag. You see, even though I've suffered a lot of blisters and abrasions from uncomfortable shoes, I am someone who hardly thinks about investing in a good pair of shoes to walk the distance.

Furthermore, my mom always say that I have "bull's feet", which basically means that my powerful feet is able to tear through any types of shoes. Those pretty flats and wedges you see that I wear all the time? They hardly make it through three months with me.

As compared to my husband, we are a complete opposite in this aspect. He doesn't own a lot of shoes, but ALL of his shoes are always comfortable, which is really good for him because he can choose whatever he wants to wear, whenever! He doesn't need to consider if that pair of shoes will kill his feet at the end of the day, unlike me.

When we have Dylan, shoe shopping becomes more difficult because when he was younger, he can't express exactly how he feels towards each pair of footwear we give him so we really pretty much decide on what shoes to buy with the following checklist:

1. On how nice the pair of shoes look (LOL don't tell me you would buy ugly shoes for your kids! :p)

This pair of shoes is probably his first, we personally like Adidas and thought the blue and white was very nice. Unfortunately, the material was very stiff and because he was so young, it was really difficult to force his feet into the shoes.

Thankfully, he wasn't really walking much back then because the shoe is quite heavy as well, so I'd say this pair of shoes is better for photoshoot and well.. just looking good with outfits hehehe.

2. On how easy it is for us to wear for him

Dylan and his cousin wearing matching footwear
Dylan got his first pair of sandals from his aunt and personally, I relish at how easy it is for me to wear the sandals for him. No more stuffing, no more tugging and no more pulling at his ankles! It does look like he is indeed more comfortable when we wear shoes for him, but I noticed that he kept tripping when he wears open-toed shoes.

Also, I was concerned with his toes because I noticed sometimes he scratches against the floor accidentally and he finds it painful to continue walking. Simply put, while open-toes footwear is easy to wear, it lacked the protection closed footwear offers.

3. On how 'flexible' the shoes are

After going through a couple of guess and check, we finally decided that we would buy quality shoes for him even though it may cost more and he will most likely grow out of it in a few months because a pair of bad shoes can not only hinder a child's walking and hence develop some bad habits, it will also hinder the development of a child's feet.

Our first investment was a $90 pair of Pediped for Dylan. It was his favourite pair of shoes before we were introduced to be*U because it fits well and is comfortable for his daily bouncing and running around. We were glad that he finds the shoes comfortable as well. It's like money well-spent, you know?

We love how cushiony it is for the soles, yet not too soft until there is no support. The only few gripes I have is that he doesn't like to wear socks with the shoes because it is very warm for his feet and it is not breathable so you can imagine how nice-smelling the shoes will be after he takes them out LOL. Another thing is that it is really difficult to wear, just like any other covered-toes shoes.

Dylan is at the age where he is crazy about independence and always want to wear his own shoes, but unfortunately, this pair of shoes is too narrow and tight for him to be able to wear it by himself.

J is for Jacq and D is for Dylan!

Recently, we were thankful to be introduced to Be*U shoes because I feel that there's finally a pair of shoes that can be worn easily without all the tugging and pulling, yet give the protection a child needs for his feet and toes.

Also, who can say no to such cutesy mama-and-baby matching pair, plus it is sooo buttery soft and comfortable to wear, even for my bull's feet! This is the first time I own a pair of leather flats and to be honest, I am seriously considering buying another pair for myself (and perhaps matchy with Alexis this time)

Here are some things I personally like about Be*U shoes:

1. It opens up widely, but closes up snugly

The way Be*U shoes are crafted really makes me feel that they think about the parents because with the shoes being able to open so widely, it is very easy for a child to slip his foot in without even pulling at the shoes.

The wide velcro also ensures that the shoes close snugly and will not open suddenly while walking.

Apart from that, it also has a heel counter that contains a stiffener to provide support to the heel and a built-in arch to support the child's feet. Do you know that kids before 2 years old actually have no archs on their feet? The tissues will tighten and form an arch over time as they grow older, usually by three years old so before that, most of them are flat-footed.

2. Good workmanship

Each pair of Be*U shoes are hand-stitched using a classic stitch technique so that it will not unravel over time. The thread is then coated with wax so that it is smooth, waterproof and will not rot.

3. Patented Keyboard Outsole

The soles are usually the unsung hero because if you read up enough, you will realize that a good pair of shoes must always come with a set of good soles to provide friction, flexibility and shock absorption.

When I first looked at this keyboard sole, I was quite skeptical about it until I went out for an outdoor session with Dylan in school. Halfway through the session, it began to rain heavily and the floor was so slippery!

I was really worried that he may slip and fall because he was still bouncing around playing with the puddles of water and while many of his classmates slipped and fell on their backsides, he remained to be one of the few who didn't fall. I thought that wearing Be*U shoes may have some contribution to it.

4. Made from 100% leather

The shoes also didn't become soggy after he ran in the rain. It was wet, yes, but I just gave it a wipe-down and it was as good as new. We would have had to sun the Pediped for a day or two before it can be worn again.

Of course, I am not saying that the shoes are waterproof. Since it is made from 100% cow/horse leather, it will be inevitable that the lifespan of the shoes will drop if you constantly expose it to rain and water. What I'm saying is that with proper care and upkeeping, the shoes can actually last for a considerably long time.

Genuine leather is also breathable for children's feet, since they perspire much easily as compared to adults and because it is made from leather, it will actually mould into the child's feet after the first few wear. It is not rigid and fixed like synthetic materials.

5. Variety of designs off the rack + you can customize too!

When I was first asked to choose a design I like for Dylan and myself, I was overwhelmed.

There were horoscope collections, fairy tales collection (featuring cutesy characters like The Three Little Pigs) and many, many more. The above was just a few that I've shortlisted (also short-listed some girly ones for Alexis next time!). If none of these off-the-rack ones please you, you can also choose to customize by choosing from over 600 motifs and 100 over colours, PLUS different types of leather. The possibilities are endless!

Also, what piqued my interest was actually having a pair of matching wear with Dylan.

Apart from customizing the child's shoes, adults can also join in the fun to have a pair of customized shoes!

I really really really like this pair! I was almost getting this one if Be*U didn't show me their soccer design. I mean, between cars and soccer, I think we prefer the latter more. :p

Apart from that, you can also choose to emboss your name or your child's name on the shoes for remembrance purposes maybe?

To look at other variety of designs, you can check out their Facebook page or their Instagram and to order, simply drop them an email at

I will highly recommend mummies and daddies to bring their little ones to try out the shoes before committing an online purchase so that you can ensure the correct size and really, nothing beats trying out the shoes and feeling the real product in your own hands.

The off-the-rack pieces are available at Takashimaya Level 4, which carries their signature keyboard shoes (as featured above) for 1 to 4 years old & Ballerina shoes for girls from 2 - 4 years old.

For older children, they have their Ballerina shoes for 7 - 10 years old stocked at Tweenage, United Square Shopping Mall, #01-39A.

When you're fully convinced yourself to make the purchase, here are the three steps you will need to complete to enjoy a whopping 20% off ALL designs and collections:

Step 1. Quote HELLOMRSTAN 
Step 2. Like Be*U's Facebook page and their Instagram account

This discount code is valid until 31 July 2014. Do note that the discount code will only work on online purchases and not at the outlets.

Ending off with Dylan enjoying his be*U shoes!

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