TK TrichoKare Review: My hair is thinning! :(

Friday, June 06, 2014

I'm not a born beauty but if you were to ask me what are the few things I'm proud of myself, it will be my straight teeth, my eyes (sans the myopia!), my arms (although my husband won't agree with me) and my hair.

If you've seen my papa and my uncles, you will know why! Here's how my papa looks like:

What do you mean he's not my papa!? My papa looks exactly like that with a receding hairline and thin hair, but quite the sexy nevertheless. But talking about hair thinning and balding, it unfortunately runs in my family so you can guess why I am quite proud of my thick mane at the moment.

Thank you for having me, TrichoKare!

Recently, I was invited for a hair-care session at TK TrichoKare so I took the opportunity to check out my scalp. You see, just a couple of months ago, I had a bad bout of dandruff. Not sure if it is because of my fluctuating pregnancy hormones, but just on the left side of my head, under my ear, it was very itchy and every time I scratch it, you guessed it. It began snowing.

And because I have eczema and the condition was so acute, I was worried that I may have eczema on my scalp omg! I never dared to step into any hair-care centers that were around my area because:

1. I didn't want a sales person to be doing a hair scan for me. I want someone who really knows their work. Can you imagine the sales person just anyhow bomb and tell me that I have dandruff and then put me through a range of treatments... but it turns out to be just hormonal changes and it will be fine after a while?

2. I didn't want to be exposed to any harmful chemicals while treating my dandruff. All of you should know by now that I am in my 6th month of pregnancy and I've so far avoided chemicals as much as possible. I try not to take medication unless absolutely necessary, I stop dyeing my hair (hence the black roots all coming out!) etc. I was not prepared to go through a round of very strong treatment for something I *think* I can bear with for a while.

Listening to the background of TK TrichoKare

When I first stepped into TrichoKare at their latest Orchard Gateway outlet, I was quite impressed that it was pretty crowded at their treatment area! Pardon me, but I always thought hair-care centers will be very quiet because people would be like me, afraid to go in and seek help but no, there were people from all walks of life; people my age, people in their 50s and even Caucasians were spotted in there doing treatments as well.

I was also quite relieved to find out that TrichoKare is actually founded by two non-businessmen, one a herbologist and another, a trichologist.

For those who don't know what is Trichology and what a trichologist does, here's a little snippet of information for you!

Trichology is taken from the Greek word “tricho” meaning “hair”. It is a para-medical field which studies the biology of hair and scalp, from its structure, function, anatomy, chemistry, physiology and diseases related to it. Trichology is also an in-depth scientific study of  hair nutrition, genetics and microbiology.

After going around looking at the new outlet, I was then ushered into a private room with my Trichologist, Jane. I was filling up a quick 4-page questionnaire regarding my lifestyle, diet and a little bit of personal background information.

Unlike having sales person doing a hair analysis for you, at TrichoKare, you will be assessed by their in-house trichologists or hair specialists trained under the Trichologist.

What is a trichologist? Can anyone be one?

A trichologist is someone who helps people who have problems with their hair and/or scalp. Using a special microscope, they will run through their client's scalp thoroughly to access the problem and its cause. 

For example, hair loss, scaling, itching and excessive greasiness probably sound very common to you but do you know that these are not problems that can be solved by "using the right shampoo"? It will take a professional trichologist to access what is the root of the problem (literally!) and decide if treatment is necessary, or if it is within his realm to treat, or probably there are more complicated underlying problems that may require the help of other specialists.

Put it simply, a trichologist is a specialist for hair and scalp disorders, just like how a dermatologist is a specialist for skin and skin conditions, neurologists specialize in brains and central nervous systems etc. They are the expert at the hair & scalp.

Apart from that, not everyone can call themselves a trichologist just because they know a lot about hair and scalp. In order to be a full-fledged trichologist, they will have to go through courses from the International Trichologist Association so you can bet that it is a gruelling process to be where they are now!

While filling up the form, Jane also asked me if I had any scalp problems that I would like to address, so I brought up my dandruff problem (see my disgusted face above lol) and also my worries about being exposed to chemical treatments while expecting Alexis.

After fully understanding my concerns, Jane then proceeded to give me a check on my scalp to see if there are any underlying problems that I didn't know. Could the culprit of my dandruff be from my eczema???

This looks like an advertisement photo, no? Hehehe #noshame

Small trivia: Do you know that the bottom part of your scalp is resistant to balding? This is why even though you see balding men with no hair on the top of their heads, you will always happen to find some at the bottom part.

During the check, it can be seen that I DO have a blessed head full of hair, quite healthy some more, with very little clogged pores. But the story is quite different at the top of my head. I was advised to start changing the parting of my hair every other month because.....


And... guess what?

The black pigmentation of my hair is also getting lesser. Which means...........

Imma have white hair pretty soon!

Omg the horror when I heard from Jane, I nearly fainted. But of course, first things first, let's try to get rid of my itchy scalp. Generally, my itchy scalp is under control at the moment, but under the microscope, Jane told me that it is waiting for the right opportunity to erupt.

Perhaps right now I'm feeling very relaxed, stressed free and I lead a generally healthy lifestyle so these dandruff has got no chance, yet. Once I get stressed or have a lack of sleep, it will come bouncing back into my arms. :(

Another plus point I like about having my hair-care session at TrichoKare is because they don't use template treatments on their clients. Template treatments are like... it doesn't matter what problems you have, all they do is to use their "template" on you. Hair mask, wash hair, apply essence, massage etc etc etc.

And then you wonder why your problems never went away.

At TrichoKare, I had Jane, the in-house trichologist to assess my situation already and then customize a treatment for me. Among their range of treatments, I went through a three-step regime

1. Scalp Purifying mask

It may seem like there's nothing going on in the picture above, but my hair specialist, Esther, has already applied the Lavender based + French Green Clay mask on my scalp. It was there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Basically, this treatment deep-cleanses the scalp and also has anticeptic properties to kill off bacteria that usually causes dandruff and itchy scalp.

2. HQ tonic application

After application of the mask, I am then whisked away to a relaxed corner where Esther would wash away the mask and then give me a REALLY, REALLY shiok head massage. Then when I come back to my seat, I was given the HQ tonic to apply on with another FOUR rounds of massage woo-hoo! *bliss*

The HQ tonic is loaded with aloe vera to soothe itchiness and promotes healing. This is an exceptionally good regime in the treatment process if you have itchy scalp like me because you can feel the itch relief almost immediately!

3. O3 treatment

This is one of the many methods to further infuse nutrients deeper into the scalp and also to sooth inflammed and sensitive scalp. There is also an infra-red method which was initially proposed to me, but it was replaced by Jane because we were worried about lights and wavelengths and all affecting my pregnancy.

The O3 is also a great alternative for people who are extremely sensitive to heat from the infra-red so as you can see, the treatment pretty much varies from person to person and all these are determined by the trichologist.

All of these treatments are completely European herbal based and does not contain any chemicals at all, which explains why I am able to go ahead with the treatment despite being pregnant. TrichoKare is also the first hair-care center that is ISO 9001 certified, which all of you would know that it is an international certification to quality and reliability.

Apart from my own testimony, here are some of TrichoKare's customers have their say:

So, if you've always have some nagging hair/scalp problem, don't be like me. Don't trivalize a problem because it may become a bigger problem! It is always better to seek help early and then decide for yourself whether you would like to go through with a treatment or not.

Cheers to good hair day, everyday!

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This is a paid advertorial by TrichoKare but opinions are entirely my own.

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