Mother's Day Dinner 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is a very, very overdue post but I thought of posting it anyway because I love Mothers' Day! I've always said that Mothers' Day is always more overrated than Fathers' Day because I think moms are an over-sensitive bunch of people.

If you don't celebrate Mothers' Day for us, it's okay. You must at least give us a card to thank us for going through so much to bring you up. If you don't give us a card, it is okay also. You must at least give us a hug and tell us that you love us. If you don't hug us, also never mind. You must at least wish us a Happy Mothers' Day.

You cannot (pretend to) forget the existence of this day because it is equivalent to you forgetting your wife/girlfriend's birthday. We will never let you off.

For Fathers' Day, however... things are more relaxed. To be honest, I still can't be quite sure whether Fathers' Day falls on the first or second week of June. :\ Anyway, they are a cooler bunch so I don't think they care when is Fathers' Day as well lol.

This Mothers' Day, the Tan's went all the way to Jumbo for some seafood indulgence! I've always loved dining at Jumbo because their service and food quality is usually pretty good. I remember my parents used to bring me to the outlet at Serangoon Gardens Country Club, but I was surprised that they no longer have an outlet there... so off we went to the one at Clarke Quay.

Started dinner with their Scallop and Mini Yam Rings and we thought it was really good! Unfortunately, it was only one per person so I felt that it was enough for me... at least. Cuz I'm eating for two, no? :p

The Salted Egg Prawns, unfortunately, was a flop because there was no taste of the salted eggs at all, despite being coated with such a thick, yellow sauce. It makes me wonder what that sauce is lol.

The Chilli Crabs were served next! There was a maximum size of the crabs for Chilli Crabs and each one does not exceed 1kg. I don't know why, maybe it will affect the quality of the crabs? What was funny was that the claws were extremely fresh and succulent, but the legs were mashy and looked like the crab has been dead for a long time.

We were speculating that the kitchen probably kills the crabs en masse, and then randomly pick 6 legs + 2 claws + 1 cover when assembling the dish, hence the quality differs.

This tofu dish is also rather mediocre, the reason why we ordered this is just so that there are enough dishes for the children, since the crabs are spicy and we kinda ate up all the mini yam rings hehehe. Dylan loved the tofu and mushrooms though, but I *think* this mummy here can whip up something similar too. #noshame

Black Pepper Crabs are Jumbo's signature and true to its name, the crabs are really very fragrant! Despite requiring a minimum size of 1KG (notice Chilli Crabs max size is 1KG but they reserve all the huuuuuge crabs for their Black Pepper?), we ordered a 2kg one and we wiped them out.

All in all, dining at Jumbo was quite an enjoyable one. Service was prompt and they had push carts between every two tables filled with cutlery, iced water, warm water, tea and everything else on free flow. You can either get the wait-staff to refill them for you, or opt to refill them yourselves when they are too busy and you don't wanna wait.

I didn't get a huge present from the husband.. I dunno why some of my mummy friends told me to ask for present from the husband. In my opinion, Mothers' Day presents should come from our children, no? If it's gotta be from the husb, it would be Valentine's Day, my birthday, our anniversary etc. I am very clear cut in these! Hehehe.

This year, Dylan baked me a cookie! Even though it was not a gift that can be eternalized, the two of us still enjoyed ourselves, stuffing ourselves silly with the very delicious chocolate cookie. As long as he is healthy, happy and filial, every day is a fulfilling Mothers' Day for me. :)

Putting up a rare picture of the Tan's to end off this post! As you can see, my backside and tummy is SWELLING. Hehehehe.

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