Hello Kitty K League - One of my most favourite collections!

Monday, June 16, 2014

This year's World Cup is exceptionally memorable for me because like what all my good friends tell me,

"Soccer married Hello Kitty!"

which is kinda like a dream come true for me, of course!

I'm always very impressed by the collections launched by Hong Kong McDonald's. It seems like no matter how cute our Singaporean counterpart releases, Hong Kong will come one notch higher and trash whatever we have here lol.

Previously, when Singapore had the fairy tale collection, Hong Kong actually had it one year before us so can you imagine how ridiculous we were queueing for something that was actually passe? #simidaiji Worse was that there was supposed to be a limited edition Wisdom Owl Kitty in the Fairy Tales series, but it was dropped when launched in Singapore.


In the end, I had to source so hard for that out of stock piece (which I eventually got it!) to complete my Fairy Tale series. At that point of time, I thought I was 无药可救 - so deeply poisoned by the kitty poison no medicine can help me.

After this crazy Hello Kitty saga, Hong Kong launched the Circus of Life last year, which was so cute, it trashed Fairy Tale's ass.


My favourite was the Dumbo Kitty, which was the limited edition for this collection, followed by the Animal Trainer. OMG Kitties + Moustaches, I absolutely cannot. Cannot.

I also particularly like their 3D book which opens up into a circus tentage and a complete collection of those alphabet cards. *fawns & hands over my money* There are also stickers for this collection that are not included. It was very extensive!

At this point of time, I think my husband gave up on me already lol.

Thankfully, when Singapore's McD came up with the Bubbly World, it was quite disappointing. I was secretly happy because I'm seriously running out of display space for all my kitties and I don't wanna waste them on ugly kitties so I only got those that I thought were cute.

Aaaaand Hong Kong trashed Singapore again by releasing the World Cup series. Singapore, Y U NO think of this!?!?!?????!?!???

There's absolutely nothing cuter than a soccer ball kitty!!! This is so cute, I'm worrying for HK McD because I wonder what they would need to come up next to up one notch from this collection. I can safely say that this is one of my favourites among ALLLLLL the kitty plushies I have, McD or not, hence this post, I guess!

I also like their box designs. I wish they are as extensive as the Circus of Life, I'd love to have a collection of hologram cards as well, or Hello Kitty Red & Yellow cards! Maybe not a jersey lah cuz I would probably never wear it lolol.

It gives a small description + items they use of each and every character in this collection - the keeper, striker, crazy fans, midnight supporter, referee and medic.

Did you manage to get this Hello Kitty collection? Fret not, if you haven't because I see that many people are actually selling online, albeit they are over-quoting the prices like mad.

I'm very thankful that I have my friend, Jess, who stays in Hong Kong because the poor girl actually went all the way to McD, buy the set for me and ordered McDelivery to eat, just to get the McDelivery kitty special. I paid about $60 + shipping to Singapore, which I honestly think you won't find such deals because it is friendship price hahaha but I believe if they don't sell anything above $100, it is still quite a worthwhile purchase.... IF you're a kitty fan LOL.

Talking about World Cup, any of you watching/supporting?? Netherlands fan here! *raise hand*

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  1. Hello~ how did u manage to get the HongKong worldcup hello kitty! I am a fan of hello kitty! Saw people selling online but very expensive. I wonder if you have a cheaper deal!

    1. Hi Felicia,

      Unfortunately, I don't have a cheaper deal. It was bought by a good friend who stays in Hong Kong for me, so I managed to get the set at $60. Shipping can be quite expensive + people up the price, it can be quite hard to get something affordable! Why not try waiting out? I'm sure they will start lowering prices to clear stock. ;)

    2. I will do that or wait for it to come to SG(maybe this wont happen).
      Anyway, so lucky for you to have a friend in Hong Kong to get the kitties for you! Hong Kong Macd always have cute kitties!


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