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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When Nian and I got our house 2 years ago, we spent a long time looking for shower heads, bathroom taps and kitchen faucets because we wanted something not only user-friendly, but stylish and works well.

Eventually, due to budget constrains, as much as we would like to have a high quality sanitary fitting, we can only have one or another, so we settled for something that looked reasonably stylish but it doesn't have good water pressure and sometimes, we get scalded by a sudden surge of hot water whenever we turn on the shower head.

Recently, I came across a range of GROHE new products and I thought it will be nice to share with all of you, since I know most of you ladies are married / getting married and your apartments will be ready for you very soon. I think you may like this!


GROHE Blue is very interesting because you know how we would always buy a water filter and then attach to our faucet so as to filter out all the dirt and grime?

Well this one is slightly different but it definitely boosts the looks factor by 100% (I always think having water filters attached to the faucet is not very nice looking)! There is actually a hugh-performance water filter and cooler that remove all materials that could impair taste and smell from normal tap water to deliver a pure taste experience with just a gentle lift of the operating lever.

Just turn the tap on and you will have fresh, clean water, ready to drink. So convenient!


After browsing through the GROHE Blue, the GROHE Red made me go, "whoa!" in surprise. If the Blue can help you replace your ugly water filters, this GROHE Red can replace all your kettles and boilers because this tap can deliver warm or boiling water at an easy flick of your hands!

How it works is that there is an under-sink boiler comes in two sizes of four and eight litres, with the large being able to tap up to six litres of boiling water or 15 litres of warm water at 50° C.

You can still access to normal room-temperature water to wash your things without accidentally scalding yourselves because there is a separate handle for boiling water and it requires a two-step pull-and-twist action. This not only prevents scalding accident, it is also child-proof.

Minta Touch

Aaaaaand, it gets better. The third faucet I saw made me go, "Ok! I think I want to buy this!" because this one really takes convenience to a whole new level.

You know how we always wash our dishes and then we have to turn on the faucet with our soapy hands, then while rinsing the dishes, we will splash water onto the lever to clean it from the soap suds? With the Minta Touch, you don't ever need to touch the lever with dirty hands ever again.

You can just touch the body with your wrist or the back of your hand and water will start flowing! I just think about how convenient it will be when I am eating chicken wings and oily fingers, I am totally sold already LOL.

GROHE Spa® F-digital Deluxe

If one day I'd ever move into a huuuuuge mansion, I'll decorate my house like a resort. I think that is what most people would do anyway because I think it's really nice to relax in a nice environment, EXCEPT THAT IT IS MY OWN HOUSE. #win!

GROHE also has this F-digital Deluxe Spa that you can control the lighting, audio and steam function with their iPod GROHE Spa app. It will fill your shower with coloured light for chromo therapy treatment, with pleasant steam for skin cleansing and completing the sensorial experience with your favourite music. It's really an indulgence at home!

GROHE Grandera

Another brand new luxury sanitisation accessories launched by GROHE is the Grandera. If you like uniformity and your taps must match your bath tub taps and faucets etc, this collection is for you.

It has a gold/chrome outlook which is very elegant and lavish and the complete range includes everything from single-lever mixers to classic faucets, from tub mixers to five-hole deck-mounted bathtub combinations and free-standing tub fillers, from head and hand showers to thermostats, and authentic high-end accessories from soap dispensers, beakers to exquisite white porcelain crafted wall lamps.

It's like walking into a hotel/resort kind of feel when you step into a bathroom equipped with the Grandera I think!


If you're someone who goes for simple pleasures like us, here's a shower head you can seriously consider for your bathroom.

In our small HDB, we may not have enough space for a luxurious spa with lightings, neither would we have enough space for a full range of taps and faucets, but that doesn't mean we cannot convert our shower session into a mini spa session too.

Can you see the buttons at the top of the shower head? It is GROHE's new “One-Click-Showering” switch, which delivers four unique single spray patterns as well as seven mix spray modes.

This Power & Soul shower head consists of GROHE’s newest spray pattern technology, Bokoma Spray, which harnesses the power of water with its eight dynamic spray nozzles create a ‘breathing’ effect as they open and close once a second to recreate the tension-relieving effect of a fingertip massage. Other original spray patterns of this feature include the soft Rain Spray, the aerated GROHE Rain O2 Spray as well as the powerful Jet Spray. Very fun to explore and experience!

You can now get all of these (& more) at up to 60% off!

In conjunction to the World Environment Day, GROHE is having a Exchange-Your-Old-Shower promotion.

If you've always wanted to fit your kitchen and toilets with GROHE, this is the chance to do so at a steal. All you need to do, is to bring down your old and used showerheads (any brands, any models) and you get to purchase a GROHE one at up to 60% discount.


GROHE is also giving away Rainshower Solo 150 that is worth $235 to one lucky winner from hellomrstan.com!

The Rainshower Solo 150 has two spray modes modes – Rain and Rain O2 – and has the GROHE EcoJoy™ Button that can save 40% water usage. And it looks so sleek, lemme show you!

Just answer the following three questions and send in your answers to grohe_pacific@platformpr.sg by 1 July to stand a chance to win!

1. Name one way to cut water wastage in the shower.
2. Dual flush systems waste more water than necessary. True or false?
 3. How can a thermostat help to save water?

P.S. All answers can be found in the 2nd last picture, so it's really a no-brainer. Good luck and have a wonderful World Environment Day!

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