Family Trip To River Safari + Zoo!

Monday, June 23, 2014

River Safari again!!!

I definitely didn't think that we will be back to River Safari so soon, since our last visit was only 6 months back in December. That being said, I think our family really enjoyed ourselves when we went back last week because it was a huuuuuge family outing and I always think family outings are super fun!

Started the day bright and early at 9AM for the mass meet-up for a quick breakfast and off we went into River Safari first! The last time we went Dylan was only 16 months old and he didn't quite understand what was going on most of the time but this time, at 22 months, I'm so glad he could appreciate all the exhibits!

I thought he would be afraid of these bronze animal statues but turns out, he kinda like them and took photos with so many of them. Here's him beaming happily with the Alligator-snapping Tortoise.

Dylan with the Gar! I dunno why he was squatting down lol but his million-dollar smile.... the one that I fall in love with every day. <3

Learning new words lol. He learned what was a Rhino, a Hippo, Giraffe, Cheetah (which he mistook as Guitar )... I think visits to the zoo is very fun and enriching!

P.S. Read the slogan on his singlet.

Dylan was dancing to the fish song ("All the fishes swimming in the water, swimming in the water~")

Thank goodness his hair is growing out well, after a disastrous haircut I gave him about two weeks back! Ah well, this mummy here always gives Dylan disastrous haircuts that are too short and choppy LOL.

Another one with the Gar and a ginormous mummy. I bought this ombre dress since forever but I never got the chance to wear it out (because I don't go out so often these days.. very heavy you know!) so I was really pleased that I could still fit and it is really airy for my tummy!

Dylan sitting on the crocodile's head. The last time we passed by the Ganges River section, little fella was already fast asleep so it is really great that he can catch whatever he has missed this time! He also saw the pandas, which he missed previously. Trip worthwhile! ^-^

Dylan taking a break from all the walking while mummy carries (and cuddles) him. It won't be long before I finally cannot carry him anymore so I'm really taking advantage of this moment when I can still snuggle my nose in his neck and smell his (not-so) baby smell. I also like to plant loads of kisses on his cheeks and mouth when I carry him, but now as he is older, he learns to be annoyed with me for kissing him too much!

Don't worry. I think I will still hug and kiss him even when he is 8, 18, 28, or even 58.

Oh btw, this was how Kaikai greeted us when we went in to see him. -__-

We haven't seen Jiajia on both occasions so I honestly think that the main objective of River Safari isn't really about these two pandas. They are not as sporting as other animals one zzz.

Dylan and Peyton, who are just a mere one month apart. So cute the two of them!

4 out of the 6 kids that we six adults brought. ^-^

5 out of the 6 kids we all brought. The last one is a 6-months old baby so she wouldn't be in most pictures hahaha.

Going out in a huge gang also means that we can take the opportunity to try out new restaurants. This one is the restaurant outside River Safari - River Safari Tea House. It's like a rustic olden Chinese style restaurant serving quite a bit of Singapore favourites like Curry Chicken, Bak Kut Teh in Hokkien and Teochew styles wtf, Ngor Hiang, Hainanese Pork Chop, Hokkien Mee etc in inflated prices, of course.

That being said, though, the 11 of us (excluding the baby) ate a total of about $120, WHICH I honestly think is pretty reasonable. It works out to about $40 per family of 2 adults and 2 kids.

The food is also quite decent, the Curry Chicken was my favourite and the BKT was delicious and tender. I think I can conclude that you can expect a rather good quality food from this restaurant at a rather reasonable pricing.


This is personally my most favourite photo of Dylan in the entire collection! I dunno who gave him the idea to sit on the otter, we do not advocate animal abuse like that, but he looks like one of them because they are all so tiny! And cute!

And then of course we had to take a picture with Ah Meng, the icon of the zoo.

Took a 15 minutes stroll right to the back of the zoo where Kidzworld is and it was WATER PLAY time for them kids and picnic for us while I rest my legs!!!

It was really perfect because the weather was so hawt. But thank goodness it didn't rain. Thank you God for the wonderful weather!

In case you haven't realized, our Dylan is in his smexy neon green swimming trunks.

I think this is probably when I was very impressed with Nian's cousin, who is a mother of three because she is really very capable!

You see, usually when the more kids you have, you start to give yourselves excuses that it takes a long time to prep the kids and get them ready and all..... and then you start to be late for gatherings and expect to be forgiven and then not preparing anything at all because your hands are full with the kids BUT this cousin of ours, she woke up at 6AM and prepared almost everything for all of us.

Initially I was quite proud of myself to prepare a picnic mat, oranges, tidbits for the kids and a whole lot of drinking water but she completely thrashed me by coming with a cooler bag full of ICE COLD fun sized drinks like the Coke you see above (I didn't know they have a slim version like that now), Passionfruit Tea, 100 Plus and mineral water....

Grapes that have been washed and removed from their branches and she even packed goodies bags for the kids!!!!!

This is totally out of the perfect mama scale. I was so inspired by her, I cannot wait for our next outing so that I can put all my domestic skills to work and prepare... I dunno. Sandwiches I suppose LOL.

My SIL came with a big bag of Breadtalk breads so we really had a very enjoyable time sitting down chillin in the shade while the kids play in the water. I love picnics because they are so casual and so fun!

I also brought bubbles for the kids to play, but of course, powerful mama also brought some, so the kids really went mad chasing those bubbles after our picnic! This is probably my favourite part of the entire outing, with seeing the animals coming secondary.

Left home eventually with a small shopping at the store and bought a top each for Dylan and Alexis! It was the pink pony that caught my eye first and now that we have our second child, we try to not leave Dylan out. You know, not the kind where meimei has something but korkor doesn't have, so we went around the whole shop looking for a cute tee for Dylan.

They were having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion, so we shared the deal with my sis-in-law and each one came up to $22. I guess it's a good takeaway eh?


River Safari tickets are available at Hello Lobang at only $22 for adults (walk-in price is $25). Zoo tickets are also available at $21, with free tram rides. (walk-in rate is $27)

Combo prices are also available, check them out here.

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