American Breakfast with CP's New Cold Cuts

Monday, June 30, 2014

Not long ago, the kind people from Vibes Communication and CP Foods came by and sent our family a whole cooler bag filled with their latest CP cold cuts. Our family don't usually eat a lot of ham and sausages, but thanks to my good friend (also housewife-extraordinare + very good cook) Ellena, who suggested making a sumptuous American breakfast for the family, I whipped up a storm last Sunday!

We were blessed with a huge range of 10 different items but this time, I am specifically using their CP Pizza Cocktail (the longer pack) and CP Cheese Sausage.

Both these sausages contain cheddar cheese inside, which melts into a lovely texture when hot. I personally like the CP Pizza Cocktail for its hint of Italian spices, but both Nian and Dylan prefer the CP Cheese Sausage.

The preparation for an American Breakfast is so easy, I think anyone would be able to do it under 30 minutes! Usually, the thawing of the sausages will take a long time and it will involve soaking the whole packet in a bowl of water, but CP's Cold Cuts are all stored in fully-microwavable bags so all I did was to cut the top and then threw it into the microwave for 2 minutes and voila, ready to be pan-fried and served.

Here are what the adults (i.e. Nian and I) had: CP Pizza Cocktail, CP Cheese Sausage, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms (hidden under the egg), sunny-side-up, streaky bacon and a slice of garlic bread.

As for Dylan, he had something similar, sans the bacon (too oily for a baby I think!). He ate an additional 4 servings of blueberries afterwards lol.

The CP Jumbo Bologna, CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail and CP Pizza Cocktail are all retailing at an affordable $2.35, exclusive to 7-Eleven.

The remaining items such as the CP Chili Bologna, CP Cheese Sausage, CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter, CP Chicken Vienna, CP Chicken Sandwich are all retailing at only $2.20 each and can be found at NTUC FairPrice.

As for the Japanese sausages, they are retailing at $3.60 and can be found in NTUC, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and some Prime Supermarkets.


Personally, I'm excited to try out the Chicken Sandwich because it is something that I'd eat when I am hungry, unlike ham and sausages, which are mostly side-dishes for me. I've also used the sausages to go with instant noodles for supper, which is also super easy to prepare and eat!

Do you have any recipes to share with me using the ham? Not sure what I should make with it. Hmmm.

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