A Playroom for Dylan and Alexis!

Monday, June 09, 2014

So my husband and I have decided to convert our existing study room into a play room for the kids because we actually don't use the room much, except to store all sorts of knick-knacks and stuff. We thought that by converting it into a playroom will also free up some space in the living room and make it more spacious and comfortable for the four of us!

As such, I am given the honour to decorate the study room and make it into a nice playroom for the kids. I've been surfing around and I would love to share them here!

1. Set a theme - Green and white

When we moved into our house two years ago, our geomancer decided that the best colours for our house are green and red, so even though it is quite a difficult colour to mix and match, we've made do with it and generally, our house is in the theme of green and white, with punctuations of red in the kitchen and two walls.

With that in mind, I decided that the playroom shall be in a green and white theme, with just a little bit of grey to give it a bit more "body".

Here are some pictures I found online which I absolutely love the concept:

 Our room is definitely not as big and spacious as this one, but I really love the olive green wall that is painted on one side of it. I think this will work on our room well!

 I love the grey carpeting in this room and looking at how the toys are being stuffed at a corner makes me imagine how Dylan and Alexis will play. Makes me so happy!

We won't be having a chalkboard wall because chalk can be really dusty and it is not very good for the children's lungs so instead of that, I was thinking of DIY-ing a magnetic wall instead.

2. Having a magnetic wall!

This picture shows a smaller version of it but I was thinking of going to those metal factories to see if they have bigger pieces. The awesome thing about these metal pieces is that we can paint them in whatever colours we want, it will not lose their magnetism, since they are metal!

I was thinking of sticking magnetic alphabets, or even mount big pieces of mahjong paper or recycled paper up to let them scribble before we trash them. Good idea?

3. Having a comfy area

I really want the area to be a fun and comfortable place for both Nian and myself and also Dylan and Alexis so I was thinking we can have a corner of comfy area that has a rug, cushions and hopefully a beanbag (definitely not as big as the picture above hahaha) and then beside it, there will be a book shelf to store their baby books.

That corner will be super conducive for us to sit down and read together, or individually!

4. Storage

While clearing up our house to make space for Alexis in our other room, I realized that the biggest problem we didn't foresee during renovation was to cater for storage space. I also noticed that the best way to keep things neat and tidy is to have storage space with doors so that we can close them to hide all the mess! Hahahaha

As such, I've catered storage for their toys, which currently we are dumping them into a huge Tupperware box but they are spilling out so we can't keep them covered! Hopefully by catering more space for their toys, we can keep them clutter-free.

The book shelf will also be closed, just putting the opened version for visual purposes. We have another smaller cabinet that we're using now to store some of my stuff but I think I may clear them out to let the kids store their crayons, colour pencils and scribble books.

5. Table and Chairs

I'm not sure when will Dylan REALLY need a table and chair to do work, but I suppose with the carpet on the floor, he won't be able to sit and scribble like what he is doing now, so he would need a good surface to exhibit his Picasso-talent LOL.

I also think that it is a good habit to cultivate my children to sit on a chair and write on a table, no? Better for the eyesight too I think... thing is, I always have a preconception to have the table pushed to a corner but having a table and chair like this may not be feasible. That being said, I like how neat it looks after it is kept! So sleeeeeeeek I likeeeeeee.

So yes! I think that's about it for the playroom! Something simple, but comfortable and pretty nevertheless. Most of these items I look them through Ikea, but others are really expensive designer websites which I don't think we will ever buy. As soon as the president at home approves my idea, we will then work out a budget and hopefully get it all done up with a minimum sum!

Next up, I will need to work on Dylan and Alexis' bedroom. The whole room is in a mess now because it's kinda functioning like our laundry room right now with our clothes, my boxes of bags, Alexis' cot, spare bed and everything else. I really need more storage space!

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