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Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm a lady, and that generally gives me the right to be attracted to bargains and deals. I mean, how can we describe the adrenaline rush when you see something that you've always liked / always wanted to try, at a bargain?

Today, I'm sharing with you guys The Entertainer App, which simply put, is basically the app that gives you all sorts of food, services and even HOTEL stays at one-for-one. That's 50% off!

Here are a few things I like about The Entertainer App:

1. It comes in a free version

When you're downloading from Google Play Store, just key in 'the entertainer app' and look for this yellow smiley face

When you download the app from Google Play Store, it is absolutely free with some vouchers already in there for you to use. That means you can utilize these vouchers without paying a single cent!

Here are some of the participating merchants that allow you to redeem one-for-one at their outlets using the free version of The Entertainer App. Nian and I went to Ah Hoi's Kitchen recently for their crabs and it was absolutely divine!

Using The Entertainer app, you will be able to redeem one-for-one crabs. If you do visit Ah Hoi's Kitchen (at Traders Hotel), you must try their Cereal Crab and their Crab beehoon! I personally like the crabs in the Crab Beehoon because it was cooked with superior stock and when you take the first bite of the crab... ooooh. It is SO FRESH and succulent!

I spoke with Wai Ling, the communications manager of Traders Hotel, and I was very surprised to find out that Ah Hoi's Kitchen will actually guarantee the quality of the crabs. There's this crab place I go to that always tells us "no 100% guarantee on crabs, cannot buy insurance"... so if you've been told the same thing before and get no apologies for serving substandard crabs, you know where to go next.

2. You don't need to flash your app before you order

In fact, you can flash it right at the end when you ask for the bill. When you download the app, you will be required to set a pin number (so that it won't be accidentally misused by your kids when they play around with your phones, for example).

At the cashier, just flash the app and key in your pin. The merchant will also key in their pin number and voila! If it is a one-for-one main dish, the cheaper main dish will be free! If it is a one-for-one drinks, then the cheaper drink will be free. You guys get the gist.

The advantage of showing your app at the end of your meal is that the merchant won't know that you're having a discounted meal and because of that, discount the quality of your food. You will be absolutely sure that all your food is prepared the way as any other ordinary customers.

3. It has a huge range of merchants

The full version of The Entertainer app has got over 800 (I think?!) merchants in it and as you can see, I've actually favourited some of the places I would be going pretty soon!

All these, one-for-one. I cannot believe it.

You would notice that there is a Pink Parlour in my favourite as well. Actually, I was planning a session of Brazilian Waxing because, yes. One-for-one session so it is very affordable lah!

4. There are 3 vouchers for each merchant

I would have been happy enough if each merchant gets me one-for-one deal just once, but there are THREE vouchers for each merchant so it means that you can use it to redeem 50% off thrice!

Other benefits of using The Entertainer app is that you can use up to 4 vouchers per bill when you dine-in any of their participating merchants so it's really good for gatherings too. 4 vouchers means you get EIGHT items for the price of four. It's too irresistable, no?!

The hotel deals that you have in your paid version of The Entertainer app also gives you deals all over South-East Asia. That means if you are looking at Thailand (Phuket, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Bangkok etc), Vietnam, MALDIVES, MAURITIUS, Bali, blah blah blah, you actually get to enjoy one-for-one, which basically means by buying 1 night, you get the next night free.

By the way, the hotels are not those shabby 3-stars hotels either. You're actually looking at Banyan Tree, Conrad, Crowne Plaza etc!

I get so excited talking about it, but I won't be able to travel until Alexis is out so that is a shame for me. However, if you're looking at travelling or just staying in Singapore to eat your hearts out, I feel that there is really no harm downloading The Entertainer app to enjoy the perks.

If you really like how The Entertainer works for you, then you can purchase their full version at $95.

"Wait a minute. $95??????????"

Eh, if you are planning to eat out at a cafe or restaurant these days, each main will come up to $30 easily. I think you can recoup your $95 in three meals lol. Otherwise, you can also get to enjoy the full version at $19 (valid for one month - *key in HELLOMRSTAN as promo code + chance to win a full version!*), and then extend it, if you want, by paying the remaining $76 to continue redeeming the vouchers until 31 Dec 2014.

If you feel like just trying out the full version without committing it right to the end of the year, or you know that you have your birthday / father's day celebration / boyfriend's birthday or whatever that is coming right up and you want to maximize your money, you can purchase this one-month full version.

In your free app, just click on the BUY tab below. Then click on the Entertainer Singapore Mobile. The Entertainer app is spanned across many countries, as you can see when you scroll down this tab.

You will be able to scroll through and see the list of partners they have in Singapore and if you like what you see, click on BUY NOW.

Key in HELLOMRSTAN in the promo code and then apply. You can choose either the full version, or the one month version. It's really up to you. When you click on the 'Purchase Now', you're more or less done and ready to entertain!

I hope you find this little lobang tip useful for you this Monday afternoon. Till then! :)

This is a sponsored review by The Entertainer App.

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