Some Fashion Styles That I'll Always Swear By

Friday, May 09, 2014

You know how people say that you should have a few signature pieces of clothes, kinda like if someone sees a particular piece of apparel, they would go, "Aww this is so Jac!"

The thing is, I don't have such signature pieces. I don't go for a specific particular colour, neither do I solely go for a certain kind of cutting for my clothes. I basically dongle around different "fashion" trends whenever I feel like it.

Today, I'd like to take the opportunity to share with all of you some of my favourite fashion trends and some gems I saw from Mango at Zalora!

One of my favourite fashion trends is the cropped tops because I think by some tricks on the eyes, cropped tops actually make a girl look like they've got longer legs because it raises the waist to much higher than it actually is. Very sneaky, this one.

Here's one of my favourite cropped tops and I like to pair them with either pencil skirts or peplum skirts.

Mango Chiffon Cropped Top from sizes S to XL
There are a few places I would do my online shopping and Zalora is one of them because they carry a huuuuge range of labels and let's say today I am in the mood for some MNG clothes, I can shop directly on Mango at Zalora for these apparels without actually going down to the shop itself.

It's too easy to not succumb to it. Hehehe.


Another style that I really like to wear often is Maxi Dresses because they look so effortlessly chic and elegant, I don't even need to think about matching the top and bottom and whether they go with my shoes/clutch or not.

Maxi Dresses go with anything and make them classy instantly!

Here are some items from Mango at Zalora that I've mixed and matched with that I'll wear for a nice dinner with my husband or even for hosting a gala event!

Maxi Dresses from left to right:
- Lace Trimmed Maxi Dress, $119
- Trim Long Dress, $99
- Lace Draped Maxi Dress, $229

Accessories featured on the left:
- Top: Mango Cut Out Metal Cuff, $29
- Bottom: Mango Jewel Box Clutch, $99

Accessories featured on the right:
- Shoes: Mango Peep-Toe Platform Shoes, $99
- Clutch: Croc-Effect Envelop Bag, $49

Maxi-dresses can never go wrong on a nice date. <3


On regular days when I am just meeting friends for tea/lunch or going for a simple work meeting, I usually opt for fuss-free style... which is a simple top paired with pencil skirts (I have a thing for pencil skirts, if you don't mind me lol) or skinny pants, even though those pants technically don't look very skinny on me. *laughs*

I personally feel that such tops are very versatile because you can wear them with a pair of shorts and voila! You look casual enough to the beach, yet when you wear them with a pencil skirt, it looks professional enough in an agency. (Please don't wear something like that if your company requires you to wear serious wears lol)

Tops featured from left to right:
- Mao Collar Flowy Blouse, $59
- Shirt Collar Blouse in Navy, $49
- Chest Pocket Chiffon Top, $49
- Shirt Collar Blouse in White, $49
- Shoes: Platform Stiletto Shoes, $99
- Bag: Decorative Flap Shoulder Bag, $139

What are some of the styles that you swear by? Do you like to wear dresses because they are so easy to match, or do you like to go on two-pieces so that you can mix and match and express your creativity in dressing?

For me, I really wear different stuff for different occasions. If you like these pieces that I've picked out and shared with you today, you can grab them all at Zalora! You get to enjoy free delivery on most items (as long as they are over $40) and they ship extremely fast too.

Many of my friends and even myself find it impressive because sometimes, depending on the shipping traffic, all it takes is just ONE working day for the items to be delivered! There are also various sales and discounts going on right now so do take this chance to take a look. ;)

Have fun shopping!

This post is a paid advertorial by Zalora Singapore.

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