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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Third and most important needs of a baby's life... can you guess what is it?


Well, thank you for your lovely introduction, Dylan! Mummy is going to take over from now~~

I've actually written a post on sleeping tips last year, also a Pampers special post. Basically, in that post, I wrote about how much sleep a baby of different age group will need, Dylan's sleeping necessities and 7 reasons why your baby keeps waking up. Are you subjecting your children all these 'stimulations' unknowingly, that's why they have interrupted sleep?

When I wrote that post, Dylan still needed to be nursed before he can fall asleep but fast forward to where we are now, he is a big boy at 21 months already (as compared to him being 8 months old back then, gosh!) and can put himself to sleep very well.

Today, I'm going to talk about THREE GOLDEN RULES that will ensure your baby's golden sleep.

1. Don't give excuses.

Giving excuses for your child to stay past his bedtime will only set a cycle of bad sleeping pattern. If he wakes up late today, he will make it up with lesser nap time so technically, a baby's body will adjust itself so that it hits just the right number of hours it requires, give and take an hour or two.

2. Try to accomodate to the child's sleeping timing

I think my husband and I have been saying the same phrase for the past two years, simply because we want Dylan to be at home and be able to sleep comfortably. It will be really helpful if you have a helper or a nanny to help you look after your sleeping baby if you need to be out in the evenings, that way, you don't have to sacrifice your social life like us, haha!

I personally feel that it is easier for us parents to be at home and ready to put our child to bed when he is sleepy as compared to being outside and trying to coax him to sleep in his pram because...

i. Dylan perspires too much. A little stroller fan is no good to cool him down. Besides, with him being strapped to his stroller also limits him from turning to his sides, which is a more comfortable sleeping position for him.

ii. Dylan gets really hyper and cranky when he is sleepy, yet the environment is not quiet enough for him to fall asleep.

iii. It is difficult to carry him asleep and into the car, stay ultra still to make sure that we don't wake him up and then carry him all the way back home into his cot. Not when he is 12kg now, my arms will break into pieces.

By accomodating to his sleeping timing, you are telling your child that he CAN sleep when he is sleepy. If you're constantly out and subjecting him to various interesting sights and sounds, he won't be sure if he should feel tired, even when he is. 

3. Don't disturb them when they are asleep

This sounds logical enough, yet sometimes I catch myself doing this! Ever looked at your child when he is asleep and you go.... "Awww, he's so cute", and then proceed to touch his cheeks / ruffle his hair or even bend down to give him a kiss?

Next thing you know, he opens his eyes and smiles at you. Oh wait, no. no. no. Go back to sleep you little fella!

Apart from kissing/ruffling his hair/touching his cheeks, I do know that some parents also do "dream feeds", which is basically feeding him in the middle of the night just so that he sleeps through and not wake up asking for milk.

I guess this has different train of thoughts because some say that kids are generally able to sleep for 8 to 10 hours without needing milk, plus feeding them milk while they sleep are supposedly bad for their teeth because the sugar gets accumulated and forms plaque.

Apart from that, other parents also have a habit of changing their child's diapers just before they go to sleep themselves so that it will not "explode" and cause a mess in the middle of the night or even the next morning.

Very often, such disturbance can affect the quality of your child's sleep. Even though they technically remain asleep or falls back asleep very quickly, it is still a disturbance to an otherwise peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

If you're a parent who is worried about exploding diapers, perhaps you can take a look at Pampers Baby Dry.

Improved ability to last for 12 hours... and more

The Baby Dry diaper has superabsorbent geland absorbent fibers added to the diaper’s inner storage core so your child will have 12 hours of overnight protection. This will mean that you won't need to change diapers in the middle of the night and by using lesser diapers, you are saving more money too.

Another thing I like about this new Pampers Baby Dry is that it is much thinner as compared to our usual diaper, which actually makes Dylan look better when he wears his clothes because his backside wouldn't look huge and clumsy.

With Pampers Baby Dry, I believe all parents can wave goodbye to changing diapers at night. Geez, how long ago did we have a hassle-free night where all we need to do, is to plonk ourselves into bed and sleep the night away with our little one?

With Pampers Baby Dry, it is not only golden sleep for your child, but golden sleep for yourself too.

Do note that they have new sizings and they now go by Sizes 1 to 5. More details at Pampers Everyday Me website.

This post is sponsored by Pampers Singapore

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