Kids' Day Out at Cool De Sac, Suntec City

Monday, May 05, 2014

Recently, Nian and I, along with my MIL, brought the two kids at home out for a day of fun and outing at Cool De Sac in Suntec City. I heard from my fellow mummy friends that it is very new and very affordable, so let's go check it out!

Entered the playground excitedly after we paid for our entrance. On a off-peak day, kids below 3 years old only pay $10 for unlimited play and both parents can go in! We paid with my OCBC credit card and got 10% off, which was $18 for 2 kids and 3 adults.

If you have an AMEX card, you get 15% discount which is like only $8.50 per entry. Very affordable lah!

First thing we saw was the crazy triple slide that Dylan went to try immediately, but it was soooo slippery, he almost flew out of the slide at the bumps! He also fell a little backwards and hit his head while coming down, so.. we kinda learned our lesson and slided down the slide with him instead.

He also learned how to overcome the bumps by going down on his tummy. Kids are so clever and easily adaptable like that. ^-^

At the opposite end of the slide stands a really huge tree house, complete with flying fox zip lines and a rather open space for kids to roam about with skipping ropes and hoola hoops.

Both the kids didn't know how to play tic-tac-toe but they made do with it and reinvented a new game called "stepping in the boxes without touching the lines" LOL


 Much to the kids' excitement, there is also a craft area for them to doodle, stick and what-not. Surprisingly, this was the area that they spent the most time at! You would have seen some random arrows that I've drawn...

The truth is, I had wanted to add some words to it but I forgot and uploaded the picture. Heh. #oldbrains

The three arrows basically show the paper area at the top left, where there are a lot of new and recycled paper for the kids to draw and cut. The top right arrow is where the sink is, because they have glue and all sorts of glittery stuff available for doodling so you can quickly wash them off your kids without making a trip all the way to the toilet.

By the way, I don't understand why there is only a male toilet at the corner nearest to Cool De Sac. It makes it so inconvenient lah aiyo! In the end, I had to either walk a long way to the other end of the shopping mall, or take a lift up/down to alternate levels for female toilets zzz.


Another favourite corner for the boys because there are sooooo many different little blocks to use to build stuff! The little man that had a mysterious arrow? It's a chalkboard. The other side is filled with raised buttons to fit those Lego bits!


Even this mummy here cannot resist the rainbow-coloured Lego bricks. So pretty!

Apart from the slide, the treehouse, the bricks corner and the crafts corner, Cool De Sac also has a restaurant in the indoor playground (there is also an alternative entrance for patrons who choose to dine in the cafe even if they don't have kids playing in the playground) that is rather popular with adults.

We took a break after 2 hours at the playground and personally, I think that the prices are rather reasonable and the food is pretty good, granted that we only had truffle fries (which Dylan grabbed the majority of it) and strawberry smoothie.

Most importantly, I think we had a really good catch up with my MIL who had been so busy taking care of her grandchildren!

Went back to the playground after a 30 minutes break and headed to the other side of the slide, where there was a mini ball pool, which was really mini and dark! Not all kids will dare to go in I think.. 


Really very dark, right? Dylan's cousin was so skeptical about going in, but Dylan, being the nonchalant one, dives in head first. Nothing will come between him and his favourite ball pool!


 There is also this series of very, very high steps that will bring the kids up to this viewing area but I'd think they are more for older kids, like about 5 years old at least, so that they are tall enough to climb up. Kids younger than that will definitely need assistance and can be quite dangerous so parents must keep a look-out.

All in all, I think Cool De Sac is really worth the money. I believe it is one of the most affordable indoor playgrounds in Singapore that is not only cheap, the play area is very clean and new. It puts me in a delimma as to visit Hokey Pokey because it has a lot of toys to play, apart from the playground, but it is expensive... or to come to Cool De Sac because even though it doesn't have that much of a variety, it keeps the kids busy anyway.

Both places are nearby to each other so you may wanna explore both together, if you have a lot of time and energy to spare. :p

My Sis-in-law suggested to bring Dylan to eXplorerkids in Ang Mo Kio Hub, which may be our next indoor playground session. My MIL said that it looked a bit old and nowhere comparable to Cool De Sac, but well... we shall see.

Wish us luck in finding our most favourite indoor playground!

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