Hello, Alexis!

Friday, May 16, 2014

It is with great pleasure today that I am introducing our latest member of the Tan Family. Everyone, say hi to Alexis. Alexis, this is the Internet, also known as... the entire world. Also probably known as the not-so-kind alternative world we have as compared to reality. (I'm sorry to be a little negative here but hey! It's true!)

Sooo.. we're into our 25th week now and putting pregnancy hormones aside, I am feeling really happy and blessed that we are having our second baby just two years after we had our first, so thank you God for blessing us, please continue to look after me, Nian, Dylan and Alexis.

This second pregnancy has been somewhat the same, yet different at the same time. How should I put it?

First things first, I definitely stopped counting the weeks like an obsessed hen waiting for my eggs to hatch lol. The weeks passed by really quickly and before I know it, we're only down to 15 weeks to go, probably 14 even. I had trouble keeping track on which week I am and it does get a little embarrassing when I walk into my gynae's office and I had to take 2 minutes to count which week I am at currently.

On the other hand, my all-day sickness was still in full force even at my second pregnancy hahaha. There were days when I only ate two slices of bread and vomiting everything else out, and there were days where I spent at least 20 minutes hugging the toilet bowl... so until now, I haven't really gained much weight yet, which I don't know if it is a good or bad thing but as long as Alexis is healthy I guess!

And just for the record, I have the worst reflux in this pregnancy ever. It was so bad every time I tried to burp, I end up vomiting instead omg.

I didn't meant for it to be this way....

To be honest, I didn't plan to reveal anything about my pregnancy with Alexis AT ALL this time round. As to why is this so, I guess I felt the same way two years back when I was expecting Dylan. The world is a cruel place, on the Internet especially.

While many of my friends are happy for us, there will be imbalanced people who simply have nothing good to say, yet they will say it anyway just for the thrill of it. People can say whatever they want, it is how I react to it that matters but why should I make myself go through negative comments when I can avoid them altogether?

But things didn't go as planned because Nian was really excited about his little princess arriving so he let it slip a couple of times accidentally about our pregnancy and finally last week, he actually updated his location on Facebook to Baby Expo and his status was, "shopping for the lil gal".

Win already lor LOL.

So when a flood of congratulatory messages come streaming into his timeline, I thought it was time for me to "come out" and talk about it because it will be very rude to not acknowledge our friends' messages no?

And that was exactly what I did and well... I guess one thing leads to another and there you are, reading this entry now. =)

Since we're having a little girl next, how can I resist the opportunity to buy all the Hello Kitties and all the pink stuff right???

I hope you will come into this world safe and sound, and be really fun and funny like your korkor. We can't wait to see you, meimei. Love you!

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  1. Congras Jac! I know how exciting it is to welcome another fellow girly lover esp into the world of HK lol!! Rem take good care and have fun going pink!! :)


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