Are people less gracious on buses?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As my tummy grows bigger, it gets heavier and more difficult for me to walk from our place to our MRT station so recently, I've started taking buses at our estate.

For the past two weeks of taking buses, I realize that people are generally less gracious on buses as compared to them on the trains. I have friends who always raise their arms in exasperation that they don't get a seat on the MRT, but thankfully, even though I don't have a mega-bump, I get a seat actually 90% of the time on the trains.

HOWEVER, things are drastically different when it comes to buses. In fact, if I board a crowded bus, the chances of someone actually offering me a seat is like.. 10%? It is a huge contrast as compared to taking the MRT, definitely.

Which makes me wonder if it is just the people who live in my estate are so callous. :\

There was an afternoon when I decided to take a bus to the nearby shopping center to satisfy some lunch craving. After waiting for like an eternity, the bus finally came relatively filled with students who just finished school.

Just like a typical scenario, the front of the bus was so crowded, everyone was squeezing like sardines yet right at the back, around the exit door and beyond, it was empty!

I don't understand why would these secondary school kids refuse to move right to the back since most of them are only getting off at the bus interchange anyway.

An uncle was really annoyed with those teenagers, so he squeezed himself up the bus and started shouting at them to move back. I was actually very shocked by the lack of initiative, since they are really not very young anymore.

When I got up the bus, there were a couple of elderly aunties and myself, whom I think we need the seats more than these tired school kids LOL. I understand that their bags may be heavy and they may be tired but I don't think it is very nice to continue to sit down, talk to their friends and laugh while old people stand around them, hoping to get a seat in the jerky bus.

If it was Dylan, I'd have smacked him. Seriously.

Another scenario I experienced was on a bus towards Hougang. I think I may have said it a thousand times, or a million times even, I don't understand why the buses require us to fold up our prams to board the bus.

They say it's for safety but how safe is it for a mother to be carrying a baby on one arm, trying to close the pram with the other and then lugging it up the steep steps with probably the third arm, plus carrying a heavy diaper bag?

If anything, I think the bus drivers should show some support for mothers who are travelling alone with a young child. There are handicap-friendly buses right? Why not let down the ramp for us so that we can push the pram right up without struggling with all the things on a moving bus? 

You mean you cannot do that? Need to apply permit three days in advance to get approval is it?

In fact, I think it is much safer for the baby to be strapped on in the pram and the pram be secured like how a wheelchair will be. How safe will a baby be in the arms of an adult on a moving bus... when sometimes nobody gives us a seat even?

So that was basically what happened lah. Everyone was just watching me putting up a show of struggling with Dylan (who couldn't stand yet, so it was quite a while ago), folding the pram, trying to look for a seat... but nobody. Not a single soul stood up for me to attempt to give me a hand.

I probably wouldn't need a seat for myself if I was not carrying Dylan, but why wouldn't these people be a bit nicer? Is it because I look ugly??????


All in all, I think passengers on buses are generally less empathatic. They don't give up their seats as often as I see people offering seats on the MRT, which is quite sad lah.

Some bus uncles are very nice though, like when they see me attempting to run for the bus, they will wait up for me and some are genuinely nice all the way until they will ensure that I am seated before they start to drive. I'm really very appreciative of drivers like that and I always make it a point to walk to the front when I alight, to thank them.

Of course there are other assholes uncles who don't give a shit and drive like F1 drivers. Every time I take a bus and standing, I get super scared of knocking into the seats with my tummy. The height is just right for you to whack your abdomen in!

And how can I forget to mention. There are also people seeing the tiny Dylan standing on a crowded bus but nobody stood up to give him a seat. I couldn't carry him because I was carrying two bags + my tummy, I don't think I can maintain a balance if I carry him on me. These people are all..... shit. And I truly, cross my heart, believe that such situation will probably not happen on a train at all.

Everyone's nicer on trains. Why not on buses?

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  1. hello

    i take bus home from work. And the human traffic is darn high from my office. and occasionally, there will be one or 2 preggers onboard.
    best is i see young girls seated (poly age i assume), staring at the preggers tummy. all eyepower nia.
    in fact, most of the passengers just use eyepower.

    even when preggers standing on the aisle, tummy poking the seated passenger, the passenger also buay paiseh one. continue sitting.


    sadded. :(


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