Our First Trip to Hokey Pokey!

Monday, April 14, 2014

3 weeks ago, I made Dylan skip school to go to Hokey Pokey with my mummy friends and their kids! I think it was like a dream come true for him that day.

"You mean I won't have to go to school? I can go out, eat cakes and play with toys??? :D :D :D"

Check out his happy face! We even had McDonald's for lunch and he received a balloon to start off his day so I think it was one of his best days ever as a baby. :p

When we reached there, Dylan was first attracted to the ball pool. Did I mention he LOVES ball pools? Must be something about sinking into nothing but loads of colourful balls that makes it really fun.

Personally, I think our experience of indoor playgrounds was kinda spoiled by Singkids Playsystem because that was our first time visiting any of these places. To be honest, when my mummy friends asked us along, I was not very keen in going because I didn't think there was anything much to play and I was kinda stingy on the hefty entrance fees.

Besides, Hokey Pokey was very out of the way for us since it is situated at Millenia Walk (nearest MRT Station is Promenade) and we stay reallyyyyyy far from it! It took Dylan and I a grand total of 1.5 hours to reach our destination by walking to the train station, taking a train and then walking to the indoor playground. Phew. It was hard work to get to somewhere just to play.

However, when we finally got there, I must say I was really impressed with the entire place. Dylan went crazy excited the moment he saw what was in store for him. The people working there were also very helpful and prompt, unlike the grouchy lady we met at Singkids lol.

Spoiled for choices on deciding which ride he wants to get on.

He decided on a little red car!

And then he changed his mind and changed into a little yellow car. You can hear him doing the "vroom vroom" sound when he pushed himself towards me. He had so much fun!

Apart from the usual cars and ball pool, they also have occasional "special" happenings. Like we caught bubbles blowing out from the bubble machine just 15 minutes after we entered! Dylan went mad chasing them bubbles.

Some other stuff he got busy with, like sitting on a swing...

Playing train tracks...

Went back into the ball pool for the 20,000th time....

He particularly liked this super steep slide that leads into the ball pool. As you can hear, I was super worried about him tumbling down the slide because there were no sides for him to hold, but this boy doesn't want his mommy to hinder him.

OFFFFFF he went and you can so hear his chuckles at the end!

There were also doll houses for girls and there were baby dolls for them to dress up too. Dylan paid no attention to them even though he was curious what those other kids were carrying, but he walked away the moment he saw those dolls lol.

Apart from that, there were also huge cooking sets set around the place and kids can busy themselves cooking and packing groceries into baskets!

Dylan making dinner for me. Hehehe.

There are also a huge variety of musical instruments for the kids to play, such as the xylophone, piano, drums... lots to go around without the kids fighting.

All in all, I wished we had a bit more time for Dylan to play at Hokey Pokey. We spent about 3 hours there, but technically we only played for 2 hours and spent the third hour having tea.

Little boy was very reluctant to go home at the end of the day because there were so much for him to play, a mere 2 hours was definitely not enough for him.

At $25 for unlimited play session on weekdays, I think it is worth the money. The staff were courteous and hygiene level was very good. I see staff cleaning and disinfecting various portions of the playground every now and then and the toys there were also very well-maintained and not old and tatty.

Apart from that, they play nice kiddy music and the place is spacious for many children to roam about. There were quite a bit of older kids about but it wasn't much of a problem, no kids were fighting over any toys because there were so many of each toy!

Had it been more convenient for me, I will definitely consider purchasing their membership at $55. It gives kids the first entry and another entry on their birthday month free and subsequent entrance fees are at $15 instead of $25.

I am already looking forward to bringing Dylan back to Hokey Pokey for another day of fun. :)

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