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Monday, May 12, 2014

**This post has been updated with a new video** 

Uh, hi?

It is almost 11PM as I am typing now and I believe that by the time I am done, it would be midnight at best but life has been very hectic these couple of days so this is the only time I can take out to blog.

Exactly, the time when the little boy is asleep and I'm done with all my chores.

Anyway, I am blogging from my MacBook! I've had a MacBook for probably slightly more than a year but I've never really used it because I am so used to Windows and all, but today, I not only did a 4-series shot using my Photo Booth (which I honestly think is my favourite programme hehehe) I also used it to shoot a video + used iMovie to edit!

I feel like a Mac guru now HAHAHAHA. #yahright

So anyway, you might be wondering what is the video about.. well, it is a review for one of my favourite anti-ageing product, Bio-essence's Radiant Youth Essence.

I've actually written a brief post on this last year, but one year has since passed and even though I've long finished my first bottle of Radiant Youth Essence, I am blessed with a new bottle by Bio-Essence recently.

For the uninformed, this Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence is probably one of the few anti-ageing skincare you need because it not only slows down the wrinkling process, it also acts as a very good moisturiser. Yes, even though it does look oily and thick, you will be surprised how well it gets absorbs into the skin.

Without further ado, here is the edited video that I took in the morning! I hope this looks and sounds better to all of you. ^-^

I hope you enjoyed the short video!

So like what I've mentioned in the video, the reason why Bio-Essence's Radiant Youth Essence is so popular is because of their three main ingredients:

1. ATP - to give skin cells the energy to rejuvenate and recover

2. Royal Jelly - nature's super powerful anti-ageing food that when a queen bee consumes it, it can outlive a normal worker bee by 40 times!

3. Green Tea Extract - a powerful anti-oxidant that eradicates radicals in our skin. Free radicals are the culprits to dull and old skin because it causes our skin cells to oxidise, kinda like how an apple turns brown when exposed to air.

Using the Green Tea Extract as a layer of protection over our skin, it not only slows down the effect of oxidation, the three of them work together to form a protective moisture lock to lock in and hydrate the skin.

When the skin is fully hydrated, it will naturally smooth out fine lines and also slows down wrinkle production, thereby acheiving younger looking skin. I personally also find that it works extremely well in air-conditioned environment so ladies who spend a lot of time in air-con offices yet don't hydrate themselves often enough, it's time to lock up the water!


As mentioned in my video, I'm giving away one bottle of this Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence for a lucky reader to try. The mechanics is pretty simple as follow. You can choose to enter by any one method or using all three methods.

Instagram entry:
1. Follow @hellomrstan on Instagram
2. Repost the Instagram image I have on your own Instagram with the following caption: "I want to win Bio-Essence's Youth Essence from @hellomrstan!"

Facebook entry:
1. Like Bio-Essence and Hellomrstan on Facebook
2. Share the contest post to your own wall and set it to public.
3. Leave me a comment

Blog entry:
1. Share this blog entry on your Facebook page & set it to public
2. Leave me a comment below with your email address so that I can contact you if you win

Terms and Conditions:
1. One entry per person, but you can increase your chances by submitting the Instagram, Blog and Facebook entry. That means each person can have a maximum of 3 chances.
2. Giveaway ends 16 May, 12PM.
3. The Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence will be mailed out by normal mail to winner.
4. Winner must respond to private messages within 48 hours or a new winner will be drawn.
5. Contest is open to residents of Singapore only.
6. All shared posts must be made public. All Instagram entries must also be public users so that I can see your entries.

Good luck!

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  1. hello! :D I just saw this giveaway, is it still open even though it's after 12pm :(

  2. But anyway I've liked & shared your facebook post! :D

    1. Hi Amie! Don't worry, I am reopening the giveaway this week! The video was removed for a while because client needed something to be edited. Hehe. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway hope to win. My email: leejanicesj@gmail.com :)

  4. Liked both pages on facebook and shared the blog entry on FB.
    Xgg Chan

  5. coldkohmew@hotmail
    Through facebook


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