A Short Getaway to KL 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We took a short trip and flew to Kuala Lumpur over the Good Friday long weekend just to do nothing but to eat, eat, eat and eat since we had a complimentary 3D2N stay from Ibis Styles hotel from one of my blogging assignments.

This Ibis Styles KL Cheras Hotel is a newly opened 3-stars hotel that is located at C180 shopping district. But because it is very new, most of the shops were not leased out yet so shopping is quite minimal over our 3 days there.

Some things that I like about the Ibis Styles hotel is:

- very good housekeeping. The linens and towels were clean and fresh smelling and the room is bright, albeit small for the three of us.

- free wifi that has fast connection speed

- Good service at the lobby. The staff were very ready to assist and they are all friendly and can speak English well.

Some other stuff I wished it had/ was better:

- the quality of the breakfast. The range of limited and the food was not good. The three of us are not picky eaters yet we couldn't find satisfaction with the hotel breakfast.

- lack of baby cots. Plus the queen sized bed was a bit too small for the three of us, considering that Dylan sleeps like a starfish.

- the TV was fuzzy all day long

- better family entertainment. Because there were no swimming pools in the hotel and no playground either, there was really nothing much we can do in the hotel. It is more suitable for people who are just looking for a place to sleep at night and out busy in the day.

- a bathtub! There were no bathtubs, unfortunately.

I'd say that the hotel is more for solo travellers, or couples, but it is actually quite far away from central KL where the big shopping malls are. You would have to be prepared to pay about RM50 (SGD$20 one way) to get to KLCC. Each trip will take about 30 to 45 minutes depending on traffic.

It was also quite far from the airport and we paid a total of RM170 to and fro, which is about SGD$68 so as you can see, most of our money is spent on cabs. There are no free buses to get to central KL, neither do we see any public buses that you can take so I'd say this hotel is quite out of the way for tourists.

Unless you're in a very tight budget, I don't think I will recommend this hotel to you, simply because of the distance from most shopping and eating district.

However, since we were there, we of course had to make full use of it and have fun!

Let's go!

Took a budget Air Asia flight up to KL, which is a usual way for us because it only takes 45 minutes tops to get there so we really save a lot of time on travelling. You can get pretty good deals if you book early too!

From LCCT, it took us about an hour to get to our hotel because the taxi driver had no idea where our hotel was (yes... it was that ulu lol). We had to make an international call to the hotel to get the staff to tell them where it is actually located at.

It was mid-afternoon by the time we finished checking in and all so we decided to stroll around and explore the place a bit! Ended up at this quaint little cafe with luscious Ikea sofa seats to lounge about as we sip on our bubble tea.

As you can see behind us, most of the shutters were down because they were either not rented out yet or they are actually bars and pubs so the place becomes more happening at night. When we came back at about 8PM later on, we realized that there were even clubs with Nurse Nights, Thai Girls Night etc!

Nian joked about going into the club to explore, but going in alone is so loserly lor hahahaha!

Anyway, after quenching our thirst at the cafe, we went on further and realized that there were rows and rows of eateries right outside our hotel! Most of them only open from 5PM onwards so at about 3.30PM we don't have much of a choice but to end up at this noodles store.

Turns out, the food was surprisingly good, I was so impressed!

I am usually not a fan of wonton mee because I don't exactly like wontons (I prefer shui jiao, which is a larger version and filled with chestnuts and prawns. It is yummier I'd say!) but since it was their signature dish, I decided to give it a go.

Was totally blown away by the QQ noodles and soft char siew, I wiped out the entire plate. :B

Thankfully, there is a Jusco shopping mall nearby as well so after a hearty lunch, we took a short stroll to the shopping center. Here's Dylan jumping about happily while we walked over.

I think this is honestly the best moments of having a kid, you know. Even though Dylan wakes me up in the middle of the night for milk/hugs/whatever reasons, sometimes he makes me angry because he doesn't want to sit still in the car, sometimes he bites me, sometimes he yanks my hair..

But for every single angry/frustrated moments, he makes it up with ten, twenty wonderful moments that I absolutely love and appreciate. Looking at him burst out laughing at the pranks we play on him, how he would lie down on our shoulders when he is tired, how he would kiss me on my lips and tell me that he loves me... I'd like to have many many kids like him!

Anyway, there's actually nothing much at Jusco. Just a mega supermarket with some restaurants in it, but with some stroke of good luck, we actually chanced upon Babylove, Dylan's diapers, on sale! Each diaper worked out to only about SGD$0.15, which is like a whopping 40% off so our first shopping damage is actually diapers.

*cues cricket sounds*

Little exhausted boy fell asleep halfway into our supermarket shopping trip so we managed to have a relatively quiet (and not-so-messy) dinner at Kenny Rogers.

As I was saying on my Instagram, I was very impressed with the new Kenny Rogers now! Not sure how new is new because we haven't visited them in a very, very long time...............

But they've changed their menu and their biscuits are no longer called biscuits, and they are no longer crumbly and dry! It's like they changed their entire recipe or something and it became muffins in vanilla, chocolate and banana flavour.

They also did away with their grilled fish, which was a shame because their grilled fish is really very nice! They replaced it with potato jackets which I don't really like. Maybe because we chose the wrong toppings.

I know right. I can totally see your expression behind your screens.

I think I didn't like it because it was very salty, even though it was supposed to be "tangy". Then those corn bits. OMG I hate those corn bits. I hate corns and peas actually so this sight is completely unappetizing at all.

Good for the husband I guess, he actually finished this potato. Wow.


Day 2 started with terrible hotel breakfast.. so bad that I think I can make better breakfasts half-asleep. Bleargh. After a not-so-fulfilling breakfast, we hailed a taxi (which costs RM50) to the Bird Park.


One thing I really like about Malaysia's attractions is that it gives A LOT of benefits to Malaysians. For example, in KL Bird Park, tourists have to pay RM48 each to get in. Malaysians only need to pay RM25.

It also works the same for Hello Kitty Town, Legoland and KLCC Aquaria. Malaysians can save a minimum of RM10 per ticket, which is quite a lot because you obviously don't go alone so the savings actually amounts up to something quite substantiable.

In Singapore, the only place that you can enjoy citizen rates is Gardens By The Bay.

Anyway! The idea of KL Bird Park is pretty cool. Basically, most of the birds are uncaged and are free to roam and fly everywhere within a really huge enclosure. That means some of the birds can come really close to us and we can even buy little capsules of food to feed them!

But like a scaredy cat (you know how aggresive these birds can be when it comes to food....), we only watched the angmoh kids feeding the birds. Dylan was just quietly observing them and when they flew too close to him, he'd go, "MAMA!!! I SCARED!!!"

I'd be too, if I were him. Most birds were as huge as him and they can come really close, even I am a little terrified myself!

Left the Bird Park after a long day and just like what our taxi driver said, "In KL these days, it will rain at 5PM!"

It threatened to rain by 4.30PM :O

So we quickly escaped to the nearest KLCC at another RM20. We really spent a lot of money on cabs this trip man.

Chanced upon an indoor playground while we were roaming around aimlessly at Isetan and it was so affordable at RM15 for 90 minutes of play time so we popped in with an excited Dylan boy!

The place is reasonably huge and spacious for these little kids to be at. Actually, it also acts as a Drop & Shop for parents. If your kids are above 3 years old, you can drop them at this playground while you concentrate on shopping.

The staff will die die not let the kids out and adults who come and pick them up must have a 4-digit password in order to retrieve their kids. I'd say it is pretty safe.

There were three kids in the playground when we entered and the older boy, being an older boy, was very aggressive when he plays so I was quite happy when their parents came to pick them up just 15 minutes after we went in, hehehe.

After they left, we had the entire playground to ourselves and Dylan had so much fun running everywhere, into the ball pool especially!

We eventually ended our day with terrible food court food but it is always nice to see Dylan enjoying himself since we planned the whole day with activities for him. ^-^


DAY 3 started on a brighter note even though it was drizzling in the morning. We ditched the terrible hotel breakfast when we realized that it was EXACTLY the same thing as the day before (how can you cook the same thing every day and still let it taste so bad???) and headed somewhere nearby our hotel for some authentic Malaysian food.

Ended up with Chef Tay's fishball noodles!

Technically they are not considered as fish"balls" because the fish"balls" don't come in balls lol but overall, way better than our hotel breakfast so we went back to our room happily for a nap, with a full stomach!

Then we had to pack our luggage because we were coming home on the 3rd day...

Had some fast and fuss-free pasta + fried rice at the cafe right outside our hotel, STILL better than our hotel food! My fried rice even came with sunny side-up + fries while Nian's Carbonara came with perfectly crisp-fried chicken bits.

All for like SGD$10. ^-^

How can we say no to Secret Recipe when we are in Malaysia? We tried their new arrivals Premium Cakes - Red Velvet for me and Strawberry Shortcake for Nian but it turned out to be pretty average and costs us RM10 for each slice.... which I think costs about the same in SG?

Should've stuck to the usual cakes we like lol.

Aaaaaand that marks the end of our second trip for the year. Which I think it is most likely the last trip for the year. (Although I think I said the same thing when I blogged about our Melbourne trip lol)

I want to go Penang next for all the yummeh food!

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