Restaurant Week at Salt Grill & Wine Bar

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I've never fine-dined in Singapore before and even though I've heard about Singapore Restaurant Week since a couple of years ago, I never really bothered to find out more until this year. Maybe because I'm quite free this year lah hehehe.

So since this is my first time talking about fine-dining and all, please pardon me on my gross lack of fine-dining vocabulary. Most of the time I have no idea what each of those things served to me were. *sheepish grin*

There were a total of 102 restaurants participating in this year's Restaurant Week and most of them are really good restaurants with very fantastic ambiance and food! Some of the restaurants that I eventually short-listed were:

1. The Lighthouse at Fullerton Hotel

Simply because the scenery was so WOW omg! I went on further to Google Image search the restaurant in the day (because we were planning for a lunch date) and to be honest, it blew me away even further. I couldn't find an updated image, but one in 2012 seemed to be good enough for me.

2. Stellar at 1-Altitude

This didn't come to my mind until a friend mentioned to me on my Instagram. Went to Google Image it and I was pretty impressed with their open-bar! Ever since my trip to Sirocco in Bangkok, I've always been a fan of sky bars. ;)

The third one was the one we settled for eventually, Salt Grill and Sky Bar

Located right at the top of ION Orchard, this restaurant sits at the 45th storey, only accessible through a private lift from the 4th floor where ION Art is. We never knew there was actually a lift there until our trip to the restaurant, and we never knew ION is actually 46 storeys high #suaku

The service was really good, everyone was prompt and friendly and even though we only settled for ice water (we didn't want any sparkling or still water lol), they didn't judge us for being a cheapo. *coughs*

Decided to try my luck by leaving a request to sit by the window and promptly got it. HAPPY!

Here's Mr. Tan deciding on what he would like to eat. No pictures of me because I looked so ugly, even photoshop cannot help. :O

Gotta train my husband on taking the correct angle. Angle, angle, angle.

The bread was also served very quickly while I was still gushing at the paranomic view of Orchard and beyond. What's different about the bread served at Salt Grill is perhaps they didn't use balsamic vinegar as a dip. Instead, we were given a little tray of.. I don't know. Some "toppings" that we could dip our bread with along with the olive oil.

It. was. so. good.

And then our food came along. We tried to have a conversation but I think the both of us were too hungry to talk about anything more other than... "Wa this omelette is not bad hor?"

Wiped all of these out in a moment. It's quite surprising how can something be so simple yet delicious!

I ordered the Baramundi, which was the Chef's recommendation. The fish itself was good but I didn't like the witlof cuz it was like sweet yet bitter at the same time. I couldn't decide what it really was...

The capsicum was good though! Soft, yet retaining a slight crunchy taste. I liked that.

The husband ordered the BBQ Spiced Beef. Gotta apologize for the blurry picture, you guys know who is responsible for this ya?

He thinks it's not bad, but the charred part was too dry for him at the first bite but overall, still not bad!


The fries were so crunchy, so freshly deep fried, so full of truffle taste... It actually beat our mains you know? I'd so pay $14 for this any time.

Ended our 3-course lunch with a rather delicious Chocolate delice, which is super smooth dark (albeit bitter) chocolate that went crazy well with the praline ice-cream. It was a shame that the ice-cream on my plate was already melting halfway by the time it reached me, but the taste was still good.

It's definitely another dish I will miss from this lunch.

All in all, we paid $110 for the both of us, which I'd think is pretty reasonable given the ambiance and service standard. The food was not very delicious though, I must say. There are many places that we've been to with food that are so delicious, it makes our eyes open wide in wonder and surprise, but it did not happen at Salt Grill, except for the time when I dipped the "topping" for the bread. That was impressive.

We toured around ION Sky after our hearty lunch after that, you know, just because we won't come back often. Hehehe.

It's really quiet and nice! Something that the both of us really like so I'd say this lunch date is pretty rejuvenating for us since we haven't really been out dating for quite a long while.

Yup ok! That's all! Thanks for dropping by and good bye!

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