Melbourne Wanderlust~ DAY 5

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

We somehow grew tired of the daily big breakfasts with bacon and egg bennies so the women (essentially only me, my mom and my aunt lah) in the family decided to make breakfasts for everyone!

We bought fresh croissants from Coles the night before and some ham and cheese. Also bought a carton of eggs and fresh orange juice so the whole family managed to have a simple home-cooked breakfast before we started on our day. ^-^

Checked out after the second night, but before that, let me show you some pictures of this really pretty place we lived in:

Found this gem online and we had it rented for $500/night. It has 5 bedrooms, 2 toilets and 1 WC just below the steps. The landlord is also very kind and he even volunteered to come in to make some egg and bacon for us!

This is the living room that my family spent most nights chilling out. There is also a dining area, which I can't find any pictures online. All these pictures are taken online.

This is the room that Nian and I slept in. The bed is a little too soft for us, but it is very comfortable and cozy nevertheless. Baby cots are also available upon request at no additional charges.

And this is where our bubble bath soap came in handy. It was really nice to hang out with the husband in a in-house jacuzzi, just to unwind ourselves from a long, tiring day of travelling!

94 Highett St, 
Richmond VIC 3121, 

After we checked out and bidded farewell to the landlord, we went to Brighton Beach!!!

The Dendy Street Beach, just south of Middle Brighton, is where these 82 colourful bathing houses stand. Each of them may possibly have existed since 1862 and they are all in identical shapes and sizes. All of them have retained the Victorian era of timberframes, weatherboard slidings and corrugated iron roofs but now, they no longer have any amenities such as water and electricity.

So technically... you cannot bathe in the bathing boxes now lol.

But of course, you can take loads of photos! We went there on an off-peak hour, so we were really lucky that the beach was somewhat deserted with only two pairs of PRC couples (told ya guys they are everywhere............) so we managed to take a lot of shots without photobombers!

Gotta face an awkward direction because the wind will just blow my hair over my face if I face forward... so please bear with this vainpot pose LOL

By the time we were done with Brighton Beach, it was already quite late in the afternoon. I don't even remember what we did, but basically we were just taking our own sweet time and enjoying the sights and scenery.

At about 3ish, we proceeded quickly to Philip Islands, grabbed some groceries at a local supermarket before an early dinner at 5PM... and then we headed straight to the Penguin Parade at 7PM!

Day 5 was the hardest day for Nian and I because Dylan was actually down with HFMD (hand-foot-mouth disease) that he caught from his infant care, but both of us didn't know better. The poor boy was just cranky, upset, sleepy, yet he couldn't fall asleep.

In fact, it was so bad that he couldn't stop crying and whining, which was really unlike him because this fella would still laugh and play even running a fever! Two of us naively thought that he could be teething because he wouldn't drink his milk and he kept drooling... but actually, he was having ulcers on his throat. :(((

My mom felt so heartbroken she wanted to give up on the penguins and have us head straight back to our accomodation so that Dylan can sleep, but of course we insisted on staying because we paid close to $30 per pax and surely not ALLLLL of us leaving together without seeing the penguins, right?

It may seem like I'm selfish, that my son is already suffering so badly yet all I wanted to do was to continue with the plan but honestly, even if we were to go back home to let him rest, it should just be Nian and I. Besides, Dylan fell asleep halfway through, so I thought we were good to continue.

After waiting for a good whole 2 hours, the penguins FINALLY came back home at 9.07PM! You know, when the Australians say sunset, it actually means 9PM, not our 5PM lol.

They were really strict with the tourists, us sitting on the sand MUST have our backsides rooted to the ground. No kneeling or squatting is accepted and as you can see, I was wearing a skirt and was totally unprepared for sitting on the ground.........

But thank goodness everyone else is interested in the penguins. Hehe. Got these images online because photography and videography is strictly prohibited.

On the day we went, there were about 500 of them coming onshore together so the sight was really spectacular! First we don't see anything... and then suddenly so many little happy feet just scurry up onto the beach running towards us and up the hill behind.

Even Nian who stayed behind at a shelter got a glimpse of a couple of Little Penguins returning to their nests so I'd say it is quite worth the money.

Headed back to another of our rented cozy apartments to spend the remaining hours before packing for our departure in Day 6.

Skipped everything else like the Koala Conservation because we've been to Kennett River and Tower Hill and I think we've seen enough koalas, so we solely went into Philip Islands to see these Little Penguins.

And this, marks the end of our 2014 travelogue to Melbourne. I do look forward to more travel adventures but I think it is unlikely that we will travel often now that we have Dylan. Regardless, it is not the quantity that counts, it is the quality, no? :)

Good bye!

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