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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phew, what a long title for today's entry, hahaha.

Anyway, today, I wanna talk about influr!

There are many people like you and me who love to create content - it can be something that you write about, like for me, my contents these days are mostly motherhood-related and for you, it can be something that you love and are passionate about.

Skincare, maybe?



Whatever it may be, all of us seek for that one thing - to share content to bring people together and hopefully they love what you have created and share!

Most of us don't blog for fame nor money; we blog for fun most of the time and when recognition comes, it really feels pretty good hehehe. As for me, my form of recognition is actually someone leaving me a positive comment. Life's easy for me like that but when influr comes along............

I am suddenly told that I would be rewarded with ACTUAL rewards. *gasp*

"Not everyone has influence," they said. "You should be rewarded with yours."

The treats range from a variety of different categories, such as:

1. Entertainment, where you can redeem movie tickets and concert tickets (like the H2O Music Festival omg!)

2. Food - oh gosh, every Singaporean I know loves some food or another. You get to redeem treats like cartons of drinks to Marriott Cafe High Tea buffet or even a dinner buffet there. You decide what you want.

3. Shopping - You get to redeem many different vouchers that is good for whatever shopping that you have planned!

The best thing about influr is that you don't have to be a blogger to be part of this whole party. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO OWN A BLOG omg! If you like to create and share content among your friends and family, it is a reason good enough to sign up at already. Who knows, with the treats you redeem, you can also share them as a family! Or take it as a meet-up opportunity with your friends! Or if you like.... you can also redeem them for yourself, y'know, to pat yourself on your back for your hardwork. Hehe.

influr measures influence primarily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so for example, if you tweet something really cool or insightful and you get retweets all the time, it is a good time to join influr because it simply means that you're influential and you should be rewarded for it!

Go on, check it out and you'd be surprised what influr can do for you.


Moving on, influr has a partnership with Laneige and I was given a sample of Laneige's new Snow BB Soothing Cushion with SPF 50+ and PA+++. Here's a picture of their retail size:

In the retail size of the Laneige BB Soothing Cushion, the cushion is kept within a double-layered container with 4°C mineral water. By doing so, it actually helps to keep the BB cream at a slightly lower temperature than our normal body temperature.

As you can see, the BB Soothing Cushion is encased within this spongey applicator and the usage is pretty simple - you just need to use the given sponge, which is way better because it actually contains 800,000 micro-pores to pick up the BB cream really well!

My sample size doesn't come with the sponge, unfortunately, so I made do with it and used my usual make-up sponge.

My experience:

All in all, I can see why the Snow BB Soothing Cushion is one of the best sellers from Laneige. The coverage is really good and it can cover my dark spots and dark eye circles really well. It is also very smooth on application and no tugging was needed to blend the BB cream perfectly.

Even though it has a SPF 50+ coverage, it doesn't turn greyish or dull after a whole day and even with a gradual build-up (I applied about two to three layers for a full coverage), it didn't feel thick and heavy at all.

It's pretty bad lighting in my living room but I hope you can see the difference between my left and right hand nevertheless! From what I observe, my left hand is actually more glowy as compared to the right hand after the application of the BB Cream.

When applied on the face, it gives a natural shine which is not too artificial - more like a natural gentle glow.

Apart from their best selling Snow BB Soothing Cushion, I was also blessed with their Refreshing 5-piece kit that consists of the above five items that you can use in series for a nightly skincare regime.

Step 1: Power Essential Skin Refiner
The Skin Refiner is not a stranger to me because I've been using their Perfect Renew Skin Refiner for the past year and to be honest, I really love how well it works. This Skin Refiner works to eliminate impurities and make-up residues from the pores and I feel that my skin is refreshed after application.

Step 2: Light Balancing Emulsion
This Light Balancing Emulsion is good for controlling excess sebum and balances hydration for your skin after you clean them thoroughly. The skin feels instantly pumped up after application and a small amount goes a long distance. And can I say it smells really nice too!?

One downside with this bottle of sample is that it is a non-squeeze bottle and it can be rather difficult getting the emulsion out of its bottle.

Step 3: Water Bank Essence
One thing I like about Laneige's Water Bank series is that it really provides a lot of hydration for the skin and it is my holy grail every day and especially days when I sleep or spend a long time in an air-con room.The Water Bank Essence comes out looking like a thick goo but you would be surprised how well it breaks down and get absorbs by the skin, leaving an invisible trace in just two to three rotations!

I've a full size bottle of the Water Bank Essence at home and even though it is not seen in this sample size, I want to say that I really appreciate the pump bottle because all I need is just one pump for my whole face. I get so spoiled by this convenience, I actually don't really know how to gauge the quantity to use for this sample squeeze bottle!

Step 4: Water Bank Gel Cream
The Water Bank Gel Cream is very rich and I would usually skip this step if I'm not sleeping in a dry area. It takes a little longer than the Essence to get absorbed, and I personally think by putting on Essence + Gel Cream, it is a little too heavy for my bedtime routine.

Step 5: Water Bank Eye Gel Cream
Another item that I have a full sized that I've purchased myself and have been using it regularly. What I like about this Water Bank Eye Gel Cream is that it really moisturizes the eye area really well. You can actually see a difference when you apply compact powder after applying this eye gel because the make up will suddenly be so much easier to apply, and it doesn't cake or crack at the end of the day.

I don't think it does a lot of help to my fine lines lol, but I've been using Laneige's Firming Sleeping Pack to help and I think the two of them work very well together so maybe you can consider this combi.


So there! A lengthy post for tonight that I hope will be useful for you (especially influr! You've GOT to join them if you are active on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) and I hope you like my Laneige review. It is one of my favourite brands so as you can see, I'm really pretty thrilled to be writing about them. :)

I'll be back with a new entry soon, Dylan and I went to Hokey Pokey yesterday and we had so much fun! More on that, I promise. Good night!

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