The Melbourne Wanderlust~ DAY 2

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Because it was a Saturday, the local market was opened in the park so we also took the opportunity to check out some of the stuff they were selling. It was very interesting because all of the products that were sold were homemade or home-produced.

There were organic soap, edible herbs, apples, homemade cider but the stall owner who got most business from us was the one selling blueberries. My aunt bought like 5 boxes from him and Dylan finished one box ALL BY HIMSELF.

I was so worried he may get a tummyache from the blueberries feast and he would violently object us from taking away his blueberries wtf. Thankfully, apart from a whole load of purple poo the next day, there was no side effects of over-eating blueberries. -___-

We really took our time to stroll around and relaxing because we only planned for two places to visit on Day 2! I mean, there's really no point in rushing from places to places because we won't have time to marvel and appreciate the beauty in each one.

So yes, quality over quantity!

Drove down to the 12 Apostles shortly after visiting the local market and the seaview took my breath away again.

The apostles were formed by erosion: the harsh and extreme weather conditions from the Southern Ocean gradually eroded the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs, which then became arches, which in turn collapsed; leaving rock stacks up to 45 metres high.

The site was known as the Sow and Piglets until 1922 after which it was renamed to The Apostles for tourism purposes. The formation eventually became known as the Twelve Apostles, despite only ever having nine stacks.

The stacks are susceptible to further erosion from the waves. On 3 July 2005, a 50 metre tall stack (humorously known as 'Judas') collapsed, leaving eight remaining. 

On 25 September 2009, it was thought that another of the stacks had fallen, but this was actually one of the smaller stacks of the Three Sisters formation. The rate of erosion at the base of the limestone pillars is approximately 2 cm per year. 

Due to wave action eroding the cliff face existing headlands are expected to become new limestone stacks in the future.

{Text credits from wikipedia}

What you see in the picture, is the first stack of the 9 stumps. It is actually quite hard to see all eight (since one has fallen) at one shot, unless you take a long walk down a trail of steep steps (known as the Gibsons Steps) to the beach below and see it along the coastline.

Regardless, seeing the stumps bit by bit is also quite mindblowing because I can never understand how nature can craft such beautiful projects in our planet. The limestone, weathering... it was like Geography lesson came to life for me.

Here's another view from the Twelve Apostles, featuring The Loch Ard Gorge.

The Twelve Apostles was really crowded when we visited and since the last time I visited Australia, the country is now experiencing A LOT of PRCs visiting them. Honestly, I am thankful for the One Child Policy in China. Can you imagine how many more PRCs there would be if this policy wasn't enforced? :O

I think PRCs are quite unique on their own. It's like... you'll KNOW they are PRC the moment they step off their tour buses. The shouting, the walking around the place as though it is their home... holding no regards to people's privacy or anything. You can be taking pictures and then suddenly this China woman will be walking blatantly into your view, disregarding the fact that she is photobombing you. Worse, she would STOP where you were and take photos of the sight behind you. Wtf lah woman.

I even spotted a man yanking off a rose from someone's garden and proceeded to yank off all its leaves and sprinkled it all over the garden... and then give the rose to this auntie-girlfriend who smiled gleefully at the beautiful flower, dead in their hands. My goodness.

And no, I think most PRCs haven't learned to queue up too. We were at a chocolate store where the queue was very long and all of us had to queue to pay for our purchases BUT there would be these PRCs hanging around at the cashier, looking at the first chance to plonk their items just before you put yours down.

The cashier had to tell them very sternly to queue up before they gave up loitering around the cash register. -_____________-

I think these people really ought to work on their manners. We hate them in Singapore, Aussies hate them when they are there. I haven't met someone who would tell me they don't mind PRCs in their countries yet.

The 12 Apostles
Port Campbell
VIC 3269

Anyway, moving on! We left the 12 Apostles and then headed to Tower Hill State Game Reserve because I was pretty adamant to show my family wild koalas and the Reserve boasted that you could even see emus and kangaroos!

We saw a couple of emus when we drive in and we were really excited because I think it kinda signified it was gonna be a worthwhile trip? LOL.

We decided to take a short 30 minute stroll, hoping to see some wild animals hiding within the thick bushes. I thought that was a bad move because I was more afraid of stepping onto snakes and rats when we crossed the marshlands...

And then I realized that the track that we were walking on wasn't cordoned off at the sides, which meant that emus (or kangaroos!) could actually come onto our path, holyyyyyyyyy.

Halfway into our walk, we saw a couple of emus, which by then we were no longer interested in it anymore. No kangaroos and no koalas either. -___- Saw an echidna though!

We were so crazy excited over it. Me especially because I was the one who spotted it and the rest of them were telling me that it was some dead fruits or something -___-

This photo is taken online because the Echidna we saw was so well camouflaged, there was really no point taking a photo because nothing will show up I think.

Having walked enough, we decided to give up our quest for koalas and headed back to the minibus.

I think Nian impressed my external family this roadtrip because he was really very caring and automatic, you know!? It's like when we were all tired from the walk, he would tell us to stay there while he would run all the way back to the carpark, pick up the car, drive down to where we were and pick us up.

Now, repeat that for almost all the places we went.

At night, when we ordered takeaway to dine in our kitchen of our rented apartment, he will also be the one who would stack up the dishes and bring them to wash. I never needed to wash a single plate during the holidays!!!!!! *GIVES A BIG VIRTUAL KISS TO MY HUSBY*

Even my mom agreed that I 嫁对人了 (married the right man). And my dad, who probably hardly praises us, said, "Jia Nian is really driving very well for someone who doesn't own a car and hardly drive. This minibus is really not easy!"

Wa wa wa. I hope Dylan will grow up to be a remarkable man like his dad and impress his wife's family like Nian did.

Okay, so where was I?

Oh yah, so all of us were almost dying in the heat (inland, not as breezy as the previous places we were at), we scrambled into the van and Nian suggested trying to drive around the place instead to see if we may have any luck in spotting other animals.


You should hear how my sister squealed when she spotted the first koala. She was like, "OMG NEHHHH!!!!!" and then started jabbing at the windscreen. The rest of us were like, "where? where? where?"

Dylan was happily taking off his shoes during our frenzy. Boy here doesn't give any damn to any koalas hahahaha.

This was the second koala we saw... just 5 minutes after we got into the minibus. We shouldn't even have walked at all wtf.

After feeling really satisfied with spotting the animals we wanted to see, we headed towards our apartment to end the day.

Tower Hill State Game Reserve
VIC 3283
Concluded our day when we finally reached Port Fairy, which is the furthest we will head to in this road trip, with a Chinese dinner at Kungfu Kitchen because my dad, mom and aunt was missing rice. Just 2nd day into the trip!

The dinner was not too bad, even though the Chinese food isn't really authentic, service was really prompt and the ambiance was very good even for a huge group like ours.

Kung Fu Kitchen
2/22 Bank St, Port Fairy 
VIC 3284, Australia

Photos of The Victoria Apartments, Port Fairy
This photo of The Victoria Apartments is courtesy of TripAdvisor
The Victoria Apartments
48-50 Bank Street
Toolong / Rosebrook, Port Fairy

This apartment has been unanimously voted as the best apartment we have in our entire 6 days of stay in Melbourne. It has two bedrooms, one fitted with a king size bed and the other with a queen and one bathroom to share, I think the highlight is the spacious living room and a fully equipped open-concept kitchen.

I can never resist a kitchen with an island in the middle. It's like the best kitchen ever!

We made use of the spacious living room to sip some moscato, chomped on nuts and tidbits while the whole family sat down, rest, relaxed and chatted the night away. Perhaps we didn't need a getaway to another country, perhaps all we need is to find time to sit down and reconnect, don't you think so?

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