The Melbourne Wanderlust~ DAY 1

Monday, February 10, 2014

Our family, including my parents, grandmother and aunt, visited Melbourne together over the Chinese New Year holidays. Australia has always been my favourite country in Asia so I was really excited to visit another city that I've never been to!

Melbourne is about 7 hours flight away and we were a little apprehensive about bringing Dylan along with us because Dy was really cranky by the end of our 1.5 hours flight into Jakarta previously so we really don't know how he will react in this much, much longer flight.

With much luck on our side, he fell asleep shortly after we checked in, BUT when we were about to board, the stroller had to be stowed to run through the X-Ray, so I had to carry him out in my arms and walk pass the metal detector sensor.

I was really annoyed with the airport security lady because even though the sensor did not go off, she insisted on body-touching me to see if I was carrying any weapons and with that, she also touched Dylan so roughly that he woke up from his sleep.

If I really had any weapons on me, she would be the first to be killed. GRR.

Fortunately, Dylan drifted back to sleep shortly after we took off and we both managed to have our late dinner and subsequently went to sleep ourselves as well.

After learning from our Jakarta experience, we decided to splurge a little more and flew SQ instead of budget flights. The price difference was about $500 and we each had to pay $1400 for the tickets and Dy paid about $150.

The last time we flew with SQ was in 2010 to Narita, Japan. The service was not bad, but this time, travelling with a baby, the service we received from them was another level altogether. I was so impressed!

We also learned a good tip from our friend that we can actually request for our food to be served at different timings so that one of us can take care of Dylan while the other wolf down the food. Such a brilliant idea, why haven't we thought of that?

There was no meal catered for Dylan on the flight to Melbourne (perhaps because it was a night flight and babies aren't supposed to eat at night?) but we didn't request for it either because we didn't know Dy will have a meal too, so imagine my impressed level went another notch higher on our trip back when the stewardess told me that they prepared a kids meal for Dy.

Touched down in Melbourne at 7AM AEDT (Australian dunno what time), which is essentially 4AM in Singapore time. Collected our whopping 12-seater Toyota minibus and started our road trip along the Great Ocean Road pronto!

I couldn't resist this photo after seeing how Dylan knocks out from the long flight lol.

The Great Ocean Road is voted as one of the world's best road trips. It is over 243km long and is the home to many great destinations such as Bell's Beach, the birthplace of Ripcurl and Quicksilver. There will also be surfing contests held in Bell's Beach rather regularly and is definitely a good place to visit if you're a surfing fan.

Instead of heading to Bell's Beach, we headed towards Anglesea, slightly after Torquay, where Bell's is. The sea view was just... breathtaking.

It was so quiet, so serene... when we stepped out of our minibus we were just standing by the door as though we were in a trance.

How can a place be so beautiful???????

Took the opportunity and spammed lots of photos:

The yellowed grass blending with the blue sea. I really have no other descriptions for it except.... I wish I lived there and I can see this sight every morning I wake up.

I was told to have fish and chips at Anglesea because that is where their freshest catch are, but I guess we ended up at the wrong outlet. The set is rather expensive but not memorable at all. In fact, Cicerello's in Fremantle would have totally trashed their asses.

Lorne Fish & Chips
42 Mountjoy Parade
Lorne, VIC 3232

After the not-so-hearty meal, we took a stroll and we just round the corner, we saw another fish & chips store that was super crowded. Haiyah. We were all like.. -_____________-|||

It was so windy along the coastal lines, this is how my hair looks like in most pictures I took.

Left Anglesea and took a 15 minute drive down to Erskin Falls and burned off all the calories we took in from the fish & chips wtf.

There was a viewing point above the waterfall but it was insufficient for people like us who wanted a good photo opp, of course. So we climbed down almost 10 storeys to the base of this 30m waterfall and snapped away!

Of course, as all of us know, going down isn't usually the problem. The problem was going back up. Thankfully, Nian was fit enough to carry Dylan and still out-climb all of us (including my sisters) and all I needed to do, was to concentrate climbing the steep steps back up.

Panted like mad when we went back to the top and my parents were like, "Haiyah see lah!" LOL

Spent only barely an hour at Erskin Falls and we headed straight to our last destination for the day - Kennett River.

TripAdvisor actually recommended Kennett River because apparently there were lots of wild koalas lounging about in the trees but when we got there, all we saw were wild parrots. LOADS OF THEM. And they weren't one bit afraid of us!

Another pair of tourists passed me some leftover seeds and before I could pour any out, them birds started flocking at me OMG!!!!! At one point of time I had three parrots on me - one on my wrist, the other on my shoulder and one more on my head.

I look like a pirate queen, no doubt.

Dylan was scared to death by the birds' aggression and he refused to be near any of them LOL.

Didn't see no koalas, except one chillin' high up in the trees. Booooo.

Then when we were about to leave, a flock of ducks appeared from nowhere waddled around the stone ground. Dylan was once again, very confused when we told him they were ducks because all his ducks at home were yellow in colour. Actual ducks are somehow brownish and not as cute lol.

Checked into our beautiful little motel for the night and then headed out to Chris's Beacon Point for some good dinner with the folks (to make up for the sucky one in the afternoon)

Situated high up in the hills, it was a 10-minute drive upwards and we risk losing signals on our GPS and there were zero street lamps on our way down, but it was indeed worth it because the food was simply wonderful.

The restaurant was also fitted with full length glass so we could actually look out into the ocean and the lush greenery below while we dined so it was a really hearty dinner for the entire family.

Here's a serving of my Pork Cutlet served with mash and passionfruit compote. I am still missing the texture of the pork cutlet as I'm typing. So chewy, it doesn't even taste like pork at all!

Chris's Beacon Point Restaurant & Villas
280 Skenes Creek Rd.,
Apollo Bay, 3233

 Ended the night at about 9PM and guess how bright the sky still looked?

Feels like our 7.30PM no? It was my first night there and I was so astonished how quickly the sky darkens by dusk. By 9.15PM, everything was pitch black and the sky full of stars.

A remarkable Day 1. :)

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  1. Hi Jac, love your post on Mel and it would definitely help me alot in my upcoming trip to Mel. May i know the location and name of the motel u stay in? Are motel safe and ok to stay in?

  2. Hi Shirley! It is called The Great Ocean Motel. If you are going in a smaller group, i will recommend u stay at Chris' Villa because the view is really splendid!


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