Dylan and Amanda conquered USS!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Thanks to my godsis, XY, who had complimentary tickets, Dylan and I, along with XY, Mandy and Mama Loi, we conquered USS on Thursday!

Unlike the previous time Nian and I went, we were not planning to take any rides because of our two babies. However, we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless because there were so many other things to look, see and take pictures!


Started the day bright and (not-so) early at about 11AM. The kids had it good, Dylan managed to nap on the long MRT trip down while Mandy was busy mingling with everyone else like a mini president. Upon reaching, they were given balloons!

Dylan was actually given the sword while Mandy got the flower but Dy had no idea how to play with a sword and instead, preferred the flower because he could recognize what it was, so they exchanged balloons!


Saw Frankenstein the moment we entered and being very kiasu, I grabbed Dylan up from his pram and proceeded to have a picture with the monster. Boy didn't even flinch at all.... and I was worried he may be terrified of this weird, green monster.


Bumped into Marilyn Monroe and SURPRISINGLY, he freaked out! He cried equally loudly when he saw Betty Boop as well..... so I guess he isn't really into cutesy (albeit fake) girls. :O


Went into Hollywood Street and bumped into Daddy O's promptly! Dylan loved their beautiful harmonizing and dances and Mandy was dancing and prancing around, as usual. LOL


Dylan and Mandy groovin' to Daddy O's ^-^


And then we danced to the Rockafellas, which btw, are really really good! And handsome! :p


A short video of their very good dancing skills. I always wish I can dance like these B-boys!


And then we spent almost half-an-hour at the Sesame Street taking turns taking photos because Dylan is such a huuuuuuge fan of Elmo!


The sun is really last warning I tell you. It was so hot, all of our faces were flushed by the end of the day.

Despite not planning to take any rides, we managed to go into "Lights, Camera, Action!" hosted by Steven Spielberg. It's quite exciting; we get to see a really normal sound stage to suddenly transform into a room hit by a major hurricane with water splashing, fire burning and trembling floors.

The kids freaked out totally, and Mama Loi was wet from the water splashes! HAHAHAHA.


Strolled into Sci-Fi city just before lunch and we took photos with these Transformers robots. Again, Dylan showed zero fear from these terrifying looking machinery. Still no idea why he freaked out at Marilyn Monroe LOL


And then another photo with Optimus Prime after a short queue! Dylan was initially quite amused with Optimus Prime... until it moved and tried to hi-five him. Here is what you see. He was scrambling to get away!

Headed for lunch after exploring most of the zones, so we headed back to New York for some pizzas and quench our thirst. Luckily, because of Hello Lobang, I had some soon-to-expire USS vouchers for us all to utilize so we only had to top up $5 for a lunch for 5 of us! *WIN*


Moved on to Madagascar since we had about 45 minutes to kill before the Sesame Street show at New York so we went to move it move it!

Took Dylan on the boat ride at Madagascar while XY took Mandy on the King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round. This is one of the best zones cuz even young kids like Dy and Mandy can play their rides!


Sesame Street Stage Show, When I Grow Up!

Dylan was super stoked to see his Sesame Street characters come alive! And in case you're wondering why Dylan watches such an old school Sesame Street instead of Dora or Barney, well.. no offence but I think Dora and Barney are kinda crappy lol.

Apart from Sesame Street, he also watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hahaha. Yah that's about it, lil man here doesn't have a lot of TV life.


Went passed this smoking drain cover twice and the kids had SO MUCH fun playing with the mist! It is actually water emitted out as mist, so just look at Dylan. By the time he was done playing, his shoes and shorts were all dripping wet lol.

But well, he had fun! And that's all that it matters. ;)


Them probing the drain cover when the mist stopped. Hahaha~


And we chased and caught bubbles~~~


Bumped into Charlie Chaplin and instead of us going up to him for a photo, he actually came to us! #likeasuperstar #perksofhavingababy

Just look at Dylan's expression.

Amanda.... she is some 400 meters away screaming her head off because Chaplin is too scary for her.


Explored the Lost World and Mandy took the Dino-Saurin' while we chilled around and then we ended off Lost World taking pictures with Dinosaur eggs. There's nothing much for us in Far Far Away and Ancient Egypt so we zoomed past that and went back to New York and Hollywood!


By the time we were done touring USS (not even taking the rides!), it was 5PM. Our bubs were so exhausted from allllll the playing, they knocked out in their prams when we bumped into Stuart and Jerry! Didn't know their names at first and I thought they were Kevin and Dave hahahaha.

If you also don't know their names, here is a cheat sheet for you:

Kevin is actually long, but has two eyes. I don't know how to differentiate between Kevin and Tim though. Dave and Jerry is also quite similar, but I think Jerry's face is more squashed up or something, and he looks cuter!

USS tickets are available at Hello Lobang at only $66 each for adults and $50 for children. Usual walk-in prices are at $74 and $54. You can grab your tickets in advance here!

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