Witnessed an accident today

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just as I thought I'm kinda living a busy but mundane lifestyle (hence the lack of posts recently!), I had to witness a traffic accident right in front of my eyes today.

I was just done with pumping petrol near my place and was on the way back home with Dylan in tow when I stopped at a traffic junction. (Background story: it is my brother-in-law's car, he has been away in Switzerland for the past three weeks, so we were able to utilize it for our convenience hehe.)

To give you a better picture, I've drawn out a bird's eye view of the traffic junction. I am the pink car (even though the car isn't pink in real life lol) while the green car is attempting to turn right while the blue is speeding forward)

I think the green car thought that the lanes were clear, so he went ahead and turned right. And along came the blue car who went forward without a hint of slowing down....

And it hit the rear of the green car with a loud "BANG!" and before I knew it, I saw the bumper of the car flew out.................

And coming straight at me.


Then just as I thought it was gonna hit my car, it lost height and fell squarely in front of my car. INCHES away from landing on my bonnet and probably include me in this unfortunate incident.

*drips cold sweat*

Can you imagine if the bumper had crashed into my windshield? I'm not sure how possible it may be, but given the height the bumper flew, the impact was really great.

Thankfully it missed most of the green car, only hitting the bumper. I cannot imagine how the car will spin if it had wrecked the green car squarely on the boot.


Talking about driving, I think Singapore has many impatient drivers on the road. Is it our lifestyle, or is it simply because Singaporeans cannot wait?

In the course of three weeks of driving around Singapore roads, I've met so many tailgaters, especially on expressways.

It is SO WEIRD because most of the time I travel at 100-110km/h (don't fine me please!) on clear roads so I really don't understand why they would love to tailgate me to ask them to get past me on lane 1.

Anyway, I would grudgingly shove myself to the middle lane to let these people go, but I will always wonder why are they in such a freaking rush that they would travel at 120 or even 130km/h because I think that's totally way off the safety limit already no?

And I think small car drivers are very aggressive also! Met a couple of Suzuki Swifts and Mazda 2s and they were driving their cars like as though they were in a Ferrari. I know, smaller cars are easier to weave in and out of traffic BUT it is also more likely to flip than normal cars!

All in all... I just think that there are really so much more things you should care about - like your safety, your family's worries etc... than to speed from point A to B. It's better to be late than never.

Especially in a festive season like this.

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