#Throwback: The Tan's New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Sunday, January 12, 2014

No, really. The year has barely started and I am feeling like time is running out fast on me wtf. I don't even remember how did the first week passed, mostly working and spending time with the family, I think. Haha!

My two boys at home keep me so busy, I hardly have time to do anything else these days. Just writing this post alone took me frickin 4 days, can you believe it?

I'd be like... OK! Let's write a post! *turns on laptop and starts importing pictures*

Dylan cries for attention. Got distracted.

Came back, edited a couple more pictures, got sleepy. Quit doing it and headed to bed.

Day 2 and Day 3 passed without me doing anything.

And today, Day 4, had me looking at the pictures I've uploaded and wondering what was it that I wanted to say initially. :O

And then I realized...........

I wanted to say that we're finally going on a holiday!!!!

*sprinkles confetti*

The last trip was back in April 2012, which was less than a year but I felt like I haven't got out of Singapore for the past ten years wtf. Last time, when we were younger, we had lots of time but no money. Now that we are older, we have more money to spend on travelling...... we have no time.

Agony of life hai.

Anyway, the itinerary is completed and we're just counting down to the day itself, yayyyyy!!!

That aside, here's a recap on our NYE and New Year's Day. Ah.... all the festivities that I am missing right now, but I'm glad that we don't need to wait long because CNY is just around the corner and it's another round of mahjong, feasting, catching up and everything else!

Nian had to work on NYE (I know right, who the hell works on NYE one) so by the time he knocked off and all, it was Dylan's bed time. Regardless, while we were planning to pass the new year at home, we decided to go for at least a nice dinner, so we ended up at Jack's Place.

I mentioned in my Dayre that I have a lot of respect for people who work on NYE or New Year's Day dinner-time because:

1) They have to miss their own dinner with their friends and family and have to serve the rest of us and sometimes, have to put up with crazy people with their stinking behaviour.

2) It is really very busy on such days and sometimes, I feel that the additional pay doesn't justify for the extra, extra, extraaaaaa work that they have to do.

The staff at Jack's Place Woodlands Civics Center were all very efficient and friendly, amidst the snaking long queue and everyone's hands are up asking for something from taking orders to refilling water to serving desserts.

It was like Diner Dash level 99. Serious.

Our bubs fell asleep even though it was noisy and bustling with activities... so we managed to have a peaceful dinner, catching up with gossips and updates at work over plates of delicious food. I have been doing it for over five years with him and I still think that it is very nice. ^-^

Woke up to 2014 after a hearty meal and went for yet another hearty meal with the Chans at Peach Garden... and then ANOTHER hearty meal with our happy friends. :O

No wonder they call it the festive binging and the festive weight gain.

We had rounds of pizzas, movie marathon and we even played Dylan's current favourite Elmo Song and danced along with him.

It was crazy fun!

I thank God for blessing us with a nice home with nice friends to hang out with... I'm not really a fan of inviting many, many friends over but this small cozy gang is really very good. For one, they are very clean and they only drink plain water hahahaha! Very minimal maintanence so very easy to host. :p

Then we had gift exchange! I'm not even sure if these are Christmas presents or what, because I bought Yolanda one of our favourite books, she ended up lugging a huuuuge bag of stuff that was filled with Lychee Jelly and pineapple tarts from Taiwan, followed by Hello Kitty socks from I dunno where, then earrings from Primark, a kitty purse and a teapot for me. :O

It's like everywhere she went around the world, she bought something from there to give it to me omg what have I done to deserve a friend like her. :')

I also had a cutesy Birkin dustplug from Laien, while Raymond bought clothes for his favourite Dylan boy. It was basically gifts, gifts and gifts for everyone. :D


Ending off this post in a happy note, I attended a good friend, Yvonne's, wedding last night at the Holiday Inn Atrium and the food was so good!

I was speaking with one of her friends and I was in a rude shock when I found out about the banquet prices in 2014. It was jaw-dropping you know!

This friend shared that she would be having her banquet at Intercon Hotel on a weekday and it would come up to $1088 per table.

OMG 晕倒!

Then I decided to kpo a bit and went to find out how much would ParkROYAL Beach Road (our wedding dinner venue) and it has also went passed $1000/table.

Can I say "thank God I got married early"? lolol. Given the rates like that, I honestly don't think I'd have a wedding dinner if I were getting married now! So much money.......... so much money.............

I know.. what kinda happy note is this hahahahaha

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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  1. We also had our wedding dinner at Parkroyal Beach Road in 2011! Thanks for fulfilling my kpo-ness too! Aren't we glad we got married early... Teehee~~~


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