Tim Ho Wan x 2!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When Tim Ho Wan first touched shores, I was blown away by the extreme queueing Singaporeans can do, just to have a taste of the 1-Michelin star dim sum.

Not wanting to spend 3 hours in a queue, I waited at my own leisure until the fanatic died down and now almost one year later, I finally tasted my first Tim Ho Wan at their second outlet in Toa Payoh, not once, but twice in a week!

The first time was lunch with my good friend, Laien. There was actually no queue at all on a weekday afternoon, which is damn shiok lah! Did you queue for 3 hours? We strolled in #likeaboss hahaha.

I was actually quite surprised with the dim sum choices cuz it is very little, don't you think so? I was looking forward to have 流沙包 (flowing custard bun) and egg tarts, which are some of my usual orders when I eat dim sum, but they don't have. O_O

Regardless, Laien told me to order their 4 Heavenly Kings on the menu, which you can see are the biggest pictures inside. So I did, and I have absolutely no regrets.

This char siew bao, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the best char siew baos I've eaten. Heck. I'm not even a fan of char siew baos but this one was so good! The skin outside is toasted (I think, doesn't seem like it is deep fried) to a crisp and the char siew inside is sweet and savoury at the same time.

I also appreciate that the food came SUPER fast, like in 5 minutes the first few dishes will be served already and they are all hot one!

Also ordered this Lor Mai Gai, which is Chicken Glutinous Rice wrapped in lotus leaves and it was very good as well. It was filled with a lot of ingredients and the glutinous rice is QQ one omg.

The supposed must-try Chee Cheong Fun is actually filled with pig's liver. We didn't order because I don't eat inards (ew) so we settled for Fresh Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun and the shrimps were so huge. *exaggerates hand movements by pulling my arms wide open*

The sauce was very nice also; poured when it is served so the Chee Cheong Fun skin doesn't become soggy. In fact, it is so smooth it slides right down my throat without biting much wtf.

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling with ultra delicious wasabi mayo + ebiko. So nice! And it is not even oily at all!

So nice.

So nice.

This is so nice, that is so nice. EVERYTHING IS SO NICE.

Even the chilli sauce was spicy enough for me, unlike the usual dim sum place where they serve McDonald kind of chilli.

This Seafood in Beancurd skin pales in comparison though. I'd wish that the beancurd skin is a little bit crispier so that it bites off cleanly. I had to tug and pull to break up the beancurd skin so this one became a little messy.

Maybe next time I should just stuff the whole thing into my mouth. :O

Of course, when you eat dim sum, how can you forget about the har gao and siew mai??????

This har gao is really impressive. Most of the time when I eat har gao from normal places, their skin always, always, ALWAYS break. It has this sticky texture that will always stick to your chopsticks and then before you know it, the entire dumpling is ruined.

This har gao is significantly different. For one, it doesn't break at all so I finally managed to eat a har gao in one piece!

Then of course comes the siew mai. Pretty little things with a wolfberry on top of it.

The siew mai tastes pretty ordinary though, but I guess because it is a staple item in a dim sum, you should also order this to have a go at it.

Both Laien and I left the restaurant very full and happy, with the bill coming up to about $25 per person. I was not bothered about my missing egg tarts and flowing custard buns anymore. :p

Went back to the same outlet four days later with my in-laws and I was STILL very excited about eating dim sum there!

Brought my little boy along this time too, and he had so much fun eating the Char Siew Bao, Carrot Cake, Chee Cheong Fun and everything else.

In fact, he ate so much that his tummy was super round after the lunch!

Mama Tan also had a great time spending time with all her baobei grandchildren. <3

Gotta make them work out a bit after such a hearty lunch, so we brought them downstairs to let them run about.

Dylan was very aggressive with his cousin, Noel. He chased Noel down when Noel was trying to escape from him because Dylan wanted to hold his hands but the older boy didn't want. So when Noel was running, Dylan thought that they were playing catching so Dylan raaaaaaaan to try to catch him.

You guys should hear him shout, "KOR KOOOORRRRRR!!!!!" while he ran after Noel. It was so funny.

Eventually, Noel let Dylan hold his hand and Dylan even kissed him on his lips to show his affection for his korkor. LOL. I must teach Dylan cannot anyhow kiss people just in case he scares them off!

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