Tan's Christmas 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day to you!!

Can't believe that 2013 is almost coming to an end already.. I still remember being nostalgic and clingy towards 2012, but now, we are heading towards a brand new year again!

This Christmas was exceptionally wonderful because we made plans to catch up with our family and good friends.

Me, for one, spent quite a bit of time with XY and Amanda, and I was particularly happy with our haul at Daiso just a couple of days before Christmas. We spent like a couple of hours in Daiso and we emerged out with so many decluttering stuff!

I really like this stand that I bought... (notice the one in green?) because it allows us to utilize space upwards, which kinda makes it more compact and less messy. You see how initially we spread Dylan's diaper necessities across our room's TV console?

After the arrangement, whatever's at the bottom is somewhat "hidden" as well so it really looks much neater, simply by adding an additional stand! I also bought a remote control holder that hung perfectly at the side of the basket... it is like an OCD dream come true. Random things fitting well with one another lol.

Also tidied up my vanity table because the mess was getting out of control. Using the same stand, I replaced the container of skincare products with it and arranged the smaller tubs of moisturizers and sleeping masks at the bottom.

The height is good enough for most smaller packaging skincare products and I also bought a two-drawer container to store my cotton pads and sponges. OMG the neatness level after the entire clean-up gave me an orgasm wtf.

Replaced my accessories stand with these stackable containers from Daiso and they are so good for watches and bracelets!

And then Christmas finally arrived, after a whole week of planning, shopping, wrapping gifts and all. We continued our yearly traditions and brought the little one down to town to see some Christmas deco...

The whole place was swarmed with Leticia and Terry. :O

This was at Paragon, which I personally think boasts one of the nicest Christmas trees this year. After which we headed to Ding Tai Fung at the basement because I had won $20 vouchers from Cuisine Paradise and it was expiring at the end of the year, so we quickly spent it. :D

When I looked at my face.... it reminded me of this meme:


Anyway, every time we eat at Ding Tai Fung, we always end up eating the same things - shrimp fried rice, shrimp pancakes, xiao long baos, xiao cai etc.

But this time, we decided to try their Steamed Chilli Crab and Pork Buns and they were SO GOOD!!!!

Image source

These buns were filled with chunks of chilli crab with pork and with every bite, you can feel the sauce threatening to drip down your hands. OMG it is so flavourful, it will definitely be on my to-order list from now on.

Moved on to Takashimaya and Dylan got really enthralled with the rainbow-coloured Teddy Bears. Each of them was so cute, I'd have bought one in every colour had they sold it. (Or do they?)

Came home and prepared a spread of delicious dinner because my sisters were coming over for a gathering!

Gotta give my 2nd sis a virtual round of applause because I think she did most of the preparations - including santa hats for us, even a tiny one with blinking lights for Dylan! We wore the hats throughout dinner and it felt really, really funny and festive at the same time. ^-^

She also prepared a variety of sashimi and sushi, brought logcakes and even a bottle of Moscato!

Pouring Moscato into beer glasses because we don't have champagne glasses at home hahahaha.

The logcake from Dora Keiki was very good by the way. The cream was very fresh and the cake was very moist and dense! My sister was saying that if she had known that it is just decorated swiss rolls, she would have bought an ordinary swiss roll and decorated it herself.

An ordinary swiss roll costs only $5.50 by the way. A log cake costs six times more. :O

But well, once a year yah? I'll volunteer to buy logcakes next year!

And then it was time we exchanged presents!

Dylan got a Monster Inc monster from my 2nd sis and a really adorable Frog Prince pullover from my youngest sis. I loveeeee both presents cuz they are both so cute!

I gave my 2nd sis an Etude House moustache waxing patches because we all have little fine hair growing above our lips and I thought that will be very useful for her to remove without going through the trouble of professional waxing or threading.

Super cute packaging! My youngest sister got a really huge and pink hair brush from me because her hair is really very long! I think hair brushes also give hair a nice, healthy shine and volume that normal skinny combs cannot achieve.

Got Nian a pack of boxers and a new pair of shoes from Sketchers.

Ultra love this pair of shoes myself because it is sooooo light you know! And the leather is made of pig's skin, so it is really soft and breathable. Plus, they were having some in-store promotions for Christmas so I got this pair at a whopping 20% discount.


Youngest sis got me a pair of cropped tops. I personally really like the sunflower one but I think the little flowers motif will look good on me too!

And of course, I'm thanking my husband to let me leave Takashimaya with new accessories. ^-^

Merry Christmas to all of you again, and I hope you will have a great holiday, relaxing until the end of 2013 comes.

See you soon and thanks for reading! <3

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