Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2013

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I really ought to spend more time on my computer to catch up on my blog entries because I've got so many things I'd love to share with all of you but I simply have no time to sit down, edit and write.

On shopping, I've bought some new Laneige products that I thought were really good that I'd love to share, more Daiso items, which, I've done up a video but I've no time to edit at all! T__T

On trying to be educational and good parents, we've brought Dylan to Singkids Playsystem at United Square recently and we've also brought him to the River Safari! Lots of pictures taken, and I do hope that I can dedicate some time to completing the blog post, since writing a quality one is usually time consuming and often takes up 3 to 4 hours easily.

Given my commitments recently, I must say I really don't have a block of 3 to 4 hours to blog. :( Which is probably why I've jumped on the bandwagon lol.

If writing a blog entry is alike to writing a book, then an entry on will be like short poems. I'm still not really sure what I should write there because every time I want to pen something in my dayre, my mind goes, "If you're gonna write something in your dayre, you might as well blog something on your blog."

Cuz dayre has got 500 letters limit and as you can see, I'm pretty longwinded LOL. Anyway, I'm at if you'd like to read my random musings. Like... really random ones. Sudden thoughts, mostly.

I can't believe I've been gone for two weeks. I barely noticed my absence until yesterday wtf. I promise I will spend a bit more time on this blog, it is afterall one of my favourite past times and I really shouldn't neglect spending some quality time doing things I like. :)

Right. Moving on!

Nian, Dylan and I went for our Swissotel Vertical Marathon last Sunday and I personally think it was a great race, perhaps the best I had this year. Yes, I know I only ran two races this year and both are vertical marathons. :p

I think I've said it before, but please let me say it again lol. I really enjoy vertical marathons so much more than running on flat ground. People may think I'm crazy, but I honestly rather climb the Swissotel Stamford three times than to run a 10KM race!

I guess it's largely because the torture is shorter lol. It's like if you don't train for your 10KM, you will have to suffer for probably 1.5 hours to complete the distance whereas I think the worst you can do at a vertical marathon is probably 45 minutes max, which is torture divided by two, which is quite significant in my opinion.

Here's Dylan and I chillin' out while waiting for Daddy Tan to come down from his race. I was feeling really nervous about this race because I haven't been training at all.. It feels like I was going for an exam without studying for it, and hoping that I will scrape it through.

After keeping my fingers crossed and giving myself mental preparation, I was ready to go for my race as soon as Nian rushed down from the top to take over Dylan but as I walked to the starting line, my heart skipped a beat.

They are fielding in the Mens Open participants already! The lady-in-charge at the entrance of the queue then told me that I would be disqualified because I was late for my detail, but I could still take part in the race, just that I wouldn't have an official result.

I dunno how to feel, to be honest. Even though I was technically not going for any wins (the top ladies completed 73 stories in 10 minutes, half of my timing!), I wouldn't want my official results to display a 'DID NOT COMPLETE' because shitty people will say shitty things and I don't want to hear all those shitty things after I put in so much effort to scale 73 storeys and DID complete the 73 storeys, you know what I mean?

On hindsight, I also dunno why I cared so much about what shitty things shitty people say. It's like now when I sit down and thought about it, even if I were disqualified, at least I ran 73 storeys up! Sure beats shitty people who talk before they run a vertical marathon themselves.

Anyway, I went back up to the resting area to Nian and Dylan dejectedly after getting told that I was gonna get disqualified. I didn't know if I wanted to run up anymore... until Nian started his powerful nagging skills on me.

"Just go!" he said.

"You paid for it anyway, so just run up, get the view, get your finisher's medal!"

"But I won't have an official timing!"

"What does it matter? You time it yourself with your watch!"

"Go now, hurry up! Go!"

So.. I left for the starting point again. Long story short, lady who told me I was going to be disqualified realized that I could cut the queue and see if I can make myself to the last few details of the Women's 20 - 29 category and voila!

I was the last runner of the last detail. Lucky stars working at its best I tell you!

So up and up I went, overtaking all the ladies in my detail as I moved to the 5th floor... then overtaking a little bit more ladies towards the 20th-something floors and eventually on the 50th floor, I went past quite a bit of ladies who were too tired to continue.

It's actually pretty nice to start off as the last and then work my way up cuz every time I pass by a group of girls, my brains would be like, "Good job! Keep moving! Go Go Go Go"

Quite encouraging, lol.

So some 22 minutes later, I finally made it to the top... where everyone worked their assess off (literally) to see the magnificent view.

I know right. This is probably not the glamest photo I can take with all the messy hair, squinty eyes and all but just look. at. the. view.

My third time up here and I am sure as hell very proud of myself!

But then again, I honestly think that I can scale a 73 storey building, anyone can do it lah. It's just how long you take and how hard you're willing to push yourself - that is what makes the difference.

I broke my personal best this year, my third year in the Swissotel Vertical Marathon. It actually took me by surprise because I was on hiatus for two years - in 2011 I was already pregnant with Dylan and therefore didn't race, then in 2012, I was only 3 months post-pregnancy and therefore couldn't take part in high-intensity sports.

I'm definitely looking forward to my race next year, if I am not giving birth! LOLOL. And of course, I do hope that I will break another PB. Perhaps someday, I may hit below 20 minutes. *feeling positive*

Thank you for reading y'all! Have a great day. Remember, it's how hard you push that makes the difference. Applies anywhere else too, especially in the labour room wtf.

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