Christmas Gift Idea: Stickygrams!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

December! My second most favourite month of the year, where we can sit down, eat, drink and be merry!

Of course, it is also the month where we will buy thoughtful presents for our closest friends and family members, to thank them for being so kind and nice to us the entire year. ^-^

Talking about Christmas presents, here's my first Christmas gift recommendation for the year!

I chanced upon Stickygram last year while I was surfing around for unusual gift ideas and I made a set to try it out. If you've missed my post last year, here's my 2012 set:

This set of Stickygram depicts mostly Dylan, our first baby.

For 2013, is thankful to receive a new batch of insta-magnets, courtesy of none other than Stickygram themselves!

Even though Dylan is our greatest pride and joy, I've chosen something slightly different this year, and my theme is family.

As you can see, it depicts many occasions we do as a family - from us celebrating our first Chinese New Year to our first overseas trip with Dylan... I've also included a picture with Papa and Mama Chan, together with our family on my birthday.

I also converted a really, really old photo of my beloved granny and I when I was only 1 year old! I've put it beside the cheeky 1-year-old Dylan for comparison and I think we have some sort of resemblence, don't we?

And the one on the left was him when he was only 3 months old, as compared to him at 13 months old. 10 months, but a huge difference! (He still kept his cheeky smile though, hehe)

Each Stickygram magnet is printed on very thin sheets that will stick nicely on any magnetic surface smoothly, without having unsightly bumps. You don't have to worry about the magnetic strength - it sticks on pretty well without sliding or dropping out.

If there is someone special that you would like to share memories with, perhaps Stickygram will be a great choice this season of giving.

My good friend, Laarvanya, printed 5 sets and made them into nice collage on their store room door to surprise her husband on his birthday. It depicted all their memorable travel pictures, the birth of their baby... and their delicate garden wedding. It was very heartwarming!

On a sidenote, bomb shelter doors are magnetic and boring looking, so you can use these to spice up your house too lol.

$14.99 for a set of 9 magnets

Or you can use them to decorate your plain fridge!

Apart from magnets, Stickygram also prints handphone cases and ipad covers now~

$34.99 for handphone cases
$44.99 for ipad covers

There is free worldwide shipping for everyone and if you're looking at receiving it by Christmas, today is the last day to order!

You can also key in this discount code FRIENDGKRX to enjoy $4 off magnets and $5 off handphone and ipad cases, valid until 6 December 2013.

Afterwhich, the same discount code will let you enjoy $2 off magnets.

Have fun Stickygramming!

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