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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is yet another exciting year for us and as we bid this year farewell, I'd like to take the opportunity to review the top 10 happenings of my year!

Thank you for reading through 2013.. but if you've just chanced upon this blog, I hope to see you more often next year!

Here are my Top 10 Happenings in 2013:

1. Started Hello Lobang!

This is probably one of my best moments in 2013. Even though this is the second time I'm setting up an online buisness, it is nonetheless as challenging as the first time when I first started.

Hello Lobang is now 7 months old and we have had a really good starting year! I'm very thankful for my husband who is with me along the way because really, without him, nobody can help me with my Excel sheets as efficiently as him. :)

2. Played Netball twice this year

After being on my to-do list for two consecutive years, I've finally touched a netball again! Even though I no longer play competitively, playing social netball is also very fun and relaxing.

I honestly look forward to more netball sessions in 2014. ^-^

3. Changed jobs

I let go of my previous job to spend more time with Dylan because clearly, between my son and my career, the former is way, way, way more important. :)

I now work only 5 hours a day, a huge shave off my usual 10 to 12 hours a day job I've always had. I took a pay cut, of course, but I take it as using those money to buy time to spend with my bubs. Always worth it.

4. Brought Dylan to his first overseas trip

It was our first overseas trip since we had Dylan and in short, it was splendid! We really enjoyed ourselves, even though it was only a short trip to a nearby country. But as long as our family is together, anywhere is good.

Dylan was only 8 months old then, I actually can't quite remember him being so hairless hahaha!

5. Celebrated Dylan's first birthday

Notice how much his hair has grown in just 4 months? I really ought to have powerful hair-growing genes like him.. he probably took after his father because my hair grows so slowly, it takes me two years to have shoulder length hair!

Anyway, Dylan turned one this August 2013 and we had a very intimate celebration for him. No one else, no grandparents, no friends, no other relatives. Just daddy, mummy and Dylan, cake, toys and fun.

It was very nice! We look forward to another celebration like this next year!

6. Celebrated our 5th year together

Spent our 5th anniversary at The Line and it was indeed a memorable experience. Together with Dylan, who has been part of the celebration two years in a row, I've never been happier!

Went home that day with two extra Pandora charms (the Pandora bracelet was also bought by the husband during Valentine's Day this year) and feeling really smug about it. Hehe.

7. Scaled the Swissotel Stanford again!

My third time climbing this 73 storeys building and I set my personal record of 22 minutes. Even though this technically isn't a superb record, I think it is still an achievement unlocked for an amateur, unfit lady lol.

8. Cooked up a storm!

This year, I was a bit more adventurous with my new kitchen. I've baked, cooked, steamed, fried... and I'm glad that I did because they way I see cooking is that the more you practice, the better you become.

I won't say that I'm a good cook yet, but I will certainly work hard next year to make more interesting stuff and of course, the usual heartwarming simple dinner.

9. Bought my first YSL

I've been eyeing this clutch for the longest time but I never got the heart to buy it because it costs over a thousand dollars for this BUT I bought this eventually and I still think it is the best decision ever!

10.  Closure

Back in 2012, Nian met a traffic accident and the case was dragged on until August 2013 this year. One year after the disgusting accident, we finally closed the case with the judge ruling in our favour. Truth will always prevail! I also had a wonderful birthday celebration on the very same day, so that makes it a double celebration. ^-^

Every year, I give myself a set of resolutions to achieve and at the end of the year, I will assess and see if I managed to achieve all of them.

Last year, my resolutions were to avoid social comparison, learn to let go, take care of my body and to buy a car.

I'd like to say that I've managed to acheive three out of the four. I think the hardest is to really learning to let go because I take things too hard, you know? Like Hello Lobang for example, I'll actually lose sleep over it. -__-

It's not even a million-dollar business I don't know why I can't even let it go and sleep for a night wtf. But I try... and now I'm getting really good at it. I ask myself, "Can I do anything to help it?"

If the answer is yes, then I'll do something about it. If it is no, then I tell myself to not worry about it. I think it works very well!

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to buy a car this year. We came very close to buying a Volkswagen earlier on in the year, just before the crazy 40% downpayment came into play... but we decided against it in the end because Nian feels that the money can be used on better things than to let it depreciate.

One day, when we are having much more disposable income, we will consider the car again. Currently, it is really not easy to be servicing a housing loan and bringing up a child and plan for another one in the process. We'll just have to make do with public transport for the time being. :)

Afterall, walking around the estate can be very good for the body too. I can foresee totally not doing that if we were to own a car hahahaha.

1. I hope to put in more effort and secure more events to host

Hosting is a job I like to do and it pays pretty well, but for the past 7 years, I've never really actively sought for events company to force my portfolio on them... always being the "reaction" instead of the "action". While this year I've been blessed to meet many new event companies, I hope to be a bit more thick-skinned and secure events for every weekend.

2. I hope to be fitter than what I am now

I've actually set a series of goals to achieve in terms of my fitness level, like running 10KM in 1 hour and clocking lesser than 20 minutes for my vertical marathon next year, but this one, I've to say that I *hope* to do it because we are planning for Baby 2 and if God were to answer our prayers, I'm afraid these will have to be shelved for another year...

But it will be done.

3. Be a better mother

Sometimes, when I look at Dylan, I think I'm not a mother good enough for him. I tend to try to ignore him when he calls for attention at night because I was very sleepy, I delay his diaper change because I wanted to do something else... and sometimes, I raise my voice at him when I am impatient.

Other times, I choose to spend time on the computer/phone while he plays alone in the play yard, which was not what it's supposed to be because I quit my job to spend more time with him, not on my electronic gadgets!

(Don't worry. He is sleeping now as I type hehe.)

I want to give him my 100% attention whenever he needs it, I want to be a positive mother who will always be there for him, even at 3AM in the morning and even when I'm dead beaten for the day. I want to teach him all the right attitude and for that, I will have to show him the right attitude all the time! *motivated*

... For being such a wonderful year for our family. Thank you God, for all the Grace you've showed upon us. Every time when I feel hopeless, You always shine a path of light to let me know that everything is okay.

Whenever I worry about the business at Hello Lobang, you will send a hoard of customers along to buy loads of tickets from us. It's as though You were trying to tell me, "Don't worry. See? You just need patience."

When I left my job, it took away about 40% of our combined salary. Reasonably, I was a little worried because we have our house to finance and having Nian to service it alone isn't very fair and not to say, it can be quite taxing.

God responded by bringing me more events management people - this year, I've met three to four new events management companies and through them, my hosting gigs become more frequent and more lucrative. The 40% lost was reduced to probably half... and then Nian got a whopping 60% pay increment, which gave us more surplus then me before quitting my job. At this point of time, I can say that we have the best of both worlds - the ability to spend a lot of quality time with Dylan, yet we bring home enough to sustain the family. It is a dream come true.

I am also thankful that all of us, including our friends and family, stayed well and happy together. I'm thankful that they are always there for us whenever we need help and we are always on their minds wherever they are. What would one be without friends and family members?

I look forward to 2014 with lots of gusto and expectations. There are so many wonderful things waiting for us as a family and I cannot wait to experience them all!

Goodbye, 2013 and HELLO 2014 with OPEN ARMS!

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