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Monday, December 09, 2013

Hiyeeeee! Happy Monday to everyone!!!!

Looks like I've been a pretty hardworking blogger again and we're finally catching up with the backlogged posts! ^-^ I still have a post on our visit to River Safari, and a video that urm... I haven't got around to edit lol but I hope these timely updates will keep you guys and gals coming back hahahaha

So roughly two weeks ago, Nian bought two vouchers for Singkids Playsystem (I kept wanting to type it as Playstation wtf), an indoor playground for kids to play.

Ever since Dylan turned one, we've been looking around at various indoor playgrounds that will suit a toddler because most places cater to older kids and I get extremely terrified when I see them storming through the playground without regards of the safety of their younger counterparts.

I mean when they start to run, they run blindly. Like craaaaazy elephants. Knocking down everyone in their way if they can.

Never thought Singkids Playsystem will be the first indoor playground that we will visit though.

First impressions:

When we first reached Singkids in United Square, we were greeted by this young lady who didn't really bother to impress us with her services. She gave us a really, really patronizing smile and proceeded to prepare for our entry.

The deal was supposed to be $15 for unlimited play time, but it was not for school holidays and the vouchers will expire on 26 January 2014. Simply put, the entire December was out and if you would like to make use of the voucher as it is, you only have about three weeks in January to do so.

Otherwise, you can top up an additional $3 for 3 hours of play time, which works out to $18 for 3 hours.

 Personally, I'd think that $18 for 3 hours will be worthwhile if you have kids who are older, say about 4 to 6 years old, where they are more active and can play most of the playsystems there. It will also be more enjoyable if you go as a group because there really isn't much systems (10 of them altogether, with 1 under repair when we went) around to keep a single child occupied for three hours.

As for Dylan, it was probably a complete waste of money because apart from the ball pool, water slide and the moving bear ride, there was nothing else suitable for him.

Dylan on the bear ride. It was pretty fun and Dylan likes it a lot. :) If he's happy with it, mommy here is definitely happy with it lol.

And there's this slide with running water that he really likes as well. He went on it a couple of times and kept coming back!

The cons of having him playing in playgrounds are really those older kids. They are such hazards themselves, it makes it very hard to have younger kids playing within the same vicinity as them.

There were a couple of older girls who were with us when we were there and as usual, some of them accidentally kicked Dylan on his back, arms and legs while they were struggling in the ball pool. Sigh, what can I say, right? I mean.. they are young kids and when they are having fun, they are really not very concerned about hurting others accidentally.

I don't blame them, I just feel very heartache lah.

And oh, they can't seem to wait for their turn! Gotta keep it as a mental note to teach Dylan to wait for his turn when he is older. And some parents.. you know. They really cannot be bothered with their kids and manners.

Anyway, this is the ball pool I was telling you guys about - 

Dylan likes this the best, even though I have my reservations lol.

For one, I thought the balls were quite little, no? I was expecting just a little bit more balls where kids can sink into and have fun, but this one is a little bare. You can see some empty portions in the pool yes?

And weirdly, the balls that they use are mostly these... foamy kind of balls. Not the usual plastic kind, perhaps they were worried that the plastic balls may be crushed by the kids... BUT I HATE THESE FOAM BALLS.

Not sure if you can see them, but look at the yellow ball. They are so old, those foam are all crumbly! And when you climb into the ball pool... omg yuck. So much of these little foamy flakes everywhere!

In conclusion, I was quite disappointed with the maintenance of these playsystem. Many of them are old and it is quite obvious that they have been patched up repeatedly, and their service isn't exactly top-notch there too, although I must commend another young lady who took over the counter when we left. Her services was definitely better than the first lady we met!

All in all, I don't think Singkids Playsystem in United Square is suitable for toddlers. Perhaps for older kids, yes. Their system seems to be pretty fun for them to hang, climb and jump. With another voucher in hand, I look forward to trying out the Changi Airport outlet. Reviews say that that is probably the best outlet among the three - spacious and they have a toddler area too.

Fingers crossed that they will make me have a different opinion!

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