Ramen Champion Big Eaters Challenge

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last week, Ramen Champion opened a new outlet at Great World City and a very huge thanks to Komars Group, Nian and I were invited to attend their media event to not only try out their ramen variety, but also witness a Big Eaters Challenge which was very exciting!

Four different ramen variety up for tasting! From top left, we have Bishamon Zero's Sapporo Miso Special Ramen, originated from Sapporo, Hokkaido.

If I were to rank these ramen, Bishamon Zero's Sapporo Miso Special Ramen will come in third. Topped with soft tender Cha Shu and a perfectly done Ajitsuke Tamago, the only drawback I had with this ramen are those damn corn.

I hate corn, by the way.

The soup base was pretty good; it has a slightly spicy after taste and I think it fits a Singaporean's palate really well - this probably explained why Bishamon Zero won the most number of votes during the food tasting session!

The one on top right is Miyamoto's Pork and Vegetable Ramen, originated from Tokyo.

Review: I like how 'gentle' the soup base is, which is a huge contrast between the rest of the ramen. It is definitely not as strong flavoured. Instead, it oozes the sweet taste of vegetables cooked alongside the delicious Cha Shu.

If you're a fan of tau gey (beansprouts), you will love this bowl of simple, comforting ramen.

Bottom left is my favourite Butaou Special Sukiyaki Ramen, originated from Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo.

When we first tasted the soup base, all I had was one word: salty!

Then when Chef Toshikazu Yoneda came over to personally teach us how to eat his ramen properly, I was somewhat blown away. You see, to taste Butaou's Special Sukiyaki Ramen correctly, you need to follow several steps:

First, you need to drink the soup base. Ew, salty.

Then, you break the soft-boiled egg and mix into the soup. The runny yolk will dilute the saltiness of the soup base and it will turn out to be really savoury and delicious!

I LOVE the texture of the noodles and how flavourful it is.. and it is so comforting to eat such wonderful Japanese cuisine even though I'm in Singapore. :)

Talking about Japan, I really miss that country very much. I love its food, its people, its culture, its language... I think everyone should visit Japan at least once in their life.

Okie, back to the ramen.

The bottom right ramen belongs to Tonkatsu Itto, their Special Tonkatsu Ramen, also originated from Tokyo.

It's my second favourite among the four and it is largely because of their delicious, decadent, awesomely done cha shu! The noodles are slightly tougher as compared to the rest of the ramen (which I didn't like), but I love the black fungus, the ajitsuke tamago, the cha shu and the broth. Sounds good to me already.

Of course apart from tasting those delicious ramen, the Ramen Big Eater Challenge is another highlight of the event and it was SO EXCITING to be watching Tomoko Miyake slurping up mega bowls of ramen amidst TEN strong men!

One of this mega bowl of ramen is equivalent to 10 ordinary bowls, and Tomoko not only wiped out one such bowl, she also slurped up another 10 ordinary bowls of ramen... and casually munching on gyozas while the rest of the men struggled to finish up their share.

In total, she ate 2.4KG of ramen and forty freakin gyozas in 20 minutes oh my god!

And she is THIS petite. -___- 40kg, to be exact. And pretty. And humble.

I don't see the fairness in this whole thing, God. I NEED TO HAVE THAT METABOLISM!!!!!! AND THAT SIZE!!!! AND THAT APPETITE!!!!!

The first runner-up, Zeemat Neo, who went closest to her 20 bowls only managed 11 bowls while my personal favourite, Ng Chin Sheng, whom I first met at CP Biggest Eater, came in third.

There are altogether three outlets of Ramen Champion in Singapore - Bugis+, Changi Airport T3 and the newly opened outlet at Great World City. These three outlets host a total of 13 ramen champions from all parts of Japan so if you're a ramen lover, Ramen Champion is the place to go for your ramen fix!

Of course, being a huge Japan lover like me, I had a feel of Japan from Ramen Champion.

みなさん, いただきます!

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