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Friday, November 15, 2013


One of the most "adult" thing you can do in Singapore, is to buy an apartment. It doesn't matter whether you are looking at starting a new place with your beloved other half, for yourself as a sign of independence or for investment.

When you start buying properties, welcome to adulthood!

When Nian and I first wanted to buy a property, we really had very little places to turn to for advise. Of course, we read forums after forums for information, but the big question was - how many of them are actual consumers like you and I, and how many are company owners lurking around giving false advices?

Today, I am happy to introduce you guys to iProperty.com People's Choice Awards 2013.

The iProperty.com People's Choice Awards is the only consumer voted real estate services award where real consumers like you and I, vote for our favourite properties, Mortgage Loan provider, Best Home Furnishing Store, Best Home Storage Brand, Best Home Electronic Brand etc. etc.

I think it will be really useful if you're building up a home!

Ever since we moved into our flat, we have been toying with the thought of buying a semi-detached one day, so that we can have lots of space for our kids to roam around and also to have our parents to stay with us.

I definitely didn't know that there are family-friendly condominiums around! These units are of course, bigger than the usual SOHO units and can definitely suit our needs of wanting a lot of space to roam, yet having a full range of facilities for our family.

Which one do you think will win?

There are also categories like "Condominium that has the most resort-feel" - one of the shortlsted nominees is actually located in Woodlands, which *eh-hem* is my estate. Gotta agree that living in the suburbs has got one of its pros - it can be really relaxing and calming if designed well!

If you're planning to invest in foreign properties, iProperty.com People's Choice Awards also has nominees such as Most Popular Property Award (Malaysia), Australia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Here's another useful one:

My vote definitely goes to DBS Bank, even though I haven't tried out Bank of China, Maybank or UOB lol. My parents use DBS bank for their home mortgage and I think it is rather fuss-free. Most importantly, it has a lot more branches so it is very convenient!

It was a delimma for me to choose between IKEA and iwannagohome! because I think it really caters to a different crowd? IKEA is more DIY kinda thing and I think it will appeal to people like us more because it is less pricey, yet there is a certain quality to it.

Not to mention, some of their furnitures are really smart. How can we not love IKEA?!

iwannagohome! on the other hand, contains a lot of furnitures that I would love to have them in my house because they are of very high quality and really unique designs. Of course, their price tags are more hefty.. it caters to a niche crowd, I'd say.

As for Courts... I wouldn't vote for them at all. There was once we bought our Sony TV from Courts Megasale at Expo and one of their salesmen talked us into buying it, saying that Sony hardly has discounts and it is a good time to buy one, yada yada yada.

Turned out, when we stepped into Harvey Norman the VERY evening after we bought the TV, the price was cheaper than Courts on sale FOL. -___-


If you have had experiences in building a home like Nian and I, perhaps you can also take this chance to vote for the condominium you think best represents its nominated awards, share your opinions on the Best Mortgage Loan Provider, Best Home Furnishing Store and the likes of it because you can stand a chance on winning some awesome hotel stays!

You like? This is the Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island in Cebu. Just look at the sky omg.

Also a chance to win a stay at Movenpick Hotel Saigon too!

Vote now at iProperty.com People's Choice Award 2013. CLICK HERE to get to the website.
View here for 2012 winners.

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