Hellomrstan's Recommendation of Best 4 Things To Buy From Daiso

Monday, November 11, 2013

OMG I can never tell you how MUCH I love Daiso! Even though it is slightly expensive at $2 per item as compared to its Japanese counterpart (1000 Yen, which works out to be slightly lesser than $2), I say that at Daiso, you can make your purple colour note pretty worth its worth.


Daiso has a huuuuuge range of different types of containers that can fit almost everything and anything. Our remote control container is from Daiso, my skincare containers are from Daiso, I keep my cookie cutters in a container from....

Yes, that's right. Daiso.

Even my Tokidoki Hello Kitties are stored in plastic display cases from none other than Daiso!

I think most of these containers store things really well and they come in different sizes so I can always find one that will suit my needs. Of course, I get a high knowing that all my containers only cost $2. OMG THE HAPPINESS.

2. Hello Kitty / Sanrio Items

I honestly don't know where Daiso got their Hello Kitty items but all of them are SO ADORBZ and so affordable!

I've gotten a huuuuge Little Twin Stars gift bag from Daiso before to store all the presents for a friend's baby. So cute and so durable, only $2!

I've also got a couple of Hello Kitty laundry bags that I've hardly used them because I can't bear to.. -__-

And recently, I spotted these ultra adorable Hello Kitty ZIPLOC bags.

So cute I don't even

There are only 10 pieces in the pack, which essentially amounts to 20 cents per piece (which is really quite expensive), but I've been using it for reusable purposes.

Like if I'm gonna be marinating meat or store a sandwich, I will use the normal plain jane ziploc bag which I won't feel the pinch throwing them away. But I will use these cutesy ones to contain Dylan's water bottle, for example.

I dunno why lah sometimes I don't fix his bottle properly it will end up leaking all over his bag so now I zip it up in a bag just to be safe!

If you're observant enough, you will realize that the ziploc is actually dual lock, GOOD QUALITY STUFF U KNOW. And they seal so well!

$2 for 10 pieces of Hello Kitty ziploc bags, justified.

I haven't seen them in Singapore yet, but here are some stuff I bagged from Daiso Tokyo: Hello Kitty name stamp on the left, and several hello kitty hooks on the right. I went in 2010 and until now, I still don't bear to use it hahahahaha. -__-

If you have little baby girls, you can also check out their range of Hello Kitty hankies. TOTALLY ADORABLE! Too bad I can't make my son carry a kitty hanky.

3. Useful Kitchen Items

I got these images off insing, they also blogged about 15 best things you can buy from Daiso so you gals can go read about it too!

Here are some of them:

Pizza Cutter with tongs - mental note taken to hunt this down the next time I step into Daiso.

Egg separator. I usually split them manually by tossing the egg yolk from one shell to another but if you suck at that, perhaps this will be a life saviour.... but what I was really stoked is getting this:

Casseroles!!!! At only $2 each I WANT TO SCREAM!

Usually oven-safe bowls and such are quite expensive because they are oven-proof (duh) and probably don't crack easily when you put them in the oven. Ever since I bought 2 casseroles from Daiso, I've made delicious baked rice and it makes me so happy. :D

4. Affordable Facial Items

 Facial items are another thing I look out for when I shop in Daiso. I'm quite tempted to try out their charcoal-series, it is supposed to deep cleanse and get rid of those annoying sebum so perhaps I should buy that the next time. :p

Apart from that, I also buy compressed masks to DIY masks occasionally.

There are also make-up remover wipes that cleanses pretty well at only $2 per box for 30 pieces. I don't remember how much my Biore one costs, but at $2, it is pretty hard to beat.

And there are the 2 popular detergent for women. One to clean make up sponges, which I no longer buy, because I think my make-up remover does the same job and there's really no point having so many bottles lying all over the place at home.

Another one is detergent that is good to clean up blood stains.... you know lah. Accidents happen. I also no longer buy it anymore because I don't think it is very useful when I use it as a on-the-spot cleaning detergent. Should I rip the bedsheets/sofa sheets off to wash, my Dynamo works equally well so again, I don't understand the correct use for it yet.

There! My best 4 things (technically it's more than four... but nevermind) to buy in Daiso. What are the things that you will never miss out in Daiso?

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