Dylan Turns 15 Months

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hi everyone! It's finally midweek; I do hope that the week has treated you well! I really ought to apologize that I haven't been updating my blog as often as I would love to.. I've been keeping myself really occupied with Running Man, which I'm soooo behind these days!

I've also started watching Cycle 20 of America's Next Top Model and as usual, I'm hooked onto it like cocaine. I absolutely love Cory! I think he is the most realistic participants in there, and I'm really not a fan of drama and bitches and fake friends kinda thing - which most contestants are, in this cycle.

Apart from that, of course, I've been trying to spend a lot a lot of time with my little monster. :)

Dylan has just turned 15 months old and I honestly think that he is growing up too quickly omg! I was just cuddling him earlier on before he fell asleep and I was thinking... he was so tiny just one year back.

It must be some sort of magic that happens overnight.

Ever since he started walking two months back, Dylan is now a confident walker who sometimes tries to run. Just yesterday, he stepped on one of his toys, slipped and face-planted the floor. :(

Part of me died to see him fall, but not fast enough to break it. He had a little bleeding on his nose and a slightly swollen lips. Sigh. But of course, this little trooper merely cried a little, got a hug from me and moved on to meddling around with his toys while I was fussing over him, making sure that he didn't break a tooth/nose.

He is also learning how to talk right now, mostly imitating what we say (so I gotta make sure that I keep my "wtf" to online only lol). My favourite word from him now is "potato", which he pronounces as "toto".

He calls elephant "Elly elly", butterflies as "bah-toto"... it's really quite funny.

He manages single and double syllable words rather well now, with him efficient in pronouncing and identifying apples, bear, duck, meimei (younger sister in mandarin), car (which he will make the vroom vroom noise after he says car lol), ball, byebye, mao (cat in mandarin)... I find it so amazing how little kids can learn and grow so fast.

He still has this craaaaazy sense of humour that always brightens up my day, even when he wakes me up at 3AM, chuckling away. Oh, did I mention that he can finally put himself to sleep at 14 months? No more cuddling and suckling and rocking and all!

Part of me feels a little sad, of course. I LOVE cuddling and rocking him like a little baby, holding him close to me while I sing all his favourite lullabies. He no longer needs that to fall asleep now. :(

I've always wanted to be a mummy, but I never thought motherhood can be so tough, yet so rewarding at the same time. The moment he wakes up, he calls for his mama. Whenever he needs a cuddle, he comes looking for me.

I'm so glad and proud to be Dylan's mama. I want to be a good mama for him. :)

You know like what most of my mummy-friends say, "full time mom, part-time everything else."

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