The Day I Had A Mother of All Sore Necks

Saturday, October 12, 2013

You know, I've been so busy these days I really miss the time when I was in between jobs and I could do whatever I want in the afternoon, after sending Dylan to the infant care.

Then, I could have some time catching up on my backlogged posts and finishing them really quickly because I wouldn't be distracted (I'm looking at Dy right now to see if he is putting anything into his mouth as we type). I can also get my waxing done at any time, any day, go get my manicure and pedicure done, cook, bake... basically to do whatever I like and perhaps meet up with friends at some nice quiet cafe for a good tea session.

Sometimes, when Nian is not working, we can even go out for a movie or ride in to JB to grocery shop.... 

I kinda miss those days right now lol. I mean, who wouldn't, right?

Ever since I'm back at work, life's just like... a bullet train. It just passes and passes. I'd be working like a robot for that frame of hours, then knock off, pick up Dylan, go for dinner and then that would be the end of my day. Meh.. It does seem to be a little too boring at the moment, even though I am practically busy for 20 hours of my day.

I think this is a classic example of grass being greener on the other side. When I was bumming, I felt bored and wanted to work because I didn't wanna do housework HAHAHA #truestory. Then when I start working, I wish I was bumming around cuz... I can never escape from housework wtf.

You can never escape from housework if you live on your own without a helper.

Anyway, today I'm still down with a a sore neck. I can feel that it is getting better though!

The past few days were shit. Even though the first day when the neckache hits, Mama Chan brought me to a sinseh immediately, it of course needed time to take effect. It was my first time doing this Ba Guan thingy though hahaha quite a funny sensation I must say.

I teared in pain almost every time when my painkiller wears off, I couldn't lie down without hurting my neck, I couldn't lean back, I couldn't look up, couldn't cross the road, couldn't sneeze and at the worst, I couldn't even walk because the impact will send dull pain to the back of my neck.

It was a horror. I've never had a neckache of this extent. It is usually, you know, the usual dull pain at one side of your head and then it will eventually go away without you ever realizing it.

It is really quite a bad time to be down with a neckache. Just today, I couldn't go for my tuition class. I've cancelled all my classes for the past two days too and since it is the exam period, many parents are quite unhappy lah. But... what am I s'posed to do? *shrugs shoulders*

I've also got two shows to host these two days and there is no way of cancelling it so I've been praying really, really hard for God to help me relieve my neckache. I think I can be the worst believer ever because I only pray to him when I needed things wtf. :x

But thankfully, it is really getting better. I believe that if I were to pop another painkiller just before my event starts, I may just be able to last through and then finally fall dead when I get home or something. But at least, I'd be able to make it through. *feeling positive*

Yup! That's all I have for you guys today.. thanks for reading, even though this may be the most uninsightful post you've read hahahaha. Love you!

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