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Friday, October 04, 2013


I've never imagined how it's like being with someone for five years. I've been with someone for 3 months, I've been with someone for 3 years, but I've never been with someone for 5 years, until now.

How is it like?

Actually, it doesn't feel thaaaaat long. It kinda feels like we're together for a couple of years and then the perception of time stood still. It's like.. I think sooner or later I will lose track of how long we are together, if I don't put in an effort to lol.

I actually think it's a good thing though, it's like if you stop keeping track of your age, you kinda.. stop ageing in some ways. #MrsTan'sLogic

I'm thankful for this good five years being with him. I've been with guys who treat friends more importantly than his girlfriend, which sucks. I've been with guys who drinks all the time, which also sucks. I've been with flirtatious guys who cannot keep to one girl, sucks even more.

Point is, being with Nian makes me feel safe, peaceful and happy, even though we quarrel and have our fair share of arguments.

He is someone with integrity, with character, with looks and abs (lol), yet he loves a woman like me... lazy, not as fit, but quite pretty (HAHAHA SAYS WHO). So I always tell my friends that knowing him and marrying him is like me striking Toto. The first prize of a lucky draw. A million dollar big sweep.

Do you know that he takes to heart every little thing I say, even though I may be joking at times? Sometimes, I can casually talk about having a craving for cakes, next thing I know, cakes in the fridge. Just like Harry Potter. Accio cakes!

I can walk past a pot of flowers somewhere and say, "Wow.. so pretty." Next thing, pot in my house.

He wouldn't even buy it there and then. No. He's not the guy that would go, "You like ah? Buy lor." and then pay for it. He will somehow just take note of it silently and then after some time, when the item slips out of my mind, he will come home with a grin on his face and then look at me all puzzled looking into a paper bag, wondering what he got me this time round.

He still very much believes in surprising me, which I honestly think it's a god-sent. It takes a lot of effort to surprise someone, I know, and I really appreciate that he will still surprise me even though we're together for so many years. Thank you, husband.


After a whole paragraph of nothing but praises for my husband, let's get down to our celebration proper! Usually, we will head down to Changi Village Hotel and then have our dinner at La Cantina but this year, we decided to do something slightly different so we scraped the staycation and headed to The Line for our anniversary lunch.

Image from Shangri-la website

As luck would have it, it was pouring like mad just moments before we head out so we were stuck for a while until we decided to call a cab instead of taking the public transport. I think that's the downside of going to Shangri-la Hotel; everything's fine and dandy there, but it is really out of the way if you don't have your own transport.

Anyway, while waiting for our cab, Dylan showed his Happy Face! He has just learned the Happy Face and Angry Face recently and he is always very enthusiastic to show them whenever we ask, lol. I should ask him to do an Angry Face and show it to you guys next time - he will fold his arms but his face doesn't really look angry as yet. As a proud mummy, I think he is pretty funny.

Thanks to the taxi ride, we arrived at a super good timing, just before all the lunch crowd starts to stream in. I attacked the Japanese counter first, of course! I think I've told you guys before that I can eat Japanese food every single day and not feel sick of it right?


Whacked 8 servings of salmon belly & salmon sashimi. They have yellow tail and tuna as well, but I don't really like their texture so I just concentrated on what I like most. Tee-hee.

Continued to stuff ourselves up with other dishes as well and they were all very gooooood omg! Nian kept saying, "Wa, the buffet here really good." Then of course I was very proud of myself lah hahahaha cuz I was the one who suggested mah. :p

Apart from the Japanese section, we also loved the dimsum! They are so fresh, so flavourful, so delicious (unlike the one we had at Todai). AND THE BREAD PUDDING OMG. I think I can finish the whole pan by myself!

Initially, I thought of surprising le husband by booking a room at Shang but one night costs $500 :OOOOO *jawdrops*

Sorry lah, I think $500 can be spent on better things. :x #cheapowife

This is the second year Dylan is spending with us on our anniversary. How time flies, the same time last year, he was still a tiny little baby all swaddled up and not really understanding what was going on.

Just 12 months later, he has evolved to this funny little monster who would be running everywhere and eating all sorts of things. You know he ran from one end of the hall to another at Shang, with his parents running along behind him? You see, monster or not?

But of course, when I look at his happy face, everything is worth it. Even if that means I've to run to and fro the entire hotel lobby with my back arched lol.

After we are all full and happy, the crazy storm has ceased so we decided to walk down to town. The way down from Shang is a nice place to take a #ootd so here's a post on it! I've mentioned on my Instagram that I bought this top because I love the design at the back.

I think it's quite interesting lah, cuz the front is very plain, while the back and the collar has all these pretty motifs on it. I LIKE. ^-^

Ending off our simple celebration with a card I got from the husband! I love cards, they are always so sweet and meaningful and so true. :) I also went home with two Pandora charms richer. ^-^

In 2013, we are five.

Thank you for loving me, and thank YOU for reading! XOXO

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  1. Aww, so sweet! I haven't visited your blog in a while and Dylan is so big already! When you brought him to the Bio-Oil event he was but the tiniest thing!

    -Lay Peng

  2. Congrats babe! Happy anniversary to both you and hubby.
    Finally caught up with your blog, boy, how fast kids grow! Dylan's a big boy now.
    Love your new muranos too! nice nice!



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