Foto Friday 27

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yay!! Foto Friday is back after a long hiatus since July! On a Monday no less! (I think I'm the only one here rejoicing wtf but I guess it's okay!)

Anyway, can you believe I took 5 freakin' days to write this... post? I wanna say it is boring but not really lah, although my life is pretty monotonous BUT I think Dylan makes it pretty interesting for us. Haha.

I also wanna say it's quite a useless post, considering that I'll probably not be teaching / telling you guys anything informative but, whatever. If you want to read, you will read right? If you don't wanna read, I can be holding a giveaway yet nobody will give a shit.

So yeah.


This was taken way back, probably 2 to 3 weeks ago but it's worth reposting it again because I've finally laid my hands on the Wisdom Owl kitty!! It actually belongs to the same set as the Fairy Tales kitty collection, but this piece was never launched in Singapore.

Took me a couple of months before I managed to buy it from Hong Kong and now, I have the complete complete set!

Dylan is beside me, busily feeding himself while his mother was taking photos enthusiastically lol. Talking about that, I think Dy is a really independent child because at 13 months, he is already insisting to feed himself and attempted to imitate us and drink out of cups. O_O

Even though he makes a huge mess from all of these (just look how he is holding his bowl, all his food fell out at that moment LOL), we still try to encourage him to continue. I mean, that's the way it should be, right?


Probably the best news of entire October! Wrote a post back in April about Marie France's CSBS and ISS body treatments and surprisingly, this pleasant news came by some 6 months later! Gotta thank all my readers who used my discount images and tried their services too.. because without you guys, I wouldn't be winning all these. :)

I also very luckily won a CC Skye Feather Bangle from cultlabel in their recent giveaway! I'm not gonna boast about my lucky stars, in case I jinx it, but really thank you for letting me win all these wonderful stuff!

I wish to win a trip to Europe for my family. I also wish to win a car. Can please? Please? Please?


Spent my first $200 Takashimaya vouchers I've won on Pandora immediately and came home with 3 extra charms. Mehehe. I think I should be stopping on the Pandora addiction already because I think anything more, my Pandora bracelet will look like an adaptation of the Buddist praying beads wtf.

Also, I am beginning to think that Pandora is a ridiculously expensive hobby to maintain - it's like I've gotten 6 charms so far + 1 pair of clips + 1 safety charm and they all come up to easily $600.

What the....

I think I can just top up a bit more to get a Hermes Rivale Double Tour or something, which is an HERMES, not Pandora. So... enough of this addiction! *snaps out*


Northpoint was having this Balloon Extravaganza thingy (I don't think it's called Balloon Extravaganza hahaha it's a name I gave it myself) and the whole atrium was filled with hundreds of balloons in various colours and designs!

There were balloons made into flowers (as you can see in the background of the photo), there were balloons made into giraffes! Elephants! All sorts of things! It was really amazing!

Mama Tan told me about the event and since Dylan really loves balloons, I decided to bring him there and boy was he excited. Unfortunately, he is kinda tiny for those crazy 5-6 years old kids who screamed and ran without looking so I was hovering around him like a suspicious mom instead of letting him roam.

I hope my kids don't behave like a monkey when they are a little older. -__-


Attempted to make Kimbap after looking at Ellena's recipe on her website! It turned out to be really easy to do (not including the wrapping part. That one is HELL for me.) and takes very little preparation time. Most importantly, it is quite very delicious.


Kimbap for dinner! Some of my kimbap exploded because I stuffed too much rice in them the first time round so as I move on to subsequent rolls, it got better and better. Also partly because I used up all my rice in the first two rolls wtf.


My Dylan is a little bumble bee! He inherited this bumblebee costume from his cousin, which I dunno why he has this outfit so I'm gonna assume that he inherited it from someone else.....


He hated the hoodie though, but even without it he still looks pretty cute while he trots about with little wings behind him. Yes. There are wings sewn on the costume behind him!!


Bought random Hello Kitty gummies just because I couldn't resist the container. First of all, I cannot resist containers or boxes for that matter (I have a strange liking towards these things. Really. I hope I'm not psychotic or what.) and now they have to give me a Hello Kitty container.

I. Cannot. Resist.


My latest nailart! I really love the simple teal colour with just one simple nailart on the ring finger. Simple is nice. I'm so over complicated fancy nail designs these days~

You know, I really like mani-pedi sessions because they are soooooo relaxing! I personally like pedicures more because I love how they will file my ugly alien toe nails, scrub my soles, massage my calves and then eventually complete with a pretty polish.

Thing is, each session sets me back by about 80 dollars and I simply cannot make myself go back once every 3 weeks to a month. I think my husband will keel me.

Which sometimes, I wish I have a nail sponsor.

HAHHAAHA There. I said it. You can now call me shameless and openly asking for sponsorship on my blog omg but this is something I really wish for you know! Sometimes when I look at beauty bloggers with pretty nails every other week, I have a tinge of jealousy and envy in me lolol.

I mean, I can have pretty nails every other week also but.....



I better don't continue to say liao otherwise I won't only be called shameless, I'd be called cheapo. Then every time I attend an event or get an invitation, people will sideway glance at me and wonder, "Dunno issit this woman so shameless go and ask for free stuff again."

You don't know how bitchy this blogging world can be sometimes!

I swear this is the first time I'm hoping out loud for a sponsor. Really. The previous time is probably wanting to pimp myself out for the 7-11 Tokidoki thing.. which I didn't, btw. I xin xin ku ku collected every single one with my own sweat and blood one.

So it does make it justifiable right? To be asking for something and hope very hard that it may come true, right?

You know what? It's just probably gonna be embarrassing for me now if I don't have sponsors. O_O But it's ok! At least I tried, right? :x


Met up with my Vibes kids after a long while! Hand was on the neck because of the bloody sore neck I had last week. It is much, much better now, but still a little stiff at the back. But thankfully, the pain has subsided so I guess the stiffness is still somewhat bearable.


Can't believe I did two roadshows back-to-back with a sore neck last week. I must be a supergirl. Anyway, here's one of the shows I did and it was really fun and informative!

I learned that some people may have oily scalp or hair loss because they never wash their hair cleanly wtf. O_O Apparently, the shampoo will clog the hair follicles, then sebum cannot be secreted out properly, causing further blockage. Then less hair will grow (1 hair follicle can grow 3 to 4 strands of hair wtf).

Quite cool. I always learn new things when I host a show.


Had a wonderful 3 days of pineapple tarts from a friend's mom. HER PINEAPPLE TARTS ARE DA BOMB.

'Nuff said. I've had it close to 10 or 12 years I think? I've been eating it since like my secondary school/JC days and they always taste the same.


Retarded faces pretending to eat yam ice-cream in JB.

I was so happy to be away from work and eating ice-cream on a random afternoon. It does look like my dream job is.... no job. Hahahahaha.


Bought another new cropped top (probably my 6th one wtf, I should stop) and I LOVE THE PRINTS OMG.


Aaaaaand......... I cut my hair even shorter.

I've to say that this is an accident because I never really expected it to be so short. It was like... I wanted my bob-shape back after my hair grew out, but somehow my hairstylist went overheated with the snipping... It was way shorter than I had expected. :O

I was feeling a bit weird when I stepped out of the salon lah to be honest.

I always think that the first moment I step out of the salon with freshly cut, washed and blown hair, I will feel like I'm the prettiest for that moment. I've got the wind in my hair and it is all soft and bouncy and pretty and all..............

But this time the moment I stepped out of my salon all I wanted to do was to quickly get back home. 

Turns out, it doesn't seem like a very huge difference from my before-hairstyle. Papa and Mama Chan didn't notice I had a haircut when I had lunch with them the next day wtf.

And best? My husband also never notice wtf can I go die now?

So since so many people didn't notice my new hairstyle, I'm assuming I look the same... which is good in a way. At least I don't look worse mah, correct?

And I'm totally kidding about the dying part. My husband, my pop and my mom all didn't notice my new hair. I think my hairstylist should go die instead lololol.

Ok! That's all I have for you today. I hope you will have a fantastic Monday ahead! At least, it's lunchtime now so it's just another 5 to 6 hours more to go.................... (geez.)

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  1. hahaha i totally can feel your thing for boxes & containers because i'm like that too! :> AND CROPPED TOPS. omg they actually do make you look good if you style them properly so much so that flashing some skin wouldn't look awful for people without a super flat tummy like myself. recent obsession w/ them too <3


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