Friday Flips: A Grumpy Book by The Grumpy Cat

Friday, November 01, 2013

Hi! How is everyone doing this midweek?

I've been feeling much better since my emotional entry a few days back. Well, nothing can quite bring a supergirl-turned-mummy down, isn't it? :D

We are exploring the possibilities of hiring a helper, even though I honestly can't quite deal with the idea of having a stranger living in the same house as I do yet but what some of you guys who commented/emailed me were right. I can't possibly be resigning from my job every time I have a new kid and at this moment, we are planning for our #2.

So.. I'd think it's a sooner or later thing that we will end up needing a helper, whether to help me with both kids, or the housework, or both. I just hope that we can find a good one!

Lots of good things have been happening recently: celebrated Mama Chan and XY's birthday, ate at Ding Tai Fung two times in a row in two weeks, cooked up a storm (made baked rice after I managed to snag the last two casseroles from Daiso!), wonderful surge of business for Hello Lobang... more on these in my next entry!

Right now, I'd like to share with you guys my new book!

"I wrote a book once. It was awful." - Grumpy Cat

If you've been online enough, you would have seen this grumpy little cat taking over the Internet by storm with all sorts of grumpy memes.

Here is one:


I don't know why, even though this 96-pages hardback is filled with all sorts of Grumpy Cat Memes and games and activities that is supposedly to put you in a bad mood, it made me happy instead!

I can't put a finger to it, but it's probably the charm of this Grumpy Cat. You know, the grumpier she is, the funnier she becomes.

LOLOLOL just look at that face.

Apart from all these funny memes that will definitely cheer up your grumpiest days, you will also be treated with Grumpy Cat's nonsensical ideas of life and some guests apperances of her brother (yes! And looking significantly less grumpy hahahaha) and some other cutesy stuff she absolutely detests.

Just look at her face when she wears a X'mas hat. HAHAHAHAHA.

I think everyone should have A Grumpy Book in their bags, ready to cheer them up whenever needed. You know, I used to imagine a T-Rex trying to punch someone whenever I was angry. It sounded a little crazy but it always, always make me less upset whenever I think of that funny image.

And then now, with the Grumpy Cat, just imagining her expressions alone is enough to crack me up! Personally, I also like to imitate her grumpy expression. It is really useful to shut annoying people up too. Really. Try it if you have the chance.

A Grumpy Book by The Grumpy Cat is now available at Kinokuniya, Popular, Prologue and Times Bookstore at $16.78 (excluding GST). I am also giving away 3 copies free!

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Thank you Pansing Distribution for this lovely book and sponsoring this giveaway. 

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