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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Made a really big boo-boo yesterday lol. I was writing this super awesome advertorial (if I may say it myself :p) for Nivea and then I happily published it... then my blog manager told me that I forgot to let them approve the post omg.

So if you've been prompted to read my new post by the RSS Feed and then go, "An zhua bo eh?" I actually unpublished it while waiting for approval lah hahaha.

In the meantime, let's talk about my week so far, how about that? *beams happily*

Sorry if it is not a very interesting topic, but if this is Mrs. Tan's blog, what else will it be filled with? :D


Bought a bag of fresh scallops quite a while ago and had no idea what to do with it so the first half dozen were used to make cheese-baked scallops! Instead of just cheese, I added some butter + mayo + salt to it and it. was. so. good. YUMZ!


Received a super media kit from Pilot, featuring their latest FriXion pens and 2 days' worth of calories from Muji. Muji's tidbits ROCKS. You guys are too kind! <3 Of course, I RURVE their FriXion Pens too! Wrote so many entries on their various designs!


Attended a Bio-Essence media event and 100 people went through a potentially life-changing moment where their faces will ALL shrink and have a more defined V-shaped face! I'm working on the advertorial right now, so I guess you can read about it later in the week.

There is a mini giveaway in this entry so look out for it!


Had my first visit to Skinny Pizza for dinner with my hubs, son and sisters. It will probably be my last visit there also lah cuz the food is really not nice leh! :(

Ok to be fair, the truffle fries is nu'bad. Not good like Arbites' or Au Chocolat, but it is still truffley enough. The mashed potatoes were disgustingly tasteless though. -__-

And this Black Pepper Prawn pasta thingy was s'posed to be damn good (as according to my sis, maybe her standard of food a bit low lol), but I think they kinda spammed on the black pepper, there ain't any other taste besides black pepper wtf.

Pizza was so-so, the crust was thin, which lacked texture, but their tomatoes were really huge and juicy so I guess it is some hit, but mostly misses.

Bill came up to $70 for this!


Upgraded my old Instax Mini 7S with this new Piano Black not long ago. I managed to sell my 7S away at $40. I bought it at $99 four years ago and I could still sell it at almost half-price after so many years was really a miracle! Best of all, the new owner was also very 爽快 (cool), she didn't even try to bargain. $40? Ok ONZ.

Then when she onz me right, I was like

Maybe I should have quoted $50 ahahahaha.

No lah, I was really glad someone wanted my 7S. At least she would still be useful with a new owner than to sit around and collect dust being with me, right or not?

Then after I sold my 7S, I was actually contemplating between Piano Black or the Instax Wide. The Instax Wide is slightly cheaper than the Piano Black and it takes bigger pictures, but the cons is that the films are more expensive and the camera itself is also much heavier.

Got the Piano Black eventually and have since taken a grand total of ONE picture. Can't tell if the picture quality is indeed better than the 7S yet, but I don't need to manually set the indoor/outdoors settings anymore!


Amanda turned 2 a couple of days ago so her mommy (i.e. XY, my god-sis) and daddy threw her a mini birthday party. It was my first time at her party lol. Missed her baby shower party cuz we were gonna hold our Chinese wedding back then and superstitions has it that we may 'clash' and bring bad luck for the both of us :O

Then I missed her first birthday because I was doing confinement last year ahahaha so this year, it's PARTY WITH A VENGENCE.


So talking about partying with a vengence, I was the first guest at their party ok!

Truth was... I remembered the party time wrongly.

XY told me that food will be served at 5.30PM but I DUNNO why I thought it was 1.30PM. So I happily went up to their place at 1.15PM thinking that food will be ready very soon woohoooooo! I ended up waiting for 4 hours for my delicious nonya food.


But that's okay! Both Dy and I had a lot of fun anyway, with him crashing at Mandy's playroom, whipping up a storm. My goodness, this boy spent so much time at the stove, I think he has made enough food for a week!


Me, on the other hand, spent the next few hours in the next room, digging out all of my god-sis' bags and posed with them. I think I look really good carrying a 2.55. *eh-hem*


Well yeah, so my whole exciting week, summarized into 9 pictures wtf. Besides that, I fell sick on Monday (not sure if I was sick on Monday or sick of Monday wtf). Dunno what I ate wrongly, but I was vomiting like mad by the time I ended work.

Haven't vomited like that since I was pregnant with Dylan wtf.

I'm feeling better today now though! After lots of sleep and water yesterday. And a day away from work ALWAYS make one feels better isn't it? :p

But now, it's time to get back to work. Talk to you guys soon! XOXO

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  1. Hi Jac
    i love to read your blog! hehe. so many interesting things. yumz. the scallops looks delicious! m going to try it out! how long to bake?

    1. Hi Shirley!!

      It bakes really quickly, like maybe about 10 mins!? Everything can be done within 20 mins! ^-^

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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