Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser Mud Foam

Thursday, September 12, 2013

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Hello ladies! Sorry for not updating as frequently as I'd love to; work has kept me really busy and I had a bout of food poisoning / stomach flu last week. I'm not exactly sure which is it, but I merlioned so much, my legs were wobbly.. :(

I think I don't have much health luck these days; ran a fever last week and ran yet another fever both yesterday and today... so high until I shot to 39.2 degrees celcius and freaked Nian out. He ordered me to go take a cold shower and I swear I almost froze to death.

As we are speaking, my temperature is still at 38 degrees celcius. It has somewhat lowered a little, but gosh, my arms, thighs and elbows are feeling so sore, I wimper in pain every time it "constricts".

Anyhow, I've decided to take a day off to rest today and while I rest with loads of water and sleep, I thought I could take some time to show you guys this new Nivea Mud Foam I've been trying out for the past week. ^-^

Not long ago, Nivea sent me their Extra White Pore Minimiser Mud Foam to try out. Here are some unique selling points about this Mud Foam:

1. Clears up 10 main residues that causes enlarged pores and acne

Even though my new job (yeah I changed my job recently! More on this next time.) has rather flexible working hours, I must say that it can be quite physically and mentally demanding so most of the time, I'd reach home so exhausted, all I want to do is to plonk on my sofa and stone.

During days like these, all the "proper skincare regime" no longer exists in my dictionary. I would attempt to remove my make up with my facial foam so that I won't need to double wash my face and I would skip toner (WTF WHAT TONER. GIMME THE BED.) and hit straight to the moisturizer.

Over time, I realized that the pores on my forehead are slightly more enlarged than the rest of my face fml.

Anyway, it was good news for me because Nivea Mud Foam can remove oil, powder, foundation, blusher, eye shadow, silicone, eyeliner, colour, moisturizer residue and sunscreeen residue effectively!

This is probably the only facial wash I need because it can remove more than what I put on my face. :O

2. Nivea Mud Foam contains 100% FREE skin thinning ingredients

According to Nivea, there are many effective makeup removers contain acidic ingredients such that while they strip off the cosmetics and what-not on your face, they remove some of your skin cells together. :O

 3. Contains PEARLY WHITE formula which is proven to be TEN TIMES more effective in whitening as compared to Vitamin C!!!

I was really excited to see this unique selling point cuz I've always been using Vitamin C serum to help to brighten and whiten my skin, but the side effect I suffer from Vit C is that my skin will peel. (Talking about skin thinning.............)

Despite the peeling, I continued using it because Vitamin C works really well on me and even though I'm dark, my skin doesn't look dull, if you get what I mean. Hence, with this Pearly White formula, I hope that it will also help me stay bright, but this time, without the peeling side effects!


You should have seen my expression when I squeezed out this blob of Nivea Mud Foam. It was mostly like this:

MY FIRST TIME squeezing out a silver coloured facial foam!!! Thankfully, even though it has a funky colour, there were no funky smell and is easily to apply on a wet face.

Overall, I find that the Nivea Mud Foam works well in removing those stubborn grime and dirt. It is able to remove light make-up, so it is definitely a short-cut buddy for me on days when I really don't feel like spending so much effort on my skincare regime. (I know.....)

I don't feel the usual tight feeling after wash, but I felt that my skin is smoother and absorbs my mask/moisturizer even better. As for the whitening effect, it is not visible yet after one week, but if you would want it to work super well, pair it with their Nivea Extra White serum!

The Nivea Extra White Pore Minimizer Mud Foam is now available in major supermarkets and pharmacies。


Alright! I guess that will be all for today. You know, I've been working on the post since like 9AM and I only managed to got it published now, after a whole series of sending Dy to the infant care, grab some non-existent lunch (I hate it, I was so hungry, but I couldn't swallow anything.), laid down in bed for the next few hours and finally completing this post.

#hardworkingbloggeraward lolol.

Gotta go grab some dinner now; I'm probably settling on some ban mian / fish soup or the likes of it even though my brains are screaming for chicken chop -______-.

Take care everyone, stay healthy!

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