My Jerk Phone

Monday, September 16, 2013

Broke up with my Samsung Note 2 this morning.

And it's not even my fault! It was 5AM when after feeding Dylan, I noticed a spooky bright light oozing out from the 6-inch screen. Taking a closer look, I saw that it was stuck at the startup screen for a bloody long time.

Uncannily long time. I spoke to him, I nudged him and I poked him but he wouldn't respond and he wouldn't speak to me at all. He was giving me the cold shoulder.

So I took out the battery and attempted to restart it.. trying my best to salvage our relationship. But this son of a bitch decided to ditch me with a white screen of death.

Which brings me to this post today because I THINK ALL MY HANDPHONES ARE JERKS.

How can they do this to me!??!??

Once I commit to a phone, I commit it with all my heart. I'm not those frivolous girls with five different phones at any one time - one means one!

But they always choose to give up on me. WHYYYYYYY.

This Samsung Note 2 is probably the jerkiest phone among all. I took the most care of him! I've never dropped him! I gave him so much attention he is almost like a third party in my relationship sometimes! AND NOW HE CHOOSES TO DITCH ME.

*rage face*

Le husband says that it is a common problem that many Note 2 users face, but it is inevitable that we may have to bring it down to try to resurrect it. It may come back into my life again, but I must grit my teeth and be mentally prepared that it is a permanent goodbye even though our relationship barely passed two years. Pfft. -__-

Am using my pimp iPhone right now to keep me company. He's doing a great job, but he is really too small and size does matter, you DO know right!?

Sigh, what a way to start my Monday. You jerk-phones. Where are all the loyal Nokia-good-guys anymore! :(

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