[GIVEAWAY] Bio-Essence V Face Challenge 2013 - IT REALLY WORKS!

Monday, September 30, 2013

This post is sponsored by Bio-Essence - with a GIVEAWAY!

Ohai! I hope Monday has been good to you so far! I've been pretty busy as usual, but I'm glad that my peak period is coming to an end... hopefully that will mean more time for me to sit down, breathe and relax.

Nian, Dylan and I also had a great time over the weekend, catching up with friends, family and shopping and all. Heehee. More on that in my next posts!

Moving on, I'd like to share with you ladies one of my favourite skincare brands - Bio-Essence and what they've been up to lately!

See these ladies behind me? Do you know what are they doing?

Well, a month ago I was at Compasspoint for Bio-Essence's V Face Challenge! If you don't already know, Bio-Essence have been running this challenge for years and hundreds of ladies all show positive slimming effects after using their best selling Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream!

Basically, the ladies will have their faces measured across their cheeks and also the V-ness of their chin. The smaller angle you have, then the sharper face and the slimmer looking you are!

If you look at the photo just above, you can see that I'm holding a "protractor" of sorts, measuring how sharp is my face.. I am about 70 degrees! (Dblchin is about 60 degrees! I think I should call myself double chin instead. :x)

After the measurements, the ladies then go through a relaxing round of facial where they will use the range of Bio-essence products to exfoliate, rejuvenate and finally to firm up their skin.

What is amazing is that ALL of them lost a certain number of inches/degrees on their faces within 10 minutes! Most of them lost between 5 to 8 degrees, but there was this lady who wow-ed the crowd because she lost a massive 11 degrees off her face. :O

That is almost like having my face shrunk into the size of Dblchin's face!

It is really remarkable. Apart from its proven slimming effects, the new Bio-Essence is now added with Royal Jelly. If you had missed my previous review, basically, Royal Jelly is a very exclusive ingredient that only the Queen Bee feeds on in a colony.

With this special diet, the Queen can then outlive up to 40 times a normal worker bee! Why is this so? It is because of the advanced anti-ageing effect that is found in Royal Jelly.

The estrogenic properties found in Royal Jelly also helps women to exude their feminine charm!

There are altogether 7 different products in this series of Bio-Essence products but so far, I've been using only these 3 and the results are already very obvious.


I would love to have my readers try out one of these Bio-Essence products, so I'm taking out the Radiant Youth Essence from my collection to give away to one lucky reader!


Note that this Radiant Youth Essence is completely brand new and unopened. I find it very useful in terms of its brightening effects so I hope you will like it too!

To take part in this giveaway, simply

1. follow me on Instagram,
2. repost my giveaway image on your own timeline and mention @hellomrstan.

Your account has to be public so that I can see your mentions. :)

Good luck and I hope you like the Radiant Youth Essence as much as I do!

Terms & Conditions:
- Participants have to be residing in Singapore
- Item will be mailed out via normal mail. Please top up $2.50 if winner would prefer to have it registered.
- hellomrstan.com will not be liable for any lost mails or any unsuitable usage of the product. Please make sure that you are not sensitive to the product before applying on your face.
- Winner must respond to my Instagram mention within 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in a new winner being drawn.

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